If you want to make a contemporary public speaking avenue in your school, BFX the Lecterns to fulfil all your requirements. Whether you need an adjustable lectern for your classroom or school hall, we have all types of educational furniture available for your specific educational setting.

Modern Teaching Lecterns From BFX

BFX is your one-stop solution to purchase the best quality of furniture for your educational setting.

With an industrial experience of 30 years backed by professional industry experts and market research teams, we always provide you with unparalleled quality of products with amazing designs and revolutionary technology that copes up with the ever-changing educational sector.

Furthermore, we have a great number of furniture showrooms located all across Australia including Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. Our furniture showrooms allow us to provide you with convenient delivery of your required furniture with a fast turn-around time.

We also have ready-to-ship units available in case you need furniture pieces in bulk quickly.

Lecterns provided by BFX are reliable and provide you with amazing quality and appearance. They are built in modern attractive designs that make them an ideal match for any public speaking venue. They have a beautiful smooth surface with a perfect finish.

Moreover, there's plenty of reading space to keep your presentation materials. There's also wooden and rubber paper and book stops to hold your presentation material easily. Furthermore, you can also adjust the length of the frame with a handy knob on the lectern.

Our lecterns are designed to withstand day-to-day wear and tear and are ideal for heavy-duty usage. Moreover, our ranges of lecterns also provide you with spacious storage units to help you keep your accessories safe and secure.

Additionally, you can also adjust the tilted top of these lecterns to use them as tables. They are perfect for both school assemblies and classroom presentations. Hence, make sure that you check out these lecterns at BFX.

A Whole New Furniture Shopping Experience

When you shop for school lecterns, you need to look after a lot of things to make sure that you make a better purchase decision.

This makes furniture shopping quite a daunting and overwhelming task. Several factors such as durability, construction, design, feature, and more determine the quality of a lectern.

However, when you shop for furniture online, it is virtually impossible to gain insights over these factors. If you own a school in Australia, we highly recommend you to visit the BFX furniture showrooms to shop for your desired school and classroom furniture.

When you shop from our showrooms, you can always expect a hassle-free and effortless furniture shopping experience. Instead of scrolling through the pictures and reading product specifications on our website, we provide you with a new and unique way to shop for your furniture.

We bring our products to life and help you in experimenting with all the possibilities with your classroom environment.

Additionally, unlike other furniture providers in Australia, we don't just showcase you the furniture with their price tag. Instead, we allow you to feel the products in a classroom-like environment and get a memorable shopping experience.

If you’ve ever shopped from a furniture showroom earlier, you might be already familiar with the fact that numerous options can make it overwhelming to select a single piece of furniture.

Therefore, to help you make better product selections, we have classified our furniture showrooms in different themes to help you find the desired furniture that matches your goals and style.

With BFX, you can always get a highly convenient and hassle-free furniture shopping experience for your classroom.

We have a wide range of lecterns available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. They look highly professional and increase the prestige of your classroom and hall.

Talking about the functionality, the possibilities are endless with BFX lecterns. You can easily attach a mic and keep your reading material to make your public speaking event one of a kind.

Furthermore, we offer you an endless variety of colours to help you find an ideal lectern that sparks up the look and feel of your classroom.

On top of that, our lecterns also provide you with lockable storage with plenty of space to keep your accessories. We also provide lecterns with castor feet that make them highly portable and easy to move. A large selection of our lecterns is also available with adjustable heights to suit the needs of the speaker.

Lastly, we consider the quality of the products as our topmost priority. Therefore, we always make sure that our range of furniture is built with the finest quality of materials. When you shop with BFX, you can get an unmatchable quality of classroom lecterns at highly affordable rates.

Fixed Height Lecterns

At BFX, you can shop for a wide range of fixed height lectern furniture for your classroom. These lecterns are built with the finest quality of materials to withstand day-to-day wear and tear. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty and continuous usage.

These lecterns are a perfect match for all public speaking venues. They provide you with a professional appearance with ample top space to keep your reading materials. Moreover, they responsibly maintain privacy between speaker and audience with their heightened borders. They also have spacious storage units to keep your accessories safe and secure.

These fixed-height lecterns also have a castor base that makes it easier for you to move them from one place to another. We have a vibrant range of colours and designs available for these lecterns to add a spark to your classroom.

Furthermore, they can easily blend in with the existing design of your school. Therefore, make sure that you check them out.

Height Adjustable Lecturns

We also have an endless range of height-adjustable lectern for your classroom. The length of these lecterns can be adjusted as per the requirements of the user. They have a spinning knob to adjust the height of this lectern.

They have an amazingly attractive design that can surely increase the prestige of your school. Moreover, there's plenty of table space to keep reading materials. The surface is scratch-resistant and has a shiny appearance.

They are also built with the best grade of materials and are durable enough to bear a high volume of usage. Moreover, there are various designs and colours available for height adjustable lecterns at BFX.

It has a highly flexible design that allows you to use it as a table as well. The tilt top can also be adjusted as per the convenience of the user. It features a foldable structure that allows you to store it easily without consuming much space. There's also a comfortable rubber stopper that keeps your presentation material in place.

Mobile Lecterns

At BFX, you can also shop for mobile adjustable lectern desks. Since a lectern needs to be used in multiple areas of the school, you may need to move it from one place to another. In that case, it would be hard for you to lift it. Therefore, to make it easier for you, we provide you lecterns with casters at their bottom.

These frictionless tires allow you to roll the furniture from one place to another without lifting them. They are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colours. Moreover, in addition to their mobility, they are also highly durable. We only use high-quality materials to manufacture our range of classroom furniture.

That's why our range of lecterns provide you with long work life. Hence, make sure to check out our extensive range of mobile lecterns.

Customer Service

While online shopping provides you with the convenience to shop from the comfort of your home, a lot of people don't consider it as a reliable way to shop for classroom furniture.

People are afraid of making a purchase online because they think they might get disappointed after the delivery. Moreover, the lack of transparency and customer support has made a bad image of online shopping. However, there's a significant difference between shady furniture manufacturers and BFX.

We have a dedicated customer support team to help you with all your queries, complaints, and feedback. Therefore, for all your concerns, you can feel free to get in touch with our customer service associates.

Our team will actively respond to your queries and provide you with a reliable solution for the same. Furthermore, we always ensure top-notch quality of furniture. Also, the furniture will be properly assembled and ready to use.

Additionally, we also provide you services such as rubbish removal, placement, and after-sales support for absolutely free of cost. Even when you shop online with us, we make your shopping experience highly personalized by providing you with services from experts like a consultation, 3D space planning, and on-site measurements for your furniture.

Shop for your favourite modern lecterns from BFX and enjoy a satisfactory experience like never before.

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