Manual Arts

Manual arts classrooms are places where children develop their talents in what they love to do. When it comes to manual arts space planning, go with creative furniture solutions that support modern learning environments.

Create State-of-the-art Manual Arts Labs with Furniture by BFX

Custom-made art benches, school science lab furniture, and practical furniture solutions promote inventiveness. Also, they become comfortable supplies that support and allow students to focus on honing their skills.    

At BFX, we believe in creating superior quality, innovative furniture for modern-day learning spaces. Our robust high school science lab furniture products endure heavy usage in different environments and facilitate learning/teaching experiences.

BFX is a leading furniture supplier in Australia. For the last more than 30 years, we have been providing educational and office furniture to the government, corporate, education, and healthcare sectors.

We began our journey with an aim to make a connection between physical environments and the improvement with learning outcomes. Also, the company’s ongoing role and success in the industry is built on a foundation to consistently deliver the highest standards of quality workmanship.

Whether you want to buy only a few school work benches or have a big furniture manual arts project, we enforce the same amount of energy to help you find the best products to suit your needs. 

Why BFX for Manual Arts School Furniture

Are you searching for artist work bench supplies, metal welding benches, or woodworking benches for your art classroom?

Whatever your requirements around furniture are, BFX and the company’s experienced consultants are there to help you out. We offer a range of custom-made woodworking and metalworking benches to turn classrooms into state-of-the-art manual arts labs.

We provide our clients with products tested and approved by internationally-recognised independent companies like AFRDI and SGS.

Since 1980, BFX has been crafting high-quality furniture and innovative designs for clients from different fields. Backed by years of experience and a team of dedicated professionals for market research, we offer end to end solutions for all kinds of projects.

At BFX, we believe in building long-term relationships with our customers through our products. From furniture at work to supplies for educational institutes, we have a range of products to meet your needs.

BFX is certified to ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance standard. We are committed to discovering comfortable and innovative furniture solutions for working and learning spaces. We understand the impact that furnishings can have on outcomes, so we work with leading experts and independent testing companies to create designs that are collaborative.

What makes us the best place to buy furniture is our commitment to craft what’s ideal for our customers. For example, BFX is the only designer of the Adjustable Patient Lounge Chair that offers unmatchable healthcare environments. All of our products guarantee utmost comfort in all conditions.

Apart from providing 100's of tested products, we offer end to end solutions. From manufacturing to delivery and installation, we take care of everything. For example, if you are getting products for music and arts classrooms, BFX assures the ordered supplies are delivered at your doorstep and installed in the right way. Also, we take care of rubbish removal.

If you are getting practical arts education supplies but don’t know what may suit your requirements and match the theme of your educational space, BFX consultants can help you with expert advice, regardless of project size and budget. Whether you are buying a few benches or have a huge project for music and arts school furniture, we pay special attention to your needs. Our consultants visit your place, take measurements, and suggest the best products for your place.

Steel Frame Tables

Improve the functionality and appearance of your labs and classrooms with custom arts furniture products at BFX! Steel frame tables are ideal supplies to address storage problems in a classroom. These are general-purpose, strong, and durable tables that can be used to keep art accessories and work with them. At BFX, we have steel frame tables in a number of colours and sizes. You can choose them as per your classroom size and your needs. Check out the clearance sale sections to find different options and get the best educational lab furniture for your requirements.

Welding Benches

Do your manual arts classrooms involve welding work? If yes, these custom made work bench products are must-have supplies for you. We have a range of metalworking and wooden work benches for sale to meet the requirements of your classrooms.

Made of 5mm thick steel, the welding bench top offers durability and stability. Also, there is a welding guard that comes with storage hooks to hang tools and maximise space for work. 

Woodworking Benches

For high schools, TAFE, and other educational workshops, BFX has a woodworking bench for sale in Australia. It is a dependable solution for manual art classrooms. Its Heavy-duty construction ensures that the school woodworking bench remains stable and functional in all learning environments. Although woodworking benches at BFX are available with plenty of space, you can get woodwork benches for schools with cupboards. You can choose between benches with or without cupboards.

If you are not sure which is an ideal working bench for your art classroom, consult BFX consultants. They may help you find the perfect piece for your needs. You can call our friendly customer support team and book an on-site consultation.

Experience Before You Buy

Although all of our products are tested and approved by companies like AFRDI and SGS, we suggest you to experience music furniture and manual arts school before buying them. It may help you decide the right type and size of the products. Apart from that, you may come across several other modern furniture pieces that hold the power to transform the way students learn in your art classes.

We invite you to visit our showrooms across Australia, including cities like Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Townsville, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and many others. Here, you find creative furniture solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, health care and aged care spaces, government offices, schools, libraries, TAFE’s, universities, and more.

What makes us the right music and arts store for your furniture needs is our commitment to provide the best innovative solutions that suit your requirements. Instead of attracting you with a price tag, we offer you multiple choices and let you decide what’s best for you.

If your needs are around custom woodworking workbench in Australia, our experienced BFX consultants visit your place to measure it and recommend you customised solutions.

Even if you are buying work benches in Brisbane or other cities from BFX online warehouse, we provide our end to end solution services. Regardless of your project size and budget, we ensure that the ordered furniture is delivered and installed in the right manner.

We have real people with a real commitment to offering you unmatchable services that leave you with a pleasant shopping experience with BFX. Visit our showrooms in different Australian cities or browse the official online BFX warehouse to find the best workbenches online and other supplies for your art school.

Innovative Manual Arts School Furniture for Sale

If high-priced products at different furniture stores are stopping you from adding innovative solutions for creating state-of-the-art manual arts labs, BFX may help you! We offer the most competitive prices on music and science lab furniture for schools in Australia.

We have custom-made workbenches for sale in Melbourne and other cities. Also, there is a huge range of furniture solutions for sale for your manual art classrooms. You can explore them by clearance, on-sale items, new arrivals and ready to quick ship products.

At BFX, we understand your aim to transform your classrooms into learning spaces where students grow. We offer you the best deals and the most affordable prices of school science furniture online. All you need to do is browse your options and buy a suitable product in the right size. After that, we take care of delivery and installation.  Happy saving!

Customer Service

BFX not only offers you suitable products for your needs but also makes efforts to enhance your shopping experience through world-class customer services.

When it comes to online shopping, many customers worry about buying lots of indoor and outdoor school furniture and then being disappointed upon delivery. However, BFX ensures that you get high-quality products. Also, our experienced professionals make sure the delivered items are assembled. They also help in rubbish removal.

Even though you are purchasing art bench products from BFX online warehouse, we strive to add our personal touch through end to end solutions. From quotation to on-site measuring, and 3D space planning, we add several custom services to ensure you’ve a pleasant shopping experience with BFX. 

Reach BFX showrooms or browse our online warehouse to get innovative, durable manual arts furniture to encourage learning in your classrooms. All the best! 

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