Cafe Tables

Cafe Tables and chairs are worthwhile additions to any office breakroom or staff room. A breakroom should be a welcoming space for employees to relax and recharge. It is essential for every business. Often this space is the office break room. The social hub of any business.

A modern workplace should incorporate a dedicated space that's main function is to reduce stress and boost employee morale. 

Is your break room a place employees shuffle to just to grab their lunch from the fridge, make a tea or coffee and use the microwave?

Or is it a bright and welcoming space employee gravitate towards and spend time together in?

Create A Relaxing Breakroom with Cafe Tables & Chairs

It is more than possible to create a wonderful breakroom without breaking the bank. Especially with BFX Furniture Solutions.

A Revitalising Break Room can:

• Reduce stress
• Boost motivation
• Get people talking and collaborating
• Re-energise and encourage creativity
• Create a social space
• & Promote an energised company culture

Creating bright and welcoming seating areas with cafe tables and chairs is such an easy way to encourage employees to engage with one another and share bright ideas.

We Have Indoor & Outdoor Cafe Tables

Our café furniture is available in a wide range of finishes and colours to suit any space and create a cohesive aesthetic that aligns with your company culture. Whether you are looking for metal cafe tables, folding cafe tables, bar height tables or even outdoor cafe table and chair settings - BFX can help.

Whether it's an indoor space or an outdoor space, our new UV weather proofed range of café seating lets you rest easy knowing our colours and finishes won't fade in the sun.

Remember, you don't just have to lean towards café furniture. Lounges, booths and armchairs provide a comfortable and relaxing space for your employees to sink into and enjoy a cup of coffee or read a magazine.

Talk to one of our Friendly Office Design Consultants at any of our showroom locations including Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast or Townsville. We'll help you reboot your break room with BFX Furniture and make it a place your employees call their home away from home.

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