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Fabrics inspired by Australian nature

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BFX Feature Artist

Jocelyn Proust

Jocelyn Proust is an Australian designer who has established an international reputation for creating striking abstract prints. Living on the north coast of NSW, Jocelyn often draws inspiration from her natural environment. From observing, photographing and drawing plants and birds in her garden, she uses these natural elements to create unique designs.
Jocelyn is now widely recognised for her Australian Native Flora and Australian Birds Collections.

The Australiana Range Fabrics

Cockatoo moodboard mockup 2


“The cheeky, raucous Sulphur Crested Cockatoo is one of my favourite Australian birds. I see them daily feeding on the Norfolk Island Pines at my local beach and I am always happy to spot their beautiful white plumage.
In this design I have aimed to capture their fun and confident personalties in a bright bold style.”
gum moodboard mockup


“Gum trees of various kinds are found all over Australia. This Gum design depicts the pattern of fallen gum leaves and gum nuts on the forest floor.
This design aims to evoke the feeling of walking through the Australian bush with leaves crunching underfoot, whilst inhaling the unique aroma of gum leaves.”
lorikeet moodboard mockup


“The Rainbow Lorikeet loves to feed on the nectar of many of our native flowers, especially the Bottlebrush. These noisy natives can often be seen feeding in large groups. These brightly coloured parrots are found in many parts of Australia and are known for their friendly, social and often raucous natures.
I have created a bold design showing their colourful markings in contrast with the delicate nature of the bottlebrush flowers.”
Eucalypt moodboard mockup 1


“I have always loved the many varieties of Eucalyptus trees. They are even more beautiful when they are in bloom. They provide food for many native birds, animals and insects.
This design showcases the delicate and unique shapes of Eucalyptus blossoms and leaves.”
Banksia moodboard mockup 1


“The Banksia is an iconic species of Australian shrub, with many varieties found across the continent. They can thrive in many climates and soil types, which makes them a robust and hardy plant.
This design shows some of the unique patterns on the flower spike and leaves. The rust and terracotta colours represent the earthy environment in which they are often found.”
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