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Welcome to BFX furniture, the leading supplier of office furniture in Australia. With about 50 experienced project consultants across all states, BFX is committed to delivering high quality office fitouts for business of all sizes.

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Unparalleled Service & Supply of Office Furniture Canberra

BFX is the leading manufacturer and supplier of office furniture Canberra. With a dedicated team of expert furniture consultants all over the state, BFX is a sweet spot for you to get unmatchable quality of office furniture, regardless of the size of your business.

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Australia’s Most Prominent Commercial Furniture Provider For Business, Education, And Government

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Over 50,000 Safety And Quality Certified Products With Warranty

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On-going support, Delivery, Placement, Assembly, and Rubbish Removal

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On-site measurement, Consultation, Quotation, and 3D space planning

BFX Furniture is the dominating supplier and manufacturer of quality-centric office furniture Canberra. We’ve been serving high-quality furniture to Canberra for decades with par level standards.

So, if you need furniture for your workspace in Canberra, we can assure you of great quality products at genuine prices. We are actively serving numerous locations in Canberra including:

  •       Lake Burley Griffin
  •       Telstra Tower
  •       Mount Ainslie
  •       Pine Island
  •       Lake Ginninderra
  •       Civic Square
  •       Haig Park 

 If you require furniture for your workspace in any of the aforementioned locations, just browse through our furniture catalogue and place an order online. We’re willing to serve you with the best quality of office furniture.

We’re Known For Our Customer-Centric Service

BFX Furniture is known for excellent customer service when talking about  manufacturing and supply for office furniture Canberra. We always commit to a fast turnaround time and make sure that we fulfil your requirements on time.

We also have a fast processing policy for all online orders. We assure you an on-time furniture delivery in Canberra and strive to provide you with a best-in-class service when you shop with us.

Our staff only consist of professionals with high-level integrity and dedication to responsibly cater to your requirements. We’re also actively available to listen to your queries on call. Due to this, our services are extremely personalized and ensure a highly satisfactory shopping experience.

Industry Experience Like Never Before

With extensive industry experience, BFX furniture certainly understands your requirements and cater you as per your needs.

We also provide customized workstations in context with the needs of different businesses such as call centres, law firms, real estate, and so on. We conduct extensive research to understand the furniture requirements for different types of industries that help us to deliver an industry experience like never before. We’re one of the most trusted office furniture suppliers in Canberra.

We’ve Got An Eye For Product And Design Quality

If you’re looking for great quality office furniture, BFX is certainly a sweet spot for you. We’re aware of design trends in the furniture industry and always provide you with high-quality products.

Moreover, we only use top quality raw materials to manufacture our range of office desks and chairs. Our raw materials are sourced only from trusted suppliers to make sure our products meet all your requirements. We have several attractive and unique designs of office furniture to help you find something of your taste.

On-Time Delivery With Free Placement

With great coverage across the state, we always assure you timely delivery of your order. Moreover, with all your purchases, you can also enjoy free furniture placement by our experts. Our professional staff ensure that you always enjoy hassle-free furniture delivery and placement.

Get a Free Expert Consultation

Shopping for office furniture requires a lot of research that can make the process quite daunting and boring. However, we’ve already taken care of this for you. With BFX furniture, you can enjoy a free expert consultation regarding the furniture requirements of your space.

Our professional team of consultants’ assess your requirements and help you throughout your purchase. Our main objective with this free consultation is to ensure that you make an informed purchase decision. We visit your office to analyze the space and understand your requirements in a better way.

We also take on-site measurements to recommend to you the right type of furniture. Once you’ve made up your mind, we provide you with a space planning blueprint and a quotation with all the details. In this way, you can assure that our furniture products will surely meet all your requirements.

Get Furniture That Compliments Your Existing Office Design

A great piece of furniture is the one that easily blends with the existing design of your office. Our products provide a professional and appealing look to your space that projects a positive image of your business to your employees and customers.

To make it happen, we design our furniture products in context with the appearance of your office. The finished products will certainly provide an appealing and attractive look to your office. We also keep your brand’s theme in mind while building your required office furniture.

If you’re looking for personalized office furniture that compliments your brand, make sure that you call us right away to get all your requirements fulfilled.

Office Furniture Canberra That Boasts Great Flexibility And Functionality

While shopping for office furniture Canberra, you must make sure that it functions perfectly to make the most out of your investment. Moreover, you may also want to make sure that it provides you with great flexibility.

When you shop from BFX furniture, you’re destined to get highly flexible and functional office furniture. We provide office desks and tables that serve multiple purposes and maintain a perfect balance of flexibility and functionality. It’s a win-win deal for you.

Hence, by shopping for your preferred office furniture in Canberra with BFX, you’re certainly making a great choice. We’re willing to help you throughout your shopping journey to help you get your desired results.

Reflect Your Brand’s Identity and Aesthetic Values With Our Products

If you’re looking for office desks and chairs that complement the existing look and feel of your office then you’re already at the right place. BFX Furniture offers custom-designed products that help you enhance the look and feel of your office and make the environment stress-free for your employees. Therefore, when you shop from BFX, you’re also contributing to the productivity of your office.

Choose from a Plethora of Office Furniture Variants

BFX offers you an extensive variety of furniture products tailored as per your requirements. We’re confident about the safety and quality of our products. We’re a one-stop solution for all your office furniture needs in Canberra. Therefore, make sure that you check out our online product catalogue to explore thousands of unique furniture products. Here’s what we offer as a part of our furniture collection at our showrooms:

Ergonomic Office Chairs in Canberra

In modern workspaces, employees need to sit for prolonged hours. While performing desk-based jobs, people don’t pay attention to the significance of good seating.

If your business also requires your employees to sit for long hours, you must purchase ergonomic office chairs for your workspace. These chairs are designed in a way to provide you with great comfort and support to your body. They prevent back pain in your employees and result in greater productivity.

An office chair should also be adjustable to suit the needs of employees with different height and weight. So, make sure that you seek consultation from our experts before purchasing an office chair in Canberra.

To purchase the prominent quality of ergonomic office chairs in Canberra, you can always count on BFX Furniture. Our range of office chairs is designed as per your requirements while keeping ergonomics in mind. Therefore, they always provide a comfortable and supportive seating experience to your employees. Here’s a list of the core competencies of an ergonomic chair:

  •       Height Adjustment: In an ergonomic office chair, the user should be able to modify the length of the chair as per his/her body-length requirements.
  •       Backrest Adjustment: To make the back feel relaxed and less-strained while working, an ergonomic office should allow your employees to adjust the angle and tilt of the backrest. This promotes a perfect seating posture and eliminates back pain.
  •       Frictionless Castors: An ergonomic office chair should include high-quality castors to relocate them from one place to another without any manual efforts.
  •       Seat Pan Adjustment: To promote a proper blood flow in your legs, an ergonomic chair should have an adjustable seat pan that allows the user to adjust the depth of the chair.
  •       Armrest Adjustment: A perfect ergonomic chair also provides you with adjustable armrests that can be adjusted for a better typing experience.

BFX furniture offers you an unparalleled range of ergonomic office chairs in Canberra. So, make sure that you check out our inventory of office chairs at our furniture showrooms. Currently, we offer a variety of office chairs including:

  •       Visitor Chairs
  •       Mesh Office Chairs
  •       Boardroom Chairs
  •       Operator Office Chairs
  •       Cafeteria Chairs
  •       Booth Seats
  •       Executive Office Chairs
  •       Lounge Seats

 In addition to these, we also provide custom-made office chairs designed to meet the varying requirements of your employees. 

Spacious Storage Cabinets in Canberra

Along with a great seating solution for your office, you should also consider investing in a proper storage solution to keep the personal belongings of your employees safe and secure.

Moreover, when it comes to storage cabinets, the choices are endless. To choose the right storage solution for your workspace, you need to consider things such as the required size, brand & aesthetics, available space, and the working environment of your office. At BFX Furniture, you can choose from a wide range of storage solutions including:

  •       Under desk storage
  •       Bookcases
  •       Office wall units
  •       Filing cabinets
  •       Pedestals
  •       Metal shelving

Hence, make sure that you choose BFX furniture for all your storage-related requirements for office furniture Canberra. Our storage cabinets are quality-centric and offer an array of benefits for your workspace. Feel free to call or write to us anytime for a quotation. We’re always available to serve you with an unforgettable service.

Multipurpose Office Desks in Canberra

Without a good office desk, there’s no point in using ergonomic chairs. A great office desk should be durable, comfortable, and supportive as per the nature of your work. For example, if your business needs your employees to sit for prolonged hours, the desks should be height-adjustable to allow your employees to shift between sitting and standing positions.

Additionally, you also need to ensure that the design of your office desk matches the designation of your employees. For instance, there are different types of desks for executives, operators, and CEOs. We also provide custom office desks that match your workspace’s layout. Our collection also includes L-shape and corner desks for better use of free space. Typically, we deal with these varieties of desks:

  •       Steel framed office desks
  •       Straight desks
  •       Caddies and Hutches
  •       Reception desks
  •       Sit-stand office desks
  •       Corner desks
  •       Office workstations
  •       Conference desks

Our office desks are designed to meet the daily requirements of your office.

Flexible Office Tables in Canberra

In the furniture market, there are numerous types of office tables available as per varying requirements. While shopping for office tables, flexibility and functionality should be your major point of interest.

Moreover, you also need to make sure that your table can be used for multiple purposes such as for meetings and conferences. BFX Furniture offers you a great variety of office tables in ranging designs and colours. Here are a few types of office tables we’re offering in Canberra:

  •       Cafeteria tables
  •       Steel office tables
  •       Flip tables
  •       Meeting tables
  •       Coffee tables
  •       High-quality Boardroom tables

So, if you’re in search of flexible and functional office tables in Canberra, BFX certainly fits the bill for you. With our products, you can enjoy great value for money.

Start With a Free Consultation

Before diving into the endless variety of furniture products available at BFX, we’d like to offer you a free consultation with our furniture expert. This will greatly help you to understand your requirements and make a better purchase decision. So, give us a call right now and book your free consultation. 

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