Music & Arts School Furniture

We have a professional and extensive range of music and art furniture to help you make an engaging place for your students to learn about music and arts. Our unparalleled range of furniture includes height-adjustable desks, music stands, noise-cancelling screens, art trolleys, activity stations, learning zones, tote trolleys, mobile stadiums, porcelain whiteboards, easels, racks, storage units, and a lot more products to cater all your needs.

Creative Music and Arts School Furniture by BFX

BFX is your one-stop solution to shop for furniture for your music and art class in Australia.

We have a great variety of furniture such as music stands, noise-cancelling screens, and activity stations. We are the most credible and reliable distributors and suppliers of school furniture. With an expertise of 30 years backed with industry experts and a professional team for market research, we certainly help you with all your furniture related requirements.

We not only deliver the top-notch quality of furniture but service is known for its brilliance and reliability. We build assets that cope up with the ever-evolving educational sector. Our range of art and music furniture is available in a great variety of pleasing designs.

They are built to enhance the workability of your classroom. Moreover, they also increase the productivity of your students by keeping them engaged and stress-free in the classroom.

A New Furniture Shopping Experience

Furniture shopping requires a lot of research and dedication. You need to consider a lot of options such as durability, workability, and flexibility of a piece of furniture to make a good purchase decision.

That makes furniture shopping an exhaustive and daunting task. To make it engaging for you, we offer you a whole new way to shop for your desired school furniture. If you own an educational setting in Australia, we highly suggest you visit our furniture showrooms to shop for your desired school furniture.

Our showrooms are located in several places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. At our showrooms, we don't just showcase your furniture with their price tag.

Instead, we allow you to experience the furniture in a classroom like an environment. In this way, you can analyse everything about your desired furniture. Shopping with BFX has always been a fun activity.

Shop from Our Attractive Range of Arts and Music Room Furniture

Starting with the basics, you can shop for height adjustable table art furniture. These tables can easily integrate with any space. They are flexible, lightweight, and provide great comfort to your students.

Two roller ends make it highly mobile and easy to relocate around the room. It provides a spacious surface for your students to keep their learning resources. Moreover, students can also adjust the height of the surface as per their comfort.

Moreover, it can be adjusted to five different levels with a self-locating lock for even easier adjustments. Furthermore, you can make numerous different configurations by joining multiple tables together.

We also manufacture tables made of the steel frame. They have a highly sturdy body with durable construction. They are ideal to withstand areas with high volume.

Talking about music furniture, you can also shop for adjustable music stands at BFX. These stands are ideal to be used in music rooms, practices, performances, and more.

They provide a highly ergonomic design built for comfortable usage. Moreover, you can also adjust the height of this music stand up to 1500 mm.

With this, your students can easily adjust the table as per their height for easy usage. It is built from high-quality materials and provides durable construction. Even with such a sturdy design, it is highly portable and easy to transport. The stand is foldable and easy to store when not in use.

At BFX, you can also shop for soundproof boards for improved sound quality. They are a perfect match for music rooms, halls, and theatres of your school.

Moreover, the screen is free standing and can be used for dividing two areas separately. Moreover, the surface can also be used as bulletin boards to pin notes and reminders. Even though they have a high density, they are easy to carry and install.

Moreover, they are available in very bright colours to spark up the look of your music classes. It's ideal to keep your students focused on the classroom.

We also manufacture resource storage benches furniture for music rooms. These benches have two highly spacious cupboards to keep all your art and music supplies safe and secure. They also have a flat surface at the top that allows you to use it as a table.

Moreover, the surface is shiny and easy to clean. It is made of E0 board that keeps the air of your classroom free from toxins. Furthermore, the build quality is highly durable and sturdy. This bench is made in a large variety of colours that can easily blend in with any learning environment.

If you're looking for an efficient way to store your art and craft supplies along with the sheets then you must take a look at the art trolleys provided by BFX.

These trolleys have 15 compartments for keeping accessories and sheets safe and secure. Moreover, they also have space at the top to keep even more accessories. There are two big handles to push and pull these trolleys easily. Furthermore, the castors on the legs make it easier for you to carry it from one place to another. They have a highly durable body with sturdy construction.

Our range of music and art school furniture also includes activity stations for your art and music classroom. Exclusively built for modern learning environments, they are the best multifunctional mobile learning centres for your students. With this, your students can easily collaborate by making several configurations out of it.

They are highly flexible and easy to relocate around the room. Moreover, they are available in three different configurations for all your requirements. Each of these configurations includes locking castors, height-adjustable shelves, pegboards, whiteboards, sliding worktops, and a lot of things.

They are ideal for keeping art and craft supplies safe and secure. Moreover, they can also be used as tables by using chairs.

For even more practical music education, you can look at the maestro learning zone provided by BFX. This set of furniture is your all-in-one package for the music rooms of your school. They consist of two mobile storage stadiums, nine visitor chairs, and nine adjustable music stands. They take your music learning zone to a whole new level.

Moreover, they help your students learn about the culture of language development professionally. Furthermore, it has a tiered structure that makes it engaging for your students.

We also provide mobile storage stadiums individually for your classroom. These stadiums are highly versatile and multi-functional. Moreover, they provide practical storage and seating solution to your students. They are built ergonomically and are highly comfortable in nature. Furthermore, you can easily configure these pieces of furniture as per the requirements of your learning space.

It makes the area engaging for your students by adding a relaxed and fun vibe to it. They are perfect for chapels, theatres, and music rooms of your school. It can easily accommodate more than twelve students. They are also available in a wide variety of colours.

At BFX, you can also shop for porcelain whiteboards for your art school. They are an ideal teaching companion for your classroom. They can be easily relocated to another place with the help of available castors.

Moreover, you can even adjust the height of these whiteboards as per your comfort. It allows teachers to explore new ways of teaching by explaining the information visually. The surface is highly polished and clean. It doesn't catch stains or ghosting and you can always get a fresh canvas to start with.

There are also storage units that you can use to keep your accessories safe and secure. They are ideal for students of primary, secondary, and senior classes.

Customer Support

Online shopping provides you with a lot of conveniences. It allows you to shop from the comfort of your comfy lounge and enjoy doorstep delivery of your required furniture. However, when it comes to music workstation desk, table, or other school furniture, people don't consider online shopping as a reliable option. Moreover, people believe that they'll be disappointed with the delivery of their product. However, when you shop with BFX, you are assured of a highly satisfying experience with quality product and reliable service.

At BFX, we have a dedicated team of customer support executives at your service. Whether you have a query, complaint, or feedback, you can feel free to get in touch with our experts. We'll help you with your concern and provide you with a timely solution for the same.

Additionally, we also provide free services such as 3D space planning, on-site measurements, and after-sales support with your purchase. When you shop with BFX, you can always enjoy a hassle-free and engaging experience.


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