Straight Desks

Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern steel frame, or traditional gable end desks, BFX has the Straight Desk solution for you.

Ergonomic Straight Desk Solutions by BFX

Dominating the furniture industry since 1990, BFX has been one of the most reliable and trustable suppliers of straight office desks in Australia.

With an experience of 30 years in serving our valuable customers like you, we are backed with a professional team of experts to conduct market research.

Due to this, we've been able to provide you with top-notch quality products with attractive designs and groundbreaking technology to compete with the ever-evolving corporate world. 

If you are looking for a way to increase the productivity of your employees, BFX provides you with a wide range of standing desks for your office. We provide you with an extensive range of office furniture to help you find the one that matches your taste.

Whether your business is small scale or large scale, we also have an expert team of sales consultants to help you along the process of buying amazing furniture for your office.

If you need to remodel your existing workspace or want to establish a new branch for your office, we can help you by providing all kinds of standing desks for better productivity of your workspace.

The professional sales consultants at BFX will pay a visit to your workspace to measure your space and suggest you the best possible furniture for great office design. We have well-established furniture stores and warehouses in all major parts of Australia such as Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and a lot more.

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Experience Before You Buy

If you own a business in Australia, we strongly recommend you to pay a visit to our furniture showrooms to check out and purchase your desired straight desk with drawers for your office.

Our furniture workstations and showrooms are designed specifically to make your shopping for furniture completely effortless and easy. As you may already know, simply scrolling through the pictures of the product won't let you know everything about a particular piece of furniture.

Therefore, instead of skimming through pictures, we let you analyse our products physically. Therefore, it makes it easier for you to determine a design that works best for your workplace. Moreover, we don't just let you see the products along with its price tag like other furniture stores.

Instead, we make an impression on our customers by providing them with a feel of the furniture when entering a workspace. On top of that, if you have shopped for furniture earlier, you may already know the hassles and overwhelming nature of selecting the best furniture.

Therefore, to help you make a better purchase decision in lesser time, we have designed our workstations in different themes. All you need to do is choose from the numerous themes available and assess the style and goals of your workspace physically.

Fixed Height Straight Desks

At BFX, the quality of the furniture is our top-most priority. We always make sure that we provide you with great quality in all our products.

We have an endless variety of fixed height straight desks in Australia. They are manufactured in a way to last for a very long time. Our fixed height standing desks provide you with great durability. It can manage a high volume of traffic without any wear and tear.

If you are looking for a piece of long-term furniture, we'd highly suggest you go for fixed height desks. We provide you with numerous attractive designs that will enhance the look of your office even more.

Not to mention, but we always make use of only top-grade material for the manufacturing of our furniture. In this way, we always assure you a great quality in all our furniture products.

Height Adjustable Straight Desks

People with different heights need standing desks of different length. However, it is not possible to provide a customized fixed-height desk to every employee.

Moreover, a standing desk with a fixed height can cause a lot of adverse effects on health. If they are used for a long time, they may cause pain in shoulders and back due to the undue pressure exerted on parts of your body, such as neck, shoulders, and core.

But when you use a height adjustable straight desk, you can customize the length of your desk according to your height. By doing this, you can remove all the undue pressure from your body. Hence, you can work for longer without affecting your health.

At BFX, we have loads of designs available for height-adjustable standing desks. Therefore, make sure you check out the collection and choose the one that matches your needs.

Mobile Straight Desks

If you have a co-working area in your office, you must have a look at our collection of mobile standing desks. These desks have frictionless and smooth tires beneath them to provide an easy movement.

Therefore, you can easily relocate the desk from one part of your office to another. In this way, your employees can use the desk at any part of your office.

These chairs are also handy when it comes to remodelling your office. You can easily drag them to the desired place without the need to lift them.

These desks are also a great option to save space. Since they can be moved easily, you can simply drag them to a corner when not in use. In this way, you can get more floor space than you can use as walkaway.

Therefore, it also enhances the productivity of your employees gradually.

Gable End Straight Desks

At BFX, you can also choose from a great variety of Gable end standing desks. The best part about these desks is their amazing design and classic construction.

Its unique look will surely blend in with the existing design of your office. They are also highly durable and are made with the finest raw materials.

They are designed to last for a very long time and provide you with great work life. Their vertical support allows them to provide great comfort to your employees.

Hence, it can also enhance the overall productivity of your employees. We have a plethora of design available for gable end standing desks.

You can choose from different designs, colours, and features as well. Therefore, make sure that you check out the great collection of standing desks at BFX.

Steel Frame Straight Desks

At BFX, we not only provide you with a great variety of executive straight desk with great comfort, design, and dynamic.

Instead, our furniture is also prominent in terms of rigidity. Our furniture is highly subtle and provides you with great durability.

We provide you standing desks made of a steel frame that last for a very long time. Their steel frame body allows them to manage a high volume of traffic with ease. They do not get wear and tear easily and provide you with elongated work life.

Even though being bulky and durable, we've designed them with ergonomics. Therefore, you'll find them highly comfortable and easy to use.

Also, we provide endless designs for steel frame standing desks so you can choose from a wide range of furniture to spice up the looks and design of your office. So, make sure you check out the great collection at BFX.

Customer Service

While you are shopping for a modern straight desk for your office online, you may be worried about the hassled and lack of customer support associated with online shopping.

Moreover, when you are shopping for something as expensive as office furniture, you may never want to make a bad purchase that will make you disappointed.

Therefore, to make sure that you make the right decision, we ensure you a timely delivery on all our standing desks with complete assembly. Moreover, to help you establish your workspace, we also help you with additional services such as rubbish removal, on-going support, and the placement of your furniture for free of cost.

On the other hand, even if you shop with BFX online, we still assure you of a highly personalized experience. When shopping online with us, you can enjoy various services such as on-site measurements, 3D space planning, and personalized quotation.

With all this, you can always be assured of great customer experience.