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Practical Office Storage Solutions By BFX

BFX has been a trusted supplier of office furniture and storage solutions Australia wide. With over 30 years of service excellence, BFX aims to solve all your storage and organizing problems with its high-quality and practical office storage products.

Our extensive range of office storage products includes bookcases, mobile pedestals, lockers, shelving units, cabinets and cupboards, caddies and hutches, wall units, and other storage units to suit all your office storage and filing needs.

We not only deliver reliable commercial storage solutions but also design innovation and service brilliance. 

Our exclusive range of office storage units boasts quality build, pleasing designs, and efficient functionality. BFX storage solutions for offices are inclined to encourage productivity, swiftness, and clarity of mind among your employees. When things are stored and retrieved from the place they belong, little or no time is wasted searching for them.

This not only saves time but also reduces frustration and confusion at a workplace. If there is an allocated space for a set of files, they will probably never get lost or misplaced. Furthermore, the time to search for a specific file will drastically reduce when you’re looking at the right places. Office storage plays a vital role in deciding productivity and promptness at a workplace.

If you’re looking to organize your office and create more space by storing things where they belong, BFX Furniture offers a wide variety of office storage solutions that are sure to fit your needs. We have small to medium-sized office furniture ready-to-ship storage pieces, as well as customised larger units for corporate workspaces that can be provided on bulk demand.

We have a team of Expert Sales Consultants to guide you along the space planning process. They will be able to identify the best options of storage solutions for a given area and create more free space in your office. If you’re a business revamping your office or opening a new office location,

BFX can offer all the right types of commercial storage solutions for organizing your workspace.

Our BFX Consultants will come to your location to understand your storage needs and suggest the best storage solutions that not only fit your requirements but also maximise space.

After measuring your space and advising the best options suitable for your storage needs, our consultants will offer the best quotation on safety and quality certified storage products available at BFX store locations and online.

Our store locations are spread all across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Sunshine Coast, and many more. You’re welcome to try and test their endurance and design superiority anytime!

Experience Before You Buy

If you’re based in Australia, we highly recommend visiting our showrooms to select your desired storage options. BFX Furniture showrooms are designed to make commercial furniture shopping a breeze.

Browse our website for a full catalogue of office storage products or visit our store locations to experience how we can transform your work environment into highly organized, managed, and agile. We sell office furniture that not only looks good but also offers great working experiences to encourage higher performance.

We don’t just showcase our products with a price tag - we welcome you to experience the change that our furniture will bring into your working environment. If you’ve already scouted different office furniture warehouses and online stores, you would know that simply having a lot of options cluttered around can be overwhelming.

That’s why we choose to have showrooms around Australia to help you pick between a few different themes of office storage to match your style and goals. 

Modern Office Storage Solutions


Having a durable and functional storage unit for your books and other printed material is the fundamental ingredient of a professional office space. To make your offices more organized, designated filing cabinets, bookcases, and cupboards are must. BFX office bookcases are sturdy yet sleek.

Owing to its incredible design technology and years of research and development, our storage units can house more than you will expect, yet maximise the free space in your office setting. You could be a top-level executive who is organized and composed, but if you have books and papers scattered all over your desk, you will fail to have a lasting first impression on your visitors.

BFX offers every possible type of commercial storage unit you can imagine for housing your books, ledgers, commercial stationery, etc. We offer hole units, stationery cupboards, bookcases with filing drawers, overhead bookcase hutches, sliding door bookcases, and brochure racks, etc.

Our range of bookcases is available in various shapes, colors, sizes and styles to match your budget and designing aesthetic. 


When purchasing pedestals for your commercial space, you should consider what you (or your employees) will use the drawers for.

Opting for the right combination of drawers is essential to ensure optimum use. For instance, a cabinet with a file and a pen drawer might be more useful than two file drawers in some cases and vice versa.

In other cases, they might need only pen drawers or a whole cabby with a combination of bookcases, pen drawers, and file cabinets. No matter what the unique storage needs of your business are, BFX stands by you with its ready-to-ship and custom-made storage pedestals for offices.

Filing Cabinets

Although the tech revolution has replaced a lot of paperwork and documents with digital files, the commercial world cannot practically function without some manual paper copies, especially for filing and tax purposes.

Filing and sorting important documents is a crucial aspect of office storage. Every business needs an office storage and filing system to house all important documents and get rid of the clutter that can be a distraction to you and your team.

BFX is a proud supplier of multiple drawer filing cabinets, mobile pedestals, cupboards, and filing cabinets that double as planter boxes to complement your office décor.

We also offer lockable cupboards to secure important items and metal filing cabinets that are fireproof to keep your vital documents protected against thefts and accidents.


Does your business require restriction on cell phone usage by employees? Or do your employees require small lockers to keep their valuables secure while they are at work?

BFX offers a range of locker units that are easy to move and can be operated with a master key in case of an emergency. Our lockers offer advanced security and your employees can rest assured that their valuables will be safe when locked in BFX lockers.

Explore our range of lockers that are available in various shapes, colors, sizes and styles to match your budget and office interiors.


BFX also offers smart shelving solutions for your offices, showrooms, art galleries, and other commercial spaces. Our practically designed shelving units are perfect for showcasing your products and artworks.

These shelving units can be custom made to fit your specific needs. Whether you want to house your files, documents, books, and stationery or simply showcase your products in a tasteful manner, BFX shelving units have got you covered.

Besides your office-use items or products, you can use these shelving units to house indoor plants and add to the office ambience as well as work environment. To know more about our shelving options and what will fit your needs and space the best, get in touch with BFX expert consultant today! 

Wall Units

At BFX, we believe in finding the perfect furniture and storage match not only for your specific commercial needs but also for the aesthetic of your office. While suggesting the best storage options, BFX consultants consider your storage requirements (of course), as well as the office décor and space management.

One such pioneering BFX product that rightly fits the bill is our range of commercial wall units. These wall units can be customised to meet your exact storage requirements and can be mounted into the wall for the best utilization of space in your office.

You can choose between multiple combinations of drawers, filing cabinets, and shelves as per your storage requirements and build them into a single wall unit that saves space and pleases the eye.

Caddies & Hutches

BFX offers commercial caddies and hutches that allow you to store your everyday office-use items within an arm's reach - all while blocking away the distractions and helping you to stay focused.

These hutches can be mounted to the workstations of your employees, offering them some storage along with the privacy they need to concentrate on work. Our caddies and hutches improve efficiency at work and keep things organized even on a microcosmic level.

If you are planning to create a new office location or remodeling the existing one, give BFX expert consultants a call and find out your best office furniture and storage options in Australia.

Why BFX Office Storage Solutions?

It’s no secret that an organized office space not only helps you focus but also communicates with your business partners and customers that you are professionally aligned. And, BFX helps you build exactly that!

After all, who wants to do business with someone who has loose papers scattered across their desk? BFX offers sturdy and efficient office storage solutions that not only provide adequate space for housing your important items but also to add décor pieces, such as plants and artwork, to your office.

We can help you to add a magical personal touch to your office storage that is sure to impress your customers and visitors. 

Discounted Office Storage Units in Australia


Are you looking for the best deals and the most affordable prices of office storage online? Do you wish to lay hands on tasteful yet durable storage units for your commercial space or office?

We listen to your needs and work within your budget by offering discounts on our wide selection of office storage solutions, such as pedestals, wall units, shelving units, caddies and hutches, file cabinets and cupboards, etc. With BFX, you can customize your office storage to fit both your needs and budget.

You can browse by clearance, on-sale items, new arrivals and ready to quick-ship products. We offer the most competitive prices on office furniture and storage options online in Australia. Happy saving!

Customer Service

When it comes to online office storage shopping, some customers worry about making a big purchase and then being disappointed upon delivery. We ensure that all of our storage units are delivered assembled.

We help with placement and rubbish removal along with on-going support. Even though you are shopping for office storage online, we strive to add our personal touch by offering consultation, on-site measuring, and 3D space planning and quotation to ensure we deliver a world-class customer experience.



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