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Learning Space Design

Learning spaces are changing rapidly to meet new teaching and learning strategies. Discover the future of learning spaces.

Space Signals: Using Rugs to Create Learning Zones We regularly speak to educators, administrators, and designers who are seeking new ways to …

Taking learning into nature is an enduring education trend. With Australia’s great weather, diverse fauna and flora, the psychological and physical benefits …

The importance of the right furniture in a learning space can’t be underestimated. Australian students spend approximately 11,000 hours receiving school instruction …

Like thousands of teachers Australia-wide, you probably spend time channelling your inner Queen of Clean- Marie Kondo, before the start of the …


Supersizing Small Classrooms

With a history of innovation, BFX is Australia’s leading supplier of future focused learning furniture, and has partnered with and supplied a host of innovative …

Educators are constantly searching for the best ways to engage students, transfer knowledge and prepare bright, creative minds to tackle the challenges …

With a growing population, space at a premium, and changing pedagogical models, Australia’s traditional school designs are being redefined for a new age.

When you think of a classroom, you probably imagine a well sized space with ample room for a teacher, students and a …

In many ways, the classrooms of today are much different from the classrooms of the past. This is a positive thing, to …

Can you imagine a reality where a teacher would actually encourage their students to get up and freely move around in the classroom, to stand up out of their chairs and leave their desks behind for a portion of the class period?

The Kagan structure is simply the idea of inclusion and equality within the classroom.

BFX is partnering with QUT and a select research team to explore the impact of new vertical schools on students' capability and wellbeing.

Our efforts to create change, to impact mindsets, habits and behaviour, and to embed new ideas, stands and falls on the culture of the users.

The learning environment you create for your students can directly influence their educational experience.

Studies show that children sit 4.5 hours of a school day and another 3 hours when they get home; that’s 31 % of their waking life spent in a sedentary position. 

School libraries are now recognised as learning centres, growing and caring for the children that one day, will manage our society. 

So many puzzle pieces work together when designing new learning spaces. Check out this ultimate checklist of considerations!

Flexible seating in the classroom has become more and more popular over the years.

Learning is more than memorising facts and formulas; learning is a way of thinking and an approach to life.

A trend is growing in educational circles to eliminate the large, immovable teacher’s desk that has occupied the front of every classroom for centuries.

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