Office Computer Chairs

We provide feature-rich Computer Chairs with features including height-adjustability, arm support, heavy-duty mechanisms, and mesh backs, to ensure maximum comfort throughout your work day.

Versatile Computer Chairs for All Purposes

BFX has been leading the industry of office furniture supply since 1986. With the help of a dedicated team of design experts and professionals, we've been a credible source of high-quality office furniture in Australia for over 30 years. We always strive to provide prominent furniture with top-notch quality, attractive designs, and revolutionary technology. If you are in search of office computer chairs that provide an energized look to your office, you are in the right place.

At BFX, we provide an endless variety of office computer chairs that'll surely match your requirements. Moreover, our expert designers and consultants are readily available to aid you throughout the process regardless of the size of your workspace. Therefore, whether you are establishing a new workstation or starting a new business, you need not worry about furniture related requirements.

To make the process even easier for you, our prominent experts and consultants will also visit your place to analyze and suggest the ideal furniture that fits with your overall style and business personality. We have our furniture stores established all over Australia such as in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast.

What Sets Us Apart?

As stated above, we have our furniture showrooms all across Australia. Therefore, if you are located anywhere in Australia, we highly recommend you to visit our showroom to select your required computer chairs. With our showrooms, the whole process of furniture selection becomes practically effortless.

Moreover, this kind of shopping experience is more suitable than just browsing through the pictures on your smartphone, especially when you are purchasing furniture in bulk. Therefore, with BFX, you can physically examine the products and experiment with design ideas for your office.

Furthermore, our showrooms are not only to physically know the product and price. Instead, we make the experience even more exciting by letting you feel the aura of well-furnished office space. On top of that, we understand that when a lot of options are available, confusion is unavoidable.

Hence, all our showrooms are categorized in different themes to help you find the perfect match with ease. Hence, make sure that you browse through the amazing collection of computer chairs online and step-in at BFX for a whole new experience.

Height Adjustable

Height plays a vital role in the overall comfort of seating. For different people, chairs with varying height are required. That's where the height-adjustable collection of modern computer chairs come into play. With these chairs, the user can adjust the height as per their comfort. Therefore, they can avoid any undue pressure exerted on their legs. Moreover, these chairs are also beneficial for neck muscles because a user can adjust the height to look at the computer screen without bending their neck accordingly. Hence, make sure that you check out the endless designs of height adjustable computer chairs available at BFX.


With the help of mobile computer chairs, you can gradually improve the accessibility for your employees. Your employees can easily move from one part of the workplace to other with the help of these chairs. Moreover, these chairs are slightly bent from their back to provide you with great comfort while sitting. Also, when you feel the need for relocating these chairs, you don't need to lift them and exhaust yourself. The smooth and frictionless tires make it easier for you to move these chairs. So, browse through the endless collection right now.


After a long day in office, a sweaty back can be a common occurrence. With the help of BFX mesh computer chairs with adjustable arms that feature ventilated back support, you will feel dry and nice all day at work. These chairs are a primary choice for a majority of people working in offices and IT companies.

With a mesh chair, you can enjoy breathability and ventilation by promoting the air to pass through the design of the chair when you are sitting and working. In comparison to regular fabricated chairs, these chairs are highly comfortable and reduce odour due to sweat. Furthermore, the mesh structure also bends with the structure of your back and assists back support as well.

Heavy Duty

When choosing furniture for offices, you must know that the assets will go through continuous usage. In the meantime, they will also experience larger wear and tear. Therefore, to make sure that they last for a longer time, you need to ensure that they are heavy duty.

At BFX, we provide heavy duty computer chairs made with the top-grade quality of materials. These chairs provide unparalleled stability and are comfortable as well. Moreover, our collection of heavy-duty chairs is available in a wide range of colours and designs.

Arm Support

When you choose computer chairs with arm support, you can gradually reduce strain and tension from muscles in several parts of your body such as torso, neck, and shoulders while working.

Without arm support, you will need to slump the upper part of your body for leaning forward on your place. Such positions are extremely harmful and cause undue pressure on your spine that result in issues such as back pain. With a computer chair with arm support, you can enjoy benefits such as lateral support, relief from neck and shoulder tension, and assistance in sitting and getting up from the chair.

Customer Support

BFX not only aims to provide you with unparalleled quality of furniture. Instead, we always try our best to make a persistent relationship with our valuable customers like you through our amazing customer support services. Through this, we strive to maintain backend support for your purchases. Along with this, we help you get rid of all your concerns and risks associated with online shopping through our in-showroom services. For this, we encourage you to visit our showroom and feel the quality and beauty of our ergonomic computer chairs in person.

On top of that, with each of your purchases, we provide free of cost services such as 3D space planning, on-site measurements, and expert consultation. With all this, we assure you a world-class customer support experience.


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