Examination Tables

A durable single stand table is a dependable option for exams.  To organise your exam block and offer ergonomic support to students, examination desks are a must. Exam Tables at BFX are a sturdy and space-saving option.

Create an Ideal Environment with Examination Tables by BFX

Backed by years of industry experience and a skilled team, we strive to deliver furniture with an innovative and superior design.

At BFX, we support a better learning environment and student growth through a wide selection of superior quality furniture solutions for all educational spaces.

If you’re looking for durable and innovative exam tables, BFX has products to fit your needs. We have lightweight, heavy-duty, and budget-friendly exam tables and exam desks for sale that help handle stressful time for students.

These furniture pieces offer a generously sized workspace for students to find a balance during an exam that they feel comfortable with. We provide a wide range of examination tables for sale online for your institution.

If you are not sure how to buy an examination table, our knowledgeable BFX consultants help solve this dilemma by offering the best piece of advice. They come to your location to measure the space and suggest the best examination tables in Australia for your needs.

We provide reliable furniture solutions all across Australia, including Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and many more.


Wherever you live in Australia, BFX Furniture showrooms and a dedicated team of experts are there to make examination desk shopping effortless for you.

We not only provide high-quality tables and examination chairs in Australia but also present innovative and aesthetic designs to foster positive attitudes in students.

We encourage you to browse our online store and check products that may make students feel comfortable and focused during an exam.

Unlike other education furniture stores, we don’t just offer products with a cost-effective price tag. We understand the role of a school exam table, which is why we provide you with a lot of options to pick the best product for your needs.

To make the process easier, we’ve categorised different themes of examination tables online. You can explore them and choose the ones that match your goals.    

Foldable, Spacious Examination Desks

Thanks to the knowledge of our experienced furniture experts, we provide you with extremely durable and well-constructed desks that stand the test of time. Despite their sleek designs, our examination desks offer generous space to spread out supplies students may require while writing their exams. Our range of examination desks is available in different sizes.  

Constructed with heavy-duty powder-coated steel, the examination desk is durable and scratch-resistant with a spacious one-piece solid top. Despite featuring folding legs for efficient storage, it is super stable and convenient to use. 

Our examination desk is a lightweight, folding examination table that can be easily used and stored compactly. You require only one person to set up and take down the desk. Its legs are sturdier than conventional classroom tables. It is one of those modern tables that can be stored easily in any closet. Also, it easily holds the weight of examination supplies.

Promote Health with Sit-stand Examination Desks

Sitting is the new smoking! Doing it for hours can be bad for health. If you care for your students’ comfort, BFX has innovative sit-stand tables for classrooms and examination halls.

Standing desks, or stand-up desks, have been a part of the furniture world for a long time. However, standing for hours makes students tired and uncomfortable. We have an innovative and adjustable solution for your needs: sit and stand table.

At BFX, we’ve upgraded from the traditional examination tables and used the latest furniture design technology available to create innovative and functional solutions.

Sitting down for hours during an examination can cause back, neck, and shoulder pain. We provide sit-stand or standing desks to promote active and healthy participation of students during an exam.

Unlike a standard examination desk or a standing table, a stand sit table at BFX allows you to have a seat or stand as per your wish. Our adjustable sit stand table products are sturdy and sleek.

They are easy to set, adjust, break down, and store. You can adjust them as per your height or requirements. In addition, they remain stable, thanks to the high-quality material of sit stand table legs.

We provide a wide variety of sit stand table products that you cannot even imagine. The options include examination table, general purpose round table with adjustable height, sit stand coffee table, sit to stand table, student sit stand desk for classrooms, and many others. Our sit-stand tables/desks promote good health and allow students to focus on their exam.  

All of our sit stand table products have a generous amount of space to keep exam supplies within students’ reach. We also have different table sizes to fit your unique space needs. If you are looking for innovative examination tables that complement your place, BFX has taken inspiration from geometric shapes and angles to create perfect solutions for your requirements.

Available in different shapes and sizes, these are modern sit-stand tables with a timeless appearance. These are flexible table options that can be installed in examination halls and used in classrooms to promote collaborative or project-based learning.

Flip Top Tables for Easy Nested Storage

If you are searching for compact, flexible, and movable examination furniture, flip-top tables at BFX are suitable products for your next fit-out. Our flip top tables are versatile, mobile solutions for different places in your school. They are useful in examination halls, classrooms, break-out spaces, training rooms, and school offices.

Our fliptop tables have a simple flip and lock system that enables them to spread easily and use in different places. These mobile flip top table products feature a wide work surface so students can spread out their school supplies and still focus on writing their exam.

We recommend pairing height adjustable flip top table products with BFX’s best Australia examination chairs to create a focused setting for students. 

For a collaborative environment, BFX has multi-purpose turntable options. These are flip top tables on wheels that have the gas lift height adjustable mechanism to easily adjust the tables as per your needs.

Equipped with a flip top, these tables have a fully welded steel frame and cross-base for durability and stable working. These flip top tables are easier to store as they require minimal space for storage.

Experience Before You Buy

BFX doesn’t force you into buying exam desks for sale at our stores. If you are living in Australia, we recommend paying our showrooms a visit to learn more about the furniture products. From a durable desk to an examination table with drawers and unique

Australia examination beds, we have plenty of options to offer. Also, our experts are there to identify the right product for your needs. If you are unable to visit our showrooms, we offer a virtual tour of the BFX education and office furniture collection.

Browse our official website and the online store for a full catalogue of flipping tables, foldable examination tables, stand tables, sit stand table top desks, flip top computer desk, examination couch online, and other products.

Our collection may help you understand how innovative, durable, flexible examination tables can transform the stressful exam environment into an opportunity to do good.

At BFX, we believe in selling products that are good for you and your students. Our single stand tables, stand up desks for students, and flip top desks not only feature the modern technology but also encourage the higher performance of students during an examination.

If you’ve already checked dozens of school furniture stores and could not find suitable exam tables, BFX supplies would help know what’s on the trend right now. We provide a lot of options that may overwhelm you.

That’s why we have experienced professionals to assist you in finding the right products to match your style and goals.  

In addition to examination tables, BFX stores offer flip top meeting tables, unique examination couch for sale, a multi-purpose whiteboard flip table, and many more.

When you are at BFX, you can customise your school furniture to make sure it fits both your needs and budget. It means you can buy a product with the latest technology at a standard examination table price.

Customer Service

If you are against online furniture shopping, BFX helps you overcome your fear. We assure you that the exam tables for sale you purchase are high-quality furniture pieces that fulfil your needs.  We not only deliver furniture but also ensure that it is assembled in the right way.

Even if you are purchasing examination tables online at BFX, we make efforts to elevate your shopping experience by offering consultation.  Whether you are buying furniture for the first time or giving a new look to your examination hall, we deliver a world-class customer experience.

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