Noise Reduction

Offices with collaborative, communicative teams are typically exciting, enlivening places. If those offices have open floor plans, they can be even more invigorating, as employees can feel energized by the work they see and hear fellow team members doing around them. However, there are drawbacks to open plan offices, too — especially when specific employees need privacy for confidential work or peace and quiet for intense focus.

Luckily, BFX offer a smattering of noise reduction solutions team members can use to make their spaces quieter and — in turn — easier for them to focus in. Some of the best noise-reducing devices we recommend are soft, upholstered screens like the AudioArt Freestanding Screen, which can be moved to create a partition wherever needed. There are standalone, private noise reduction solutions that can help, too. We sell options like the Motion Meeting Pod, which creates a small standalone space in which two people can meet in private.

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Office Acoustics FAQs

What are the benefits of using acoustic office partitions in open-plan offices?

Acoustic partitions, like the AudioArt Freestanding Screen, offer privacy and sound control in open-plan offices, enhancing focus and reducing distractions​​.

How can office acoustic panels improve employee productivity?

Office acoustic panels, such as the AudioArt Freestanding Two-Tone Pattern Screen, absorb sound waves and reduce noise, creating a more conducive environment for concentration and productivity​​.

Are there customizable options for acoustic panels to match office decor?

Yes, modern acoustic panels come in various colors and can be custom printed with branding or graphics. Products like AudioArt Hanging Partition offer aesthetic flexibility alongside noise reduction capabilities​​.

Can acoustic solutions be integrated into office ceilings?

Ceiling clouds and baffles like the AudioArt Ceiling Baffle are effective for managing noise in offices with hard surfaces. They absorb reflected sound waves and can be strategically placed to enhance acoustics​​.

What are the advantages of microperforated panels in office noise management?

Microperforated panels blend seamlessly into office decor and effectively reduce echo and reverb. Options such as the AudioArt Desktop Pinnable Screen incorporate similar principles to manage sound efficiently​​.

How do acoustical curtains contribute to noise reduction in offices?

Acoustical curtains, like the AudioArt Flyby Pinnable Screen, help create separate workspaces, absorbing sound and light while being easy to move for flexible space management​​.

What role do area rugs and carpeting play in office acoustics?

Though not panels, area rugs and carpeting are essential in reducing impact sounds and overall noise levels. They complement other acoustic solutions to provide comprehensive noise management in offices.

What factors should be considered when selecting acoustic panels for an office?

Considerations include material, absorption rating, size, color, and placement. It's important to balance effectiveness with aesthetic and space requirements for optimal results.

Can acoustic panels be eco-friendly and fire-resistant?

Yes, products like the AudioArt Hexagon Peel and Stick Pack are made from eco-friendly materials and offer fire resistance, combining sustainability with safety​