School Cupboards

Several rooms in your school, such as science labs, primary classrooms, and art rooms, require a dedicated storage unit. These places provide a hands-on learning experience to your students and need to be well-organised.

School Cupboards for An Engaging Learning Environment

Therefore, you must have a good and spacious school storage cupboard in your classroom. BFX is your one-stop solution to get a great variety of storage cupboards and shelves for your school at highly affordable prices.

Leading the furniture industry since 1986, we've never failed to provide a satisfactory experience to our customers with our prominent grade of furniture.

Whether you need desks, benches, or storage shelves for your school, you can always rely on BFX for all your furniture requirements.

For over 30 years, we've been providing an unmatchable quality of furniture to numerous educational sectors in Australia.

At BFX, the quality of the furniture is our top-most priority. To maintain a top-notch quality of furniture, we always make sure that the manufacturing process of our products is done by following proper industrial practices and standards.

That's why we've been able to win the trust and faith of our valued customers like you. On top of that, you'll always find several legal certifications such as GECA and AFRDI on all BFX products. These certifications not just account for the prominent quality of our products but also act as a mark for our reliable and trustworthy service.

We have many furniture showrooms located all over the lands of Australia. Our furniture showrooms provide us with an edge over other furniture providers in Australia.

With our showrooms, we are capable of providing you with timely and convenient delivery for your desired pieces of furniture at highly affordable rates.

Moreover, we also have numerous readymade units of furniture in case you need a particular piece of furniture in bulk. When you shop for your desired furniture through our showrooms, you can always expect a satisfactory experience.

The library room is an integral part of every classroom. In that case, not having a proper bookshelf in the library can make it dull and uncomfortable for students.

Without a proper bookshelf, you cannot place the books appropriately or categorise them based on their genre. This can also create a lot of confusion for students while finding a particular book.

However, when you shop for our value range of bookshelves, you need not worry about anything. We provide you with highly attractive and spacious bookshelves to responsibly store all your books and categorise them with ease.

With our vast range of bookshelves, it becomes easier for you to organise your library. With an endless number of educational setting choices, you can configure these shelves according to your preference. Moreover, they are built with the finest grade of materials.

So, you can always expect exceptional durability from our range of furniture. We don't just make furniture that lasts but assets that cope up with the continually evolving educational world.

At BFX, you allow you to choose from a massive range of cupboard storage units for storing all your classroom equipment and supplies.

These storage units are a perfect match to store books, folders, board games, and craft supplies. They are constructed with high quality of materials and provide fantastic durability.

Moreover, we have many ranges of colours for these storage units. Therefore, you can always find the one that complements the look and feel of your classroom.

These storage cupboards are not just regular storage units for your class. Instead, they are designed in an innovative way to make a highly productive learning environment.

For places such as science labs and art rooms, you must have an adequate storage unit to keep things in place. Without proper storage cupboards, your students may lose their belongings.

When you shop for our versatile range of cupboard storage units, you can make sure that everything is kept organised in your classroom. They provide ample space to help your students keep their stationary supplies, craft supplies, pens, markers, and a lot of things safe and secure.

A New Furniture Shopping Experience

While shopping for school furniture, there are a lot of things that you need to consider to make a better purchase decision, such as colour, design, size, and durability of a piece of furniture. However, when you are shopping for furniture online, it's nearly impossible to gain insights over your desired product.

All you can do is scroll through the pictures of the product and read the specifications that might or might not be accurate. Therefore, to assure you a great purchase experience, we provide you with a whole new way to shop for your desired school furniture.

If you are a school or reading space owner in Australia, we suggest you pay a visit to our furniture showrooms to shop for your desired storage cupboards for your school.

When you shop for your required furniture through our showrooms, you can gain complete insights over your required piece of furniture.

We don't just show you furniture with its price tag. Instead, we allow you to physically experience the look and workability of a piece of furniture in an actual educational setting.

In this way, you can always choose the best quality of furniture. Moreover, you can also get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants. From the selection of furniture to its placement, our expert sales consultants will help you throughout your furniture purchase journey.

Our showrooms are located in places such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Townsville and Sunshine Coast. Therefore, make sure you visit us and get a shopping experience worth sharing.

Mobile School Cupboards

If you are looking for classroom cupboards that can be easily shifted from one part of your school to another, you must take a look at the mobile cupboards available at BFX.

These cupboards are equipped with frictionless tires at the bottom, which allows you to relocate these cupboards with ease. You won't have to lift these massive pieces of furniture, and you can simply roll them to the desired place.

They also come in various designs and colours for you to choose from. Moreover, they are built with excellent quality, toxin-free materials.

They are highly durable and have solid construction. With their endless variety of colours, they can easily complement the feel of any learning environment.

We manufacture them in a variety of shapes and sizes to make sure they fit all your purposes. Hence, you must take a look at these cupboards.

Whiteboard Surface School Cupboards

If you are looking for classroom storage cupboards that contribute to the engagement of your lesson, you should take a look at the cupboards with whiteboard surface at BFX. These cupboards have their top made up of whiteboard that allows you to write on it using a temporary marker pen. Your students can scribble and make doodles on it. Moreover, you can also use the surface to mark the different compartments of the cupboard.

They also come with a great variety of features such as slide-out tops. This allows your students to use the cupboard as a table. They are great in terms of durability and provide an adequate level of engagement to your students. They are available in various colours for you to match your classroom aesthetic. BFX cupboards with whiteboard surfaces will not let you down.

Customer Service

Online shopping is a highly convenient way to shop for your desired furniture. It allows you to order your desired products from the comfort of your home. However, people do not consider online shopping a reliable way to shop for school furniture, such as office storage cupboards. That's because online shopping does not provide you with proper transparency and reliable customer support.

However, that's not the case with BFX. When you shop for your required school furniture through BFX, you can always rest assured of excellent quality furniture and trustworthy service.

To provide you with a completely hassle-free experience with your purchase, we have a skilful team of customer service experts at your service.

If you have any queries, complaints, or feedback related to our products or services, you can feel free to contact our customer service to get help. Our experts will actively address all your concerns and provide you with an adequate solution for the same.

In addition to it, you can also get additional services such as 3D space planning, after-sales support, and furniture placement for free of cost.

Furthermore, you can also feel free to ask our experts to pay a visit to your space and take on-site measurements of your area. After that, our expert sales consultants can provide you with options of best-suited furniture.

At BFX, you can enjoy a hassle-free and satisfactory experience both before and after your purchase.

We have many storage cupboards for schools that come with a ‘Quick ship’ facility - so your students don’t have to wait too long to get organised. Happy shopping!

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