School Ottomans

Lightweight and Durable, our range of Ottomans can be used as a seating solution for single students or used in conjunction with other furniture to promote collaborative learning.

Versatile Ottomans for Flexible Classrooms

If you are in search of high-quality ottomans for your school, you are in the right place. We offer an endless variety of ottomans for your school in a versatile range of materials and designs. Moreover, with the help of our expert consultants, you will never have to worry about the size of your school. With our experts, you can always choose the best design for your school.

Furthermore, experts at BFX are readily available to visit your space and analyze it for providing the best furniture for your school space. We have our furniture showrooms in all major parts of Australia. Therefore, hop in and browse through your desired furniture solutions right away.

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Why Are Ottomans So Popular?

  • They are lightweight & easily movable
  • They can be customised with bright-coloured fabrics & patterns
  • They make classrooms more fun
  • They turn regular classroom seating into active seating
  • They are a flexible seating option

Our Soft Seating Solutions

It may be lounging in a bean bag or floor cushion, or huddled in a mobile booth with a small group or seated on an ottoman.

Student seating should be able to adapt to each individual student's needs.

Looking for reading corner ideas?

You can easily create a cozy reading nook for students by scattering some round ottomans, bean bags or lounge chairs next to a bookshelf.

Arranging modular seating together allows students to create a focused yet comfortable learning zone. The best thing about our range of soft seating is the amount of versatility and endless configurations each product allows.

Combine traditional student chairs with self-balancing stools, ottomans and balance balls for a more active seating environment. We also carry all-in-one multi-purpose soft seating and shelving solutions.

Try Before you Buy

If you own a school in Australia, we highly encourage you to visit our furniture showrooms. By visiting our workspace, you can get a completely new experience of furniture shopping. Instead of browsing through photos on your smartphone, you can physically assess the furniture and analyze their look and feel in your schools.  Moreover, our showrooms are classified into varied designs to help you choose the desired design for your school space. We have our furniture showrooms in all the major provinces of Australia such as MelbourneSunshine CoastBrisbanePerth, and Sydney. So, make sure that you visit us and enjoy your furniture shopping like never before.

School Ottomans for Versatile Spaces

In schools, the available space is very limited and you need to make efficient use of it. However, in order to do so, you need not maximize furniture everywhere.

The thing that you need to maximize is the productivity and engagement of your school. That's where our extravagant collection of school ottomans come into play. With the help of our collection of school ottomans, you’ll be able to create a specialized space for your students to visit and engage in a collaborative brainstorming session. We provide a wide collection of collaborative zones ottomans in numerous designs for you to choose from.

Improve Student Collaboration

Whether it is development or education, communication always plays a vital role in all aspects of our life. Moreover, it is suggested that students should be taught to communicate well from an early age. For this purpose, a communication zone will be a great option for your small.

Furthermore, with the help of our amazing collection of communicating ottomans, you can always make sure that your students remain engaged for active and effective communication. At BFX, you can choose from a wide range of communication zone ottomans in various designs and a variety of fabric. Therefore, choose your desired ottoman right now.

Connecting Student together

Schooling is not just a form of education but a crucial part of our lives. Moreover, as you may already know, humans are social creatures. So, in order to let your students be happy, you need to provide them with the opportunities to build and maintain connections with one another.

The most prominent solution to achieve this is by making a connect zone with appropriate furniture for your school. With BFX, you can get an extensive range of connecting zones ottoman furniture to build a perfect connect zone that keeps your students engaged. From leather to fabric, we have a great range of materials and fabrics available for you.

Australian Manafactured Ottomans

Remove your old seating solutions from your school and spark it up with the help of collection ottoman chairs. They are specifically designed to leverage imagination, creativity, and allow students to explore the path of learning with independence.

In this collection of ottomans, you can set your own design of seating by making a combination out of straight, round, cornered, and curved ottomans. Moreover, you can use these to create your own specific learning zones that not only look great but also provide a large number of learning activities. At BFX, you can get an endless variety of collections ottomans that you can configure as per your choice.

Multiple Students

If you have a school with a highly limited space, you must make sure that you use the space efficiently. In this case, by using multiple students Australian made ottomans, you can get the most out of your school's space. These types of ottomans can accumulate a large number of students.

Moreover, they are highly comfortable and rigid as well. Since they will be used by multiple students, they are designed in a way to bear high wear and tear. On top of that, you can get a great variety of colours and material for these ottomans. Therefore, wait no more and browse through the collection right now.


While looking for ottomans, you must make sure that they support mobility. Due to the fact that they carry a lot of weight, you must ensure that they provide frictionless tires for easy transportation. At BFX, you can choose from a great range of mobile ottomans with smooth and frictionless tires. With the help of these ottomans, you can do the task of relocating and remodelling with ease. Moreover, if you are going for a collection of ottomans, the mobility feature will make it easier for you to experiment with the arrangement and get a great design for your school space.

Customer Service

At BFX we aim to satisfy our customers with our prominent range of school ottomans. To make sure that your shopping experience is one of a kind, we provide you with several services for absolutely free. For instance, our experts help you with on-site measurements, 3D space planning, and after-sales support. Moreover, we understand your concerns about online shopping. Therefore, we also allow you to visit our showrooms and check out your desired furniture physically.