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Everyone knows the heart of any workspace is the office desk. Your office desk is the place where your work comes to life. It is where ideas happen. Where you are at your most productive and where you are ready to take on the world. Or maybe just that looming deadline.

Whether you are an executive manager who needs privacy or an employee who works as part of a collaborative team, our office desks come in an impressive range of sizes, styles, colors, and finishes to suit any budget or space.

When you shop with BFX, you will receive nothing but professional service. There is no job too small or too big for us to handle. We have a whole range of office desks.

Therefore, if you are in need of an office desk, check out our online shop or walk-in to one of our showrooms. We have a presence in all cities across Australia.

Are you looking to buy an office desk online? It is imperative that you find the right office desk for your requirements.

Depending on the space layout, you may go for a corner office desk. In other instances, you also need to consider the preferred working posture.

For those who stand for a long time, buy the right standing desk to ensure maximum comfort. If you use a computer for an extended period, the right computer desk will ensure comfort and minimal to no strain while working on your computer.  Let us look at some options when choosing the right office desk.

The Different types of Office Desks

Here are the different alternatives when looking for the best office desk

Straight Office Desks

Considered as the traditional type of desk, the straight desks are usually rectangular shaped. Therefore, the straight desk easily fits into any layout and office space. The straight desks are versatile and can be placed against the wall or even at the center of the room.

Since the straight table has right angles and simplified design, it fits well when creating a more ergonomic workstation. It is ideal for a workstation that provides a clear delineation, writing, or when working on a computer.

Corner Office Desks

When deciding an appropriate workspace layout, space and efficiency are big issues. The corner of an office or even home study room can be difficult to use with the straight desk. You can go for the corner desk to optimize the available space.  The corner desk provides ease of access and creates an extra under desk space where you can store your files.

Reception desk/Reception counter

Your customers deserve a warm welcome. A nicely designed reception desk could be all you need to create that nice welcoming message. When your customers walk in, the reception desk is the first thing to see. BFX furniture manufactures reception desks that provide a focal point making the work of a receptionist clear and easier.

Sit Stand Office Desk

Often referred to as standing desks, this is a good alternative when you need to change your posture while still working. The sit-stand office desks feature adjustable height. Therefore, you can choose to work while seated or standing.

Fixed Height Office Desk

Unlike the sit-stand office desk, the fixed standing desk does not come with a height-adjusting feature. The standing desk should be designed such that you are able to work comfortably.

At BFX furniture, we are committed to ensuring that all your office desk requirements have been satisfied. Therefore, we provide the best office desks guaranteed to provide comfort. Remember that your comfort matters a lot when it comes to ensuring productivity. Therefore, buy an office desk from our wide range of office tables.

How to Buy the Right Office Desk Online

Every office desk is different, and with so many on the market, it can be challenging to find your ideal fit. Too many people fall into the trap of just buying a cheap office desk only to realize it has a relatively short lifespan when compared to a high-quality office desk.

The best office desks have:

  • Generous desk space to spread out office supplies
  • A shape that compliments the area
  • E0 board
  • A 7 Year warranty

Here are important tips to help you choose the right office desk.

1. Let a Qualified Office Furniture Consultant Help You

At BFX furniture, we have experienced office furniture consultants to help you in finding the right office desk. In that regard, if you are buying an office desk online, give us a call and we will help you to choose the right office desk. For the walk-in clients, we have ready to help office furniture consultants at every showroom.

To help our customers to find a suitable office desk, we listen carefully to customers' requirements. Therefore, we seek to understand the use case, in order to supply the right office desk.

Trust BFX Furniture for the best office desk supplies. We are ready to help our customers, and we will ensure the best experience.

2. Buy an Office Desk on a budget

To ensure value for money, it is important you determine how much you want to spend on the office desk. Therefore, before setting out to buy an office desk, come up with a budget. You will find different office desks designs, at different pricing. At BFX furniture, we provide affordable office desks. Our office desks are made using high-quality material and readily available.  

3. Consider the available space and the Office Layout

We recommend starting with the actual workspace itself. So, how big/small is the available space? You do not want to purchase an office desk, only to find that you have no space to move around. Another important component is the office layout. This is important to ensure you choose a suitable office desk shape. At BFX, we have office desks in different designs, shapes, and sizes.

4. What’s your Preferred Office Desk Shape:

Some spaces are suitable for the L-shaped office desk. For others, a rectangular-shaped office table is best. For workstations at the corner, the corner office desk is ideal.  You will also find Straight office desk, suitable for different space layouts.

5. Consider the Workplace Style

Next, decide on the style you want to achieve in your workspace. For instance, some want the Modern style, while for others, Scandi, Luxe, Industrial or maybe executive, work just right. This will help narrow down your focus. BFX furniture supplies appropriate office desks that suit your preferred workspace style. We have a wide range of executive desks and the modern office desks

6. Think About Ergonomics

Most office jobs require that staff work seated for about 8 hours in a day. If this sounds like you, then you need to be aware of proper workstation ergonomics. Sitting down all day is notorious for causing back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain. A sit-stand or standing desk encourages you to stay active during the day. For some companies, they provide their employee's different alternatives when it comes to the workplace. This is a good arrangement and helps to ensure employees concentrate throughout.

7. Drawer Storage

Office storage is an important aspect when it comes to ensuring a neat workstation and an organized office. Therefore, the office desk with drawer storage is appropriate. Office desk with a few drawers has a modern visual appeal. When choosing an office table with storage space, first think about what type of items you need to keep. You may want to avoid an office desk with many drawers, as it seems too cluttered and busy.

8. Office Desks with Extra Features

The most streamlined workstations have easy cable management, built-in pen/file drawers, desk returns, and overhead hutches for more storage or even height adjustable legs. When choosing standing desks, make sure you go for a standing desk with adjustable height.

9. How Many People are Going to use the Office Desk?

The last thing you need to determine is the number of people who will use the office desk.  In the case of a shared workspace. An office desk that accommodates more than one individual would be ideal.  Maybe you work in a 2-person team environment perhaps you need a dynamic 4-person workstation for better collaboration and communication.

10. Consider the Function

Another important aspect when buying an office table is the purpose for which you are using the office desk. For a home office where you do not need manual documents, a computer desk is ideal.

However, if you do writing, filing and meet clients, a straight desk or L-shaped office desk can be the best choice.

Finally, you know how to find the best office desk. Now, it is time to find office desks near you!

We have showrooms and local reps in Brisbane, Sydney, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Townsville and much more. Visit our Contact Us page to see all of our locations.

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