Laminex Core Board Range

Zincworks (LXCB)
Young-Beech (LXCB)
Polar White (LXCB)
Pillarbox (LXCB)
Parchment (LXCB)
Oyster Linea (LXCB)
Olympia Yellow (LXCB)
Olympia Blue (LXCB)
New Graphite (LXCB)
Mandarin (LXCB)
Lustrous Elm (LXCB)
Juicy (LXCB)
Greystone (LXCB)
Fossil (LXCB)
Charcoal (LXCB)
Blackened Linewood (LXCB)

Laminex Extended Board Range

Alaskan (LXEB)
Aries (LXEB)
Black (LXEB)
Sublime Teak (LXEB)
Burnished Wood (LXEB)
Curly Birch (LXEB)
Dansk Maple (LXEB)
Elegant Oak (LXEB)
Gunmetal (LXEB)
Honey Elm (LXEB)
Licorice Linea (LXEB)
Milano Walnut (LXEB)
Milkwood (LXEB)
Ghostgum (LXEB)
Natural Walnut (LXEB)
Moleskin (LXEB)
New Antique White (LXEB)
Red Cherry (LXEB)
Rock Maple (LXEB)
Seasoned Oak (LXEB)
Silver Ash (LXEB)
White (LXEB)
Stipple Seal (LXEB)
Tornado (LXEB)

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