Boardroom Tables

As a leading supplier of high-quality, durable office furniture, BFX proudly provides an extensive range of boardroom tables to business owners throughout Australia. Having helped furnish many offices over the last several decades, we understand that finding the right tone and style for your workplace is one of many key decisions you make when creating a professional environment.

With high-quality materials and various models in different shapes and sizes, our team at BFX designs stunning boardroom furniture with functionality and efficiency in mind. Browse our online selection of boardroom tables at your convenience, or visit one of our many showrooms to find the right table for your company.

The Importance of a Quality Boardroom Table

Some company owners may feel that office furniture, including the boardroom table, is merely the background of an office space and holds little significance. However, everything in your building, from office desks to chairs to the paint on the wall, makes a statement to your employees and clients. To establish a respectable image for your business, you must create a space that aligns with the tone you’re trying to set.

For example, a conference room with muted colours, black and white details, and an office table featuring a chrome base may be calming and promote individual productivity. On the other hand, boardrooms with brightly coloured walls may inspire a bit of energy and collaboration.

Choosing the right boardroom table for your important meetings is essential to effective interior design. As you browse BFX’s custom boardroom tables, consider the style you associate with your company and find a model that may suit it best.

How To Choose the Right Boardroom Table

At BFX, we design and build beautiful conference tables in various shapes and sizes to satisfy the needs of all working professionals. Whether you’re looking for a classic, simple design or an exciting boardroom table that will modernise your office space, you’re sure to find a perfect fit in our wide selection of meeting tables.

When shopping for your ideal boardroom table, you have many critical factors to consider:

Company and Boardroom Size

Before you purchase a new boardroom table, consider the size of your standard meeting and the amount of space you have to work with in your boardroom. Because BFX boardroom tables come in various sizes, you’ll need to determine what size meeting table would comfortably accommodate your employees.

BFX offers plenty of options to help you find the perfect meeting table. If you require a long surface to accommodate a large group, consider our Verona or Kenek models. If you prefer simple, round boardroom tables with a slender or disc base, our Modulus models may be right for you.

Additionally, be sure to measure your boardroom’s dimensions. You’ll need adequate space for the boardroom table, chairs, and any other office supplies your meetings may require. To improve workplace productivity, it’s essential that your meeting room is spacious and comfortable enough to promote concentration and a sense of ease.

Happy employees usually mean happy customers, after all!

Boardroom Tabletop Colours and Materials

BFX’s wide range of Australian-made boardroom tables includes various colours and styles, with many tables featuring a unique Italian-influenced design. What better way to capture employee attention than with a gorgeous boardroom table?

Executives and administrators have a responsibility to put visiting partners and potential clients at ease to establish a working relationship, and this is often a primary consideration when choosing a boardroom table. However, it’s important to engage employees, too.

By choosing materials that match the overall tone of the room, you can set the mood for your meetings moving forward. Inspire a sense of calm, promote collaboration, or invigorate your employees with renewed enthusiasm – all by choosing the right boardroom table colour.

You can personalise one of our custom tables by selecting the top and frame colours that best suit your office. Choose from several attractive tabletop options, such as sleek white, beech, or wild oak timber veneer. As for the frame, many of our boardroom tables feature coated aluminium legs in chrome or black.

Take the Kenek 6 Leg Meeting Table from BFX’s range, for example. The streamlined top rests on a stylish rail-supported base, which features adjustable legs. This boardroom table provides a perfect gathering space for those long meetings while adding a sophisticated beauty to the room’s design.

Shop Premier Office Furniture From BFX

Finding the perfect boardroom table for your office doesn’t have to be complicated. BFX’s range of elegant, modern boardroom tables has something for everyone, featuring various exciting colours, materials, and designs.

To learn more about our service, contact our team today at 1300 866 522 or visit one of our many showrooms. We have locations in Melbourne, Sydney, and beyond where you can explore our vast range of boardroom tables in person.

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Boardroom Tables FAQs

What factors should I consider when choosing a boardroom table for my office?

When selecting a boardroom table, consider the size of your standard meeting and the space available in your boardroom. BFX offers various sizes, from long surfaces for large groups (like the Verona or Kenek models) to simpler, round tables. It's crucial to ensure the table and chairs fit comfortably in your space to enhance productivity and comfort​​.

Can I find boardroom tables in different colors and materials at BFX Furniture?

Yes, BFX Furniture offers a wide range of boardroom tables in different colors and styles, including unique Italian-influenced designs. You can select from various tabletop options like sleek white, beech, or wild oak timber veneer, and choose frame colors in chrome or black. For instance, the Kenek 6 Leg Meeting Table combines style and functionality, perfect for long meetings​​.

What are some of the unique features of BFX Furniture's boardroom tables?

BFX's boardroom tables are known for their high-quality materials and functionality. For example, the Lawson 4 Leg Boardroom Table offers adjustable feet and a 45-degree profile to leg design, ensuring stability and style. The Modulus Single Post Meeting Table features an A-shaped rail and socket system for strength, while the Airlie Boardroom Table boasts a floating top and adjustable feet for a modern look. All these tables come with a 5-year warranty, emphasizing their durability​​​​​​.

How can I ensure the boardroom table I choose fits my space and meets my needs?

Measure your boardroom dimensions and consider the number of people usually attending meetings. BFX provides tables in different sizes and styles to suit various needs. For larger spaces, tables like the Verona Boardroom Table or Kenek 6 Leg Meeting Table are ideal. Their specifications include options for different lengths and widths, catering to different room sizes and meeting requirements​​​.

Are there eco-friendly options available for boardroom tables at BFX Furniture?

BFX Furniture is committed to sustainability, offering tables made with E0-rated melamine boards, like the Modulus Single Post Meeting Table and the Airlie Boardroom Table. These materials are environmentally friendly, ensuring your furniture choice aligns with eco-conscious values​​​​.