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Commercial Office Design

Looking for commercial office design ideas? Browse our articles on productive workspaces, office health, noise reduction & more.

Choosing the Right Fabric for Your Office Chairs There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to selecting the perfect fabric for …

Why shelter is the key to a successful open plan office Once the preferred arrangement for corporate workplaces around the world, the …

Office design trends for 2023 Offices are functional by nature, but clever design can play a significant role in their productivity, creativity and …

With working from home now being such an important and achievable option, employers are searching for ways to create technology-enabled workspaces that …

Minimalism in design is all about making sure that everything in a certain space or room serves a specific purpose.

The word biophilic means ‘love of nature’, and it’s an apt description for most human beings.

Effective meetings are achieved in many ways. In 2020 boardroom technology is one of the most critical aspects, and it’s only going to increase as technology continues to advance.

Whether you are looking to transform your workspace into a flexible environment,  or you are looking to lease a little slice yourself, this guide will answer all of your question about flexible workspace.

Are you ready to start your year off the right way? Whether you want to kickstart your business or you just want to get your team pumped up for the new year, you have come to the right place.

Anyone that has ever worked or currently works in an open plan office knows that they aren't the best when it comes to privacy and noise.

Want more privacy? Sound-proofing? Fewer distractions? These 6 design hacks and top tips can help you get back your precious privacy (and sanity).

After you spend a few years working in the business world, you get used to spending most of your life in the office.

Updated from Best Colours For A Relaxed Office 2013 Choosing your colour scheme can either be one of two things . . …

Global companies like Microsoft and Google have fitted out their workplaces with Activity Based Workstations years ago and have reaped the benefits since.

Standing out from your competitors is crucial to your business’s success. Loyalty is earned, not bought and the best way to keep your clients coming back is to leave them with a great impression.

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