Student Desks & Tables

BFX Student Desks & Tables are number one in Australia for a reason. We are best known for our adjustable height student desks with an easy-to-use push-button mechanism - our SmarTable™ Student Tables. We specialise in innovative student tables designed for advanced ergonomics in modern learning environments.

Our whiteboard finish tables encourage collaboration, experimentation, visual thinking and spontaneous creativity. Whiteboard tables are a hit in the classroom because they're easy to use, erase and clean. When students need to save their notes or creations they can simply snap it, save it and share it.

Get SmarTable Student Desks!

Our ergonomic student tables are student favourites for a reason:

  • They're adjustable up to 5 different heights
  • Can be quickly moved around the room on their castors.
  • The tables can also be locked in place
  • Can be adjusted by a student without tools
  • They also come in Sit-Stand height
  • Available with tote trays
  • They come in a wide variety of different shapes

Apart from our height adjustable SmarTable™ range, our Sit-Stand Tables offer students the flexibility of working in either a seated or upright position. Making it the perfect standing desk for students

The majority of our SmarTables™ can be turned into student desks with drawers. Pull-out tote trays make it easy to access and store student's stationery supplies and books.

Our SmarTable™ Jotters are the perfect student laptop desk. They are a portable and lightweight surface for students to rest their books, laptops and writing equipment on. At BFX, we think outside the box when it comes to adjustable student desks.

Students all over Australia love rearranging their classroom into unique configurations with our student desks. In minutes you can create different desk arrangements for 26 students or more!

Ergonomic Student Desks For Every Classroom

Collaborative student desks like our range of STEM Tables are incredibly versatile because they come equipped with storage and removable whiteboard inserts. Making them the perfect companion in STEM classrooms for project-based learning.

We stock height adjustable student tables, teacher desks, computer desks, science benches, flip-top tables and multi-purpose tables.

We also carry a range of exam tables that are durable, easy to transport and store. Exams can be a stressful time for students to sit through and faculty to organise, our exam tables and trolleys make it easier.

How Do You Know You’re Getting the Best School Furniture?

The only way to know for sure that you’re getting high-quality school furniture is to ensure it has been tested and certified to Australian Standards. BFX hold the widest range of independently tested products by AFRDI.

Our 7-year warranty guarantees that you have the peace of mind and quality assurance you need.

Talk to one of our Expert Education Furniture Consultants today. We have consultants and showroom locations in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Townsville and more.

We'll help you fit-out your entire school with BFX Furniture and make it a Future Focused Learning environment where students thrive.

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  1. Basics Typhoon Meeting Table
    Basics Typhoon Meeting Table
    $319Price: $385Save: $66
  2. Prague Disc Base Meeting Table
    Prague Disc Base Meeting Table
    $409Price: $495Save: $86
  3. Mele Meeting Table
    Mele Meeting Table
    $379Price: $455Save: $76
  4. Whiz Single Student Desk
    Whiz Single Student Desk
    $129Price: $155Save: $26
  5. Oodle STEM Deluxe Package
    Oodle STEM Deluxe Package
    $4239Price: $5089Save: $850
  6. Oodle STEM Table
    Oodle STEM Table
    $1709Price: $2055Save: $346
  7. Odyssey Science Bench
    Odyssey Science Bench
    $949Price: $1135Save: $186
  8. Lecture Student Table
    Lecture Student Table
    $189Price: $225Save: $36
  9. Mars Cumulus Table
    Mars Cumulus Table
    $755Price: $909Save: $154
  10. Kahuna Computer Desk
    Kahuna Computer Desk
    $879Price: $1059Save: $180
  11. Equip Exam Table
    Equip Exam Table
    $79Price: $95Save: $16

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