Multi-Purpose Tables

Multi-Purpose Tables provide you with great versatility and durability. These tables can be used in Libraries, Resource Centers, Stem Rooms, Classrooms or in Adminstration rooms.

Shop for Flexible and Versatile Multi-Purpose Tables

BFX is your one-stop solution to get a great quality of classroom furniture.

From desks and tables to storage units, we fulfil all your classroom furniture related requirements. For over 30 years, we've been serving valued clients like you with an extensive range of furniture.

With great expertise and hands-on experience in the industry, we've never failed to match the expectations of our customers. We don't just build furniture but assets that cater all your needs in the educational sector.

Operating since 1990, we are established in the beautiful lands of Australia. Throughout time, we've always considered the quality of products as our top-most priority.

We provide a personalized service to all our valued customers. Shopping for your required furniture from BFX is always a satisfactory and fulfilling experience. We also have a great number of showrooms throughout Australia.

Our showrooms allow us to provide you with timely and convenient delivery of your desired furniture. To make sure we always provide you with unparalleled quality of furniture, we manufacture it by following industrial guidelines, standards, and best practices.

Therefore, you'll always find legal certifications such as AFRDI and GECA on all ranges of furniture at BFX. These certifications do not just account for a top-notch quality but also highly reliable and credible service.

We have a great range of products at highly genuine prices for you. We have endless designs of the multipurpose table for your classroom in a wide spectrum of colours.

Their simple and minimal design makes them a great match for the educational setting. Specifically, if you are looking for a large work surface, these tables certainly fit the bill.

We have these tables available in numerous sizes to enhance all situations. Furthermore, if you need further customization, you can join two or more multipurpose tables and create a unique configuration of your own.

Our category of general-purpose tables includes various classifications such as height adjustable, mobile, multiple students, and so on.

What sets us apart?

Furniture shopping is a very tedious and daunting task. To make a satisfactory purchase, you need to look after a lot of things. There are a lot of factors you need to analyse to make a better purchase decision.

However, when you are shopping for furniture online, you cannot gain complete insights into a product. You just need to believe whatever is mentioned on the website. Although it saves manual efforts and provides doorstep shopping convenience, you can never know the real design, quality, and workability of a piece of furniture.

Therefore, to ensure that you make a great purchase, we provide you with a unique and innovative way to shop for your required general-purpose tables.

Hence, if you are a business owner in Australia, we invite you to visit our furniture showrooms to shop for your favourite school and classroom furniture.

There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy by shopping from our showrooms. Foremost of all, when you visit our showrooms, you can analyse your desired furniture physically.

This allows you to check the quality, durability, and workability of a furniture piece.

Secondly, you’ll also get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants when you shop through our showrooms. Our sales consultants will help you throughout your purchase. They’ll suggest the best furniture for your needs.

Lastly, if you are overwhelmed with the numerous options available, visiting our showrooms will greatly help you. All our furniture showrooms are classified into different themes. Therefore, if you need a piece of furniture for a specific area, you can straightaway visit the theme-based showroom and select your desired furniture.

This will save you hours of research and analysis. On top of that, you can get various additional services such as on-site measurements, 3D space planning, and after-sales support for free of cost.

Hence, make sure that you shop for your desired furniture through BFX furniture showrooms.

Fixed Height Multi-Purpose Tables

Whether it is staffroom, classroom, or a meeting room, you’ll require a table at all parts of your school. The collection of multi-use furniture at BFX provides you with the ability to fulfil all your furniture related requirements.

The fixed height variants of these tables ensure that you get a comfortable experience without compromising the usability of your furniture. These tables can be transformed into various configurations for different uses.

Moreover, their attractive designs and bright colours make a statement for your space. They are highly durable and are built with the finest quality of materials. They are an ideal asset for your classroom.

Height Adjustable Multi-Purpose Tables

There’s no one shoe fit all for the size of a table. Moreover, the ergonomics and comfort of a table solely depend on its height. Therefore, to ensure the table fits the bill for all users, you can shop for a height-adjustable multi-function desk at BFX.

The length of these tables can be adjusted according to your needs. Moreover, they're also highly functional and provide you with great workability. With a range of designs and a band of different colours, they can easily pair up with the existing design of your classroom. Talking about their efficiency, they are built for comfort and ease of use.

Mobile Multi-Purpose Tables

Since we are talking about the multi-purpose table, you’ll surely be using them in different areas of your school. With that said, you might need to relocate these tables from one part to another. If you use a regular table, you must lift and carry it to the other area. Therefore, to solve this problem, we provide you with multipurpose tables with mobility feature.

These tables have frictionless tires beneath them. This allows you to roll the table to other parts without burning your sweat. These tables are durable, stylish, and ideal for an array of purposes. Therefore, make sure you check them out.

Multiple Student Multi-Purpose Tables

According to a study, students perform better when they collaborate. Therefore, to promote a better engagement of your students in your classroom, we have a great variety of multipurpose tables that can accommodate multiple students. These tables are also ideal for classrooms with a lesser area.

They provide an ample table space to your students. Moreover, they occupy less area so you can store them with ease. With these tables, your students can collaborate without dealing with injuries.

We provide highly attractive designs of these tables in different sizes and colour options. Hence, be sure to look at these tables.

Whiteboard Surface Multi-Purpose Tables

Creativity plays a major role in the growth and learning cycle of a student. The more creative a student is, the better he can perform in his academic career.

To allow children to make the most out of their creativity, you must look at the multi-use desks with a whiteboard surface available at nowhere other than BFX. These tables provide a wide desk area to your students.

Your students can doodle on the surface, take notes, and express their creativity on the table. They are great in looks and easily blend in with the look of your classroom. Therefore, check these tables out for sure.

Steel Frame Multi-Purpose Tables

Multi-Purpose Furniture needs to deal with the extravagant volume of traffic than regular tables. Due to this, they're more likely to break or torn apart.

However, when you shop for multipurpose tables made of steel frames from BFX, you don't need to worry about the traffic at all. These tables are highly durable and provide you with great work life. Along with their sturdy nature, they're also great in terms of looks.

They can spark up the look of your classroom greatly. Furthermore, the availability of diversified designs and a lot of colour options make it easier for you to choose a piece of furniture for your classroom. Hence, you must make sure that you check them out.

Customer Service

Online shopping is not a cup of tea for everyone out there. Even though it allows you to shop while resting on your comfy couch, people find it hard to get help with their problems. Due to this, people consider online shopping as non-transparent and shady.

However, when you shop for your desired all-purpose tables through BFX, you are assured of a satisfactory experience. At BFX, we have a dedicated team of customer support associates at your service. Therefore, if you have any query, concern, or feedback regarding any of our products, you can feel free to get in touch with us.

Our experts will actively respond to all your concerns and provide you with an appropriate solution for your problem. Moreover, you can also ask our experts to visit your space and analyse the area.

After that, they'll suggest the best possible furniture to match your requirements for free. Shopping for your desired furniture with BFX is always a convenient and hassle-free process.

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