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School Storage

Smart Storage is clever multi-purpose and space-saving solutions that take learning environments to the next level. Classrooms of the 21st century are open, flexible and dynamic. Classroom storage should not only support such an environment but enhance it too.

Every classroom needs storage for writing equipment, craft supplies and educational resources.

Why not make it Smart Storage?

Creative Classroom Storage Ideas

  • Explore our Teacher Stations and get inspiration for how to organise and store teaching resources.
  • Our shelving, storage drawers, bookcases, tote units and cupboards are equipped with lockable castors so you can quickly move the units around the room then lock in place.
  • Our Mobile ottomans with built-in tote compartments are two in one storage solutions and seating solutions that will transform the way you organise, use and arrange your classroom.
  • Double-sided bookcases allow for more book storage and access from both sides.
  • Shelving and bookcases are essential go-to furniture pieces that make it easy to store books, educational resources, craft supplies and folders.
  • Classroom storage cabinets like mobile swing door cupboards or built-in overhead cupboards allow you to store bulkier supplies out of sight.
  • Classroom poster storage or even art storage is no hassle with our mobile art trolleys. The dividers keep all artwork and posters neat and orderly.

There is so much Smart Storage can do in your classroom! If you buy in bulk you will find out BFX Furniture can be relatively inexpensive classroom storage solutions. Shop our full range of shelving, bookcases, tote units and cupboards and discover how Smart Storage can transform your classroom today.

How Do You Know You’re Getting the Best Smart Storage?

The only way to know for sure that you’re getting high-quality school furniture is to ensure it has been tested and certified to Australian Standards.

BFX holds the largest amount of independently tested products by AFRDI.
Our 7-year warranty guarantees that you have the peace of mind and quality assurance you need.

Talk to one of our Expert Education Furniture Consultants. We'll help you fit-out your entire school with BFX Furniture and make it a Future Focused Learning environment where students thrive.

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  1. Jackpot Tote Trolley
    Jackpot Tote Trolley
    Save $130
    From: $645.00
  2. Blaze Vision Board
    Blaze Vision Board
    Save $190
    From: $939.00
  3. Jackpot Seat Pad
    Jackpot Seat Pad
    Save $10
    From: $55.00
  4. Jupiter Double Sided Curved Bookcase
    Jupiter Double Sided Curved Bookcase
    Save $270
    From: $1,349.00
  5. Gratnell Art Trolley
    Gratnell Art Trolley
  6. Stash Single Tote Trolley
    Stash Single Tote Trolley
    Save $56
    From: $279.00
  7. Stash Double Tote Trolley
    Stash Double Tote Trolley
    Save $86
    From: $439.00
  8. Jupiter Mobile Shelf
    Jupiter Mobile Shelf
    Save $100
    From: $495.00
  9. Jupiter Door Cupboard
    Jupiter Door Cupboard
    Save $150
    From: $735.00
  10. Fireball Mobile Storage 2 Column - Trays as shown
    Fireball Mobile Storage 2 Column - Trays as shown
    Save $116
    From: $579.00
  11. Island Storage Unit
    Island Storage Unit
    Save $160
    From: $799.00

Items 1-24 of 79

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