Audio Art Noise Reduction

Meet AudioArt. Our new acoustically engineered sound absorbing polyester fibre board, can be cut into virtually any shape or design.

BFX Furniture have combined evolutionary noise reduction techniques with imagination to create wall art with a purpose.

Not only does AudioArt effectively reduce the amount of excessive background noise that interferes with student learning, it looks fantastic doing it.

AudioArt can be wall mounted using semi-permanent adhesive strips or permanent peel and stick backs or hung from the ceiling.

The limit is your imagination!

Specifications: 9mm thick polyester fibre board, fire-resistant, can be cut into any shape

Eco Friendly: AudioArt is made with 55% recyclable materials and it's 100% recyclable.

Choose from our Collections, Geo Patterns, Custom Wording, Free-Standing 3D or Desktop Pinnable Screens.

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  1. AudioArt Desk Divider
    AudioArt Desk Divider
    $95Price: $115Save: $20
  2. AudioArt Freestanding Screen
    AudioArt Freestanding Screen
    $295Price: $355Save: $60
  3. Audio Art Pinboards
    Audio Art Pinboards
    $139Price: $165Save: $26
  4. 3D Rocket
    3D Rocket
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  5. 3D Mountain
    3D Mountain
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  6. 3D Lightbulb
    3D Lightbulb
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  7. 3D Cubby
    3D Cubby
    $645Price: $775Save: $130
  8. 3D Castle
    3D Castle
    $859Price: $1029Save: $170
  9. Under The Sea
    Under The Sea
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  10. Triangles
    $109Price: $129Save: $20
  11. Squares
    $199Price: $239Save: $40
  12. Small Clouds
    Small Clouds
    $195Price: $235Save: $40
  13. Safari
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  14. Rectangles
    $199Price: $239Save: $40
  15. Numbers - Gumley
    Numbers - Gumley
    $169Price: $205Save: $36
  16. Numbers - Gothic Century Bold
    Numbers - Gothic Century Bold
    $169Price: $205Save: $36
  17. Machinery and Vehicles
    Machinery and Vehicles
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  18. Jigsaw Puzzle
    Jigsaw Puzzle
    $395Price: $475Save: $80
  19. Hexagons
    $199Price: $239Save: $40
  20. Farm Animals
    Farm Animals
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  21. AudioArt Single Two -Tone Screening
    AudioArt Single Two -Tone Screening
    $99Price: $119Save: $20
  22. AudioArt Single Screening
    AudioArt Single Screening
    $105Price: $125Save: $20

Items 1-24 of 38

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