Desk Chairs

We provide feature-rich Desk Chairs with features including height-adjustability, arm support, heavy-duty mechanisms, and mesh backs, to ensure maximum comfort throughout your work day.

Make Your Workspace More Productive with Office Desk Chairs

With an industry experience of over 30 years, BFX is a sweet spot to get all your office furniture related needs fulfilled. We are the most prominent providers of office furniture in Australia since 1986. With a professional team of designers, we never fail to provide stylish and top-notch quality furniture to our valuable customers like you.

At BFX, you can get a wide range of office furniture that blends easily with your existing interior design. Therefore, if you are in search of great office desk chairs, BFX is certainly a great deal for you. Moreover, regardless of the size of your space, our expert consultants provide you with the best furniture selection to make your workplace one of a kind. Hence, if you want to remodel your workspace or set up a new branch for your office, BFX can surely provide you with great furniture at highly affordable rates.

From the selection of furniture to the measurement of space, our experts help you with all the required steps to make your dream office a reality. Therefore, make sure that you visit us at our office in numerous provinces all over Australia. We have our furniture stores in cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Sunshine Coast, and many more. 

The Difference

While shopping for furniture, simply browsing pictures on your device won’t help much. Therefore, for our potential customers like you, we encourage you to visit our office and experience the look and quality of office desk chairs physically. Our showrooms are designed in a way to make your shopping experience highly effortless. Moreover, all the showrooms are categorized in the form of different interior designs and styles. In this way, you can get great inspiration for your office design. Furthermore, when you visit our premises, you get to meet industry experts to discuss your requirements.

Height Adjustable

If you are in search of a highly comfortable single office desk chair for your workspace, you must take a look at the height-adjustable collection of office desk chairs at BFX. By the help of these chairs, you can provide a comfortable seating experience to your employees by letting them adjust the height of desk chairs. With this, your employees can avoid unnecessary pressure exerted on their legs. Moreover, these chairs provide an ergonomic body posture design to keep your back straight. AT BFX, we have a wide range of designs available for height-adjustable office desk chairs.


While choosing to buy desk chairs for your office, you must consider mobility as a mandatory feature. When you opt for mobile office desk chairs, you can encourage your employees to move from one part of the office to another instantly. Also, when you want to relocate your chairs or shift them somewhere else, you can easily move them because of the frictionless tires available in the chairs. Hence, they are perfect for working space for your office. We provide an extensive range of durable and comfortable single office desk chairs. So, make sure that you browse the endless options available.


At BFX, we also produce a great range of mesh office desk chairs. These chairs are highly prominent to provide a comfortable breathing space for your back. With their open design, they prevent heat from trapping on the back and prevent sweating. Moreover, due to their open structure, they are highly lightweight and easier to carry. However, even though they are lightweight, they provide a highly rigid body with a subtle construction. Therefore, it is ideal for long term use and can easily bear heavy wear and tear. The best thing about our mesh chairs is that they provide flexible back support.

Heavy Duty

Office chairs are constantly exposed to high volume usage. So, they need to be solid and rigid to provide a longer work life. At BFX, you can browse through an endless collection of heavy-duty office desk chairs online.

With the availability of an endless range of colours and designs, you can easily find the one that fits the best for your office design. The best part is that these heavy-duty chairs provide subtle back support to help you maintain a great body posture and prevent back pain. Moreover, it is assumed that you'll love the rigidity and quality of the furniture.

Arm Support

It is evident that back support is necessary for cheap office desk chairs. However, arm support is also one of the dominant features to consider while purchasing seating solutions for the office. With the help of arm support, you can enjoy a comfortable seating experience. Moreover, it also supports your neck and core muscles. On top of that, these chairs have a slight bend in their back support to provide you with a great and comfortable posture on the go. Therefore, check out the wide range of collection for office desk chairs with arm support at BFX. You'll surely take one's hat off for the decision.

Customer Service

BFX always makes sure that customer satisfaction is served as the top-most priority. Therefore, we ensure that the deal is ever about a one-time transaction but a mark of a new relationship that lasts forever. To make your shopping experience one of a kind, we provide prominent backend support and helpful customer support.

No matter how convenient online shopping becomes, people always have a sense of fear associated with it. Hence, to help you overcome such fear, we always encourage you to visit our workplace and physically assess the products. In this way, you can always have peace of mind with the product quality. In addition to it, we also provide add-on services such as placement, rubbish removal, and an end to end support for absolutely free.

Lastly, if you are unsure about your office design, our experts are always available for free consultation and space planning. Therefore, make sure that you consider BFX for all seating needs of your workspace.


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