Computer Desks & Tables

With our comprehensive range of Computer Desks, we have the desk to suit your need and budget. From simple set ups to electronic height adjustbale desks, BFX has the Computer Desk for you.

High-Quality Computer Desks & Tables for a Proactive and Comfortable Office Environment

An optimized office environment is certain to yield more productivity. Comfortable and high-quality office furniture plays an important role in setting such an environment.

BFX, with the supply of high-end office desks and tables for decades, offers reliability and consistency to Australian best practices. Utilizing innovative designs and technology, the company’s versatile office desk solutions will let you cultivate a much more creative and pleasant work environment.

Be it an employee who works in a cubicle or a CEO who operates from a cabin, office furniture desks are important to everyone. It is where one comes up with innovative ideas; it is where deadlines are met.

BFX presents a wide range of office desks and tables, featuring multiple designs, sizes and colours at the best market rates. Our professional approach and convenient service will ensure that your employees have a satisfactory work experience - every time.

Speaking of office furniture, computer desks are an absolute necessity in any modern workplace. You will find an assortment of computer desks in different colours and sizes that are made to suit various office environments perfectly. Our motto is to manufacture high-quality products with advanced designs and future-focused features that will allow your employees to make the most of their time at work.

Check out some of our quality certified commercial computer desks online that will not only generate utmost efficiency at work but also save space in your office.

The Difference

We have store branches all over Australia in different locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Perth and so on.

Your search for the perfect office computer desk will end in one of the BFX Furniture showrooms or our website. Customers can also avail professional consultation to choose the best computer desks for their workspace at the most competitive market rates.

We emphasize on safety alongside quality and have gained recognition from reputed international companies. Whether it is a big project or not, our objective is to formulate a long-term relationship with every customer.

BFX Furniture provides efficient desk solutions that have helped customers choose the perfect product for their workplaces. For the convenience of the buyers, so that they don’t get confused amidst a plethora of computer desks, we have divided them into several categories based on their best features.

It will help you make the best decision in a well-functioning, systematic way.

Height Adjustable Computer Desks

Sitting in front of the computer and working for hours is itself an uphill struggle. The height adjustable workstations are quite suitable for this purpose.

Available in many sizes and colours, these sturdy computer desks come with an electronic height adjusting feature that can help you to regulate the levels according to your comfort. Not only this, the height adjustable workstations have a wide surface where you can keep all your essentials and maintain a tidy working environment.

When you work in a comfortable setting, your productivity levels are sure to increase - that is exactly what we aim for, at BFX. Our furniture will also help you reduce stress levels by eradicating the distracting back pains.

The height adjustable, sit-stand office desks offered by BFX ensure comfortable working in both seated and upright positions. They are durable and stable - just like any BFX product.

Fixed Height Computer Desks

The quality-certified computer desks with fixed height are offered by BFX Furniture in many sizes and colours at excellent prices. The sturdy frame and design will let you work for hours on the computer without any strain.

Some of the sit-stand or straight office computer desks also come with drawers that let you store important files and stationery safely. There is also a generous amount of desk space to make your job easier.

With 5-7 years of warranty on all products, we look forward to building trust and long-term relationships with our customers.

Steel Frame Sit-Stand Computer Desks

Enhance your office space with the exclusively manufactured steel frame sit-stand computer desks that come with optional upgrades.

The iOS and Android compatible Bluetooth controller system for adjusting the desk is the latest futuristic development in the world of furniture. The anti-collision and anti-tilt features are for heightened safety measurements to eradicate the risk of getting injured while the desk height is being adjusted.

Apart from these, there are other advanced features such as rechargeable battery packs, modesty panels, etc. Select from a variety of stylish E0 board colours and install the steel frame sit-stand electronic computer desk for ensuring a healthy, future-focused workspace. 

Gable End Computer Desks

Featuring a classic design and construction, the Gable end computer desks are perfect for regular use. The staunch and long-lasting E0 board and the medium density fiberboard are eco-friendly and devoid of toxins. The board colours range from Polar White and Rural Oak to New Graphite.

Although maintaining a traditional approach, the convenience offered by these Gable end computer desks is noteworthy. It comes with a number of cable entry holes, as well as fixed or mobile pedestal drawers.

Choose a suitable size and configuration and give your office a vintage yet productivity-enhancing look. BFX also provides a warranty of 7 years on these products, so shop with confidence.

Customer Support Service 

Helping our customers to create an aesthetically appealing as well as professionally rewarding office space is one of our primary concerns.

If you are thinking of making an online purchase, it is important to consult an expert before deciding on a product. After analysing your budget, choices, type of office environment, our experts will provide proper guidance at every step, right from selecting the perfect product to delivery, installation and garbage removal.

The customer support service at BFX will make sure that you have a convenient and effortless shopping experience.

Apart from providing online consultation, we also recommend buyers to check out our showrooms to browse through more than thousands of products and have a personalized shopping experience.

The plethora of office desks is categorized separately according to themes, sizes, designs and budgets for you to renovate your workplace and give it a new outlook.

Also, all our products come with a warranty of 7 years, which gives our customers the confidence to shop. We strive hard to serve our customers with the best, so that their furniture requirements are met in the most suitable ways.

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