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Since 1980, BFX has been the leading provider of office desks, furniture, and counters for all of Australia. We offer an extensive range of high-quality, durable, and affordably priced reception counters and desks for all your office needs. Browse our website or visit our showrooms to find all the office furniture solutions you require, whether your needs are small or large-scale.

BFX: Your Trusted Source for a Reception Desk and Other Office Furniture

For over 30 years, businesses all over Australia have trusted BFX as their preferred provider of receptionists' desks and office furniture, including reception desks and counters. If you need to buy reception desks for your office space or business, we've got a vast range of styles. Our products are always visually appealing, made of quality materials, and at an affordable price.

You can count on BFX to give you the best deal, ensure that your office looks professional, and provide an excellent first impression to your clients. Are you looking for an office desk or reception counter with a unique design or modern aesthetic? We have those! How about a traditional look with a warm wooden finish? Yes, we've got it all. Arrange a visit to a BFX showroom, and our team will help you find the perfect solution for what you need.

How to Find the Right Reception Counter and Receptionists' Desk for Your Office Needs: The BFX Buying Guide

Finding the right type of furniture for your office is a high priority. The reception area of your business is the first thing visitors will notice; therefore, it should create a welcoming impression. Before you make any purchases, consider the following factors when determining the best style of reception desk for your business:

1. Determine How Much Space You'll Need

The first factor you should consider when purchasing a reception desk is size and space. You'll need to measure your reception area to make sure you have enough room for the style of desk or counter you want. In addition, be sure to consider whether you require any special storage or cabinets for supplies. If you need help, our BFX team of experts will work with you to determine a practical solution for your receptionist and office staff.

You can browse our affordable options right here on our website or visit our showrooms in person, where our team will help you find the best deal on prices to fit your budget. Plus, we also offer services like 3D space planning and on-site measurement to ensure you find the right size of desk for your office.

2. Find the Right Models To Reflect Your Type of Business

Another important consideration when purchasing desks for your office or lobby is your type of business and the visual identity you want to convey.

Perhaps you have an upscale office environment and want a white reception desk featuring an elegant design with metallic accents. Or, maybe you'd prefer a more contemporary and modern look and metal frame.

Our range of furniture has everything you could need and more! Some of the most popular styles that our clients love include:

  • Gloss white desks
  • Curved desks
  • Glass reception counters
  • Warm wooden reception desks
  • Traditional-style reception desks
  • Chrome and glass desks
  • Large desks with extra storage space

3. Decide Your Overall Budget

Price is always an essential consideration for our customers. Before you decide which type of office reception desk is right for your brand, determine your overall budget. At BFX, our showroom has desks, tables, and counters for all budgets, from small to large.

We'll help you choose the right reception counter in a style that will impress your customers while they're waiting and ensure they're comfortable.

4. Consider Ergonomics and Comfort

When finding the right style of reception counter, overall comfort and ergonomics are critical. For example, will your receptionist stand or sit down during the workday? If you have more than one front desk staff, perhaps a large reception desk with a strong counter body and enough room to store supplies is the right choice. We offer a wide range of reception desks with ample storage that will suit all your needs.

5. Think About Style and Visual Aesthetics

Visual aesthetics and appearance matter more to your visitors than you may think. Many of our customers prefer to choose a modern reception counter in a white colour or full glass with a chrome frame. If you want a white reception counter or desk, we have several options for you to choose from that will evoke a contemporary look and feel in your office.

Our team will help you choose the materials and visual appearance to best suit your needs. Our ultra-modern curved counters and desks are trendy and one of the best-selling models.

Why Choose BFX for All Your Reception Counter Needs?

Why should you choose BFX as your trusted source of reception desks and counters? For over 30 years, we've been providing Australia with high-quality products.

Our manufacturing team follows all the required standards, and many reception counter and desks are Australian made using E0 board. We also provide various shipping options to ensure maximum convenience for our customers.

Our customer service is another reason why BFX is an industry leader. We have a team of expert consultants ready to help you find the perfect reception desk or counter for your needs.

Whether you have a question or want to give feedback, we're ready to offer you five-star service. Plus, we also offer after-sales support, 3D space planning, and on-site measurements to ensure you find the right type of desk or counter for your reception area the first time around.

BFX: Affordable and High-Quality Furniture Solutions

At BFX, we're proud to provide Australia with an extensive selection of high-quality and affordable office furniture, including reception desks and counters. Book a visit to one of our beautiful showrooms today, or scroll through the BFX online catalogue to view our best-selling office reception desks and counters.

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