Audio Art Noise Reduction

At BFX, we provide you with acoustic noise reduction screens that are effective enough to reduce unwanted noise and affordable enough to fully insulate your classroom against excessive noise.

Create Purposeful Wall Art with Noise Reduction Fibre Boards by BFX

BFX has been one of the leading suppliers of school and classroom furniture in Australia providing top-notch quality of furniture to numerous educational sectors.

With an industrial experience of 30 years backed by experts and a dedicated market research team, we not only built furniture with attractive designs but assets that use revolutionary technology to cope up with the ever-evolving educational sector.

We also have expert furniture consultants to help you with furniture selection for your classroom. You can ask our experts to visit your location and take measurements of your space.

This way, our experts can suggest to you the best furniture to match your requirements. We have numerous furniture showrooms all across Australia including places like Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast.

Our furniture showrooms provide us with an edge over other furniture providers in Australia. Our showrooms allow us to provide you with a convenient delivery for your required furniture in blazingly fast turnaround time.

Moreover, we also have readymade pieces to provide you with a dedicated piece of furniture in bulk.

If you are teaching in a class, you need to reduce the background noise to help students concentrate. Any unwanted noise can distract the focus of students.

These acoustic noise reduction fibre boards absorb sound produced at low, medium, and high frequencies, making them an ideal match for classrooms and reading spaces. Our noise reduction boards are lightweight, affordable, and greatest in terms of quality.

We manufacture them with a professional and flexible grade of acoustic foam, designed specifically for absorbing sound in a large variety of soundproofing situations. The foam is also sturdy and firm to provide consistent sound absorption.

Moreover, we offer you a highly affordable price without compromising on the quality of absorption. It comes handy when you want to cover a large area such as a school assembly hall.

Additionally, it is very easy to install this noise cancelling furniture because they are lightweight and easy to carry. We provide dividers, freestanding screens, pinboards, geo-patterns, 3D screens, and much more.

We also manufacture them in a wide range of colours, shapes, and designs to help you find the ideal match for your classroom. They're built with the finest quality of materials and provide you with great workability. They're designed to last for a long time and bear continuous usage. These noises cancelling fibre boards are ideal to create an engaging classroom environment. Cancelling unwanted noise can gradually benefit the learning capacity, social behaviour, and well-being of your students. It also reduces stress levels in your students and makes a pleasant and relaxing environment in your classroom.

Apart from cancelling background noise, they also make speech and sound clearer in a classroom.

The Difference

While you shop for noise reduction screens, you need to do a lot of research and analysis. There are several factors that determine the quality of a noise reduction screen such as absorption level, the density of fibre, and available designs.

You need to gain insights over all these factors to make a great purchase decision. However, when you shop for classroom furniture online, you cannot determine all the things.

To help you with your furniture shopping, we provide you with a new and innovative way to shop for your desired classroom furniture. If you own an educational setting in Australia, we highly suggest you visit our furniture showrooms to shop for your desired classroom furniture.

Our furniture showrooms are designed to make your furniture shopping completely effortless and hassle-free. When you shop for your furniture through our showrooms, you can gain complete insights over your desired product.

Therefore, instead of skimming through the product pictures on our website and reading specifications, you can experiment with the various possibilities of your classroom environment because we bring products to life.

Moreover, like other furniture providers in Australia, we don't just showcase the products with their price tags to you. Instead, we allow you to take a feel of our products and analyse their workability in a classroom-like environment to provide you with a unique experience of furniture shopping.

Furthermore, if you have shopped for furniture from a showroom before, you may already know that it is an overwhelming task to shortlist a piece of furniture when you have such a large variety of options available.

Hence, to help you make a fast and great decision, we've categorized our furniture showrooms in different themes of classrooms. In this way, you can easily determine the placement of your required furniture and choose the one that matches your requirements and goals.

Additionally, when you shop through our showrooms, you can also get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants. Our team of experts will help you in every aspect of your furniture shopping. They'll also help you to choose the right furniture based on your requirements.

Therefore, make sure that you shop for your classroom furniture through our showrooms to get a completely new and satisfactory experience.


Our range of noise reduction fibre boards include collections that make your classroom more engaging. Often known as audio art, they are cut-outs of numbers, letters, vehicles, animals.

Letters, quotes, birds, and clouds engraved from fibre boards. They not only reduce noise but also make your classroom a lot more engaging. They also provide a variety of educational content to your students. With these fibre boards, you can teach students of primary school about alphabets, animals, numbers, and a lot more.

You can also get them in the form of quotes to inspire your students. They are available in a wide range of bright colours that make your classroom environment more exciting and engaging. In addition to their designer benefits, they do a great job in cancelling excess noise.

You can place them anywhere such as in front of storage units, chairs, and collaborative zones. Therefore, you must make sure that you check them out.

Geo Patterns

Our range of noise filters also involves geographical patterns in a great variety of shapes and sizes. The best thing about these boards is that you can combine them in almost infinite configurations.

They are available in various shapes including rectangles, puzzles, hexagons, circles, and even maps. Whether you want to showcase photos or stylishly attach notes, the possibilities are endless with these noise-cancelling boards.

Moreover, they also provide a lot of informational facts to your students. If you have a dull and boring wall, you can easily make your customized design with these patterns.

We manufacture these noise-cancelling boards in a wide spectrum of colours to make your classroom even more exciting. You can even ask your students to create a customized configuration of these patterns using their creativity.

Hence, there is no way you cannot check out these amazing patterns of noise-cancelling boards.

Freestanding 3D

One of the most artistic audio art sound-reducing screens we manufacture is these freestanding 3D visuals. As the name suggests, they are 3D shapes in the form of rockets, mountains, lightbulbs, cubbies, castles, trees, and a lot more.

If you are planning to do a skit with your students, props made of these freestanding 3D screens are an ideal choice. They will not only reduce the excess noise but will also make your student's dialogues clearer and audible.

Therefore, they'll make your play one of a kind. Since they are 3D figures, they are ideal for the decoration of your classroom. You can even create different themes based on these shapes in your classroom.


The last category of audio noise reduction furniture we manufacture is the screens. They are single pieces of fibre boards that can be used for a variety of purposes.

We provide desk dividers that help you create a partition between the desk of your students to prevent them from chattering and focus on their studies.

We also provide freestanding screens that can be used practically anywhere to create two separate zones. We also provide noise reduction pinboards that can be used for attaching notes, messages, and reminders along with reducing noise.

There are also desk screenings that can be individually used by students on their desks to reduce noise.

Customer Service

When it comes to shopping for classroom furniture, a lot of people worry about purchasing something valuable as a sound reducing screen and then being disappointed after the delivery.

However, when you shop online with BFX, we assure you that all of our furniture provides you with top-notch quality. Moreover, we provide you with completely assembled units that you can start using right away. We also help you with the placement of your furniture, rubbish removal, and ongoing support for your purchase.

Even when you are shopping online with us, we provide you with a personalized experience by helping you with additional services such as 3D space planning and on-site measurements.

Meet AudioArt. Our new acoustically engineered sound absorbing polyester fibre board, can be cut into virtually any shape or design.

BFX Furniture have combined evolutionary noise reduction techniques with imagination to create wall art with a purpose.

Not only does AudioArt effectively reduce the amount of excessive background noise that interferes with student learning, it looks fantastic doing it.

AudioArt can be wall mounted using semi-permanent adhesive strips or permanent peel and stick backs or hung from the ceiling.

The limit is your imagination!

Specifications: 9mm thick polyester fibre board, fire-resistant, can be cut into any shape

Eco Friendly: AudioArt is made with 55% recyclable materials and it's 100% recyclable.

Choose from our Collections, Geo Patterns, Custom Wording, Free-Standing 3D or Desktop Pinnable Screens.

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