Corner Workstations

Whether you are looking for a sleek and modern steel frame, or traditional gable end desks, BFX has the Corner Workstation for you.

Comfortable Corner Desks for An Efficient Workspace

Serving a highly versatile range of corner workstation desks since 1990, BFX is one of the most prominent furniture manufacturers and distributors in Australia. We’ve been providing quality office furniture to small, medium, and large business owners for over 30 years.

While serving a large number of customers, we've never failed to gain satisfaction and trust of our valuable customers with our quality-centric furniture available at highly genuine prices. Our furniture is built keeping the evolving nature of the corporate world in mind.

Situated in Australia, we have a large number of workstations and warehouses to provide you high-quality of office workstation desks. We have several furniture showrooms established in all major parts of Australia such as Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane.

Our showrooms provide us with a competitive edge over other furniture providers in Australia. It allows us to provide you with convenient and timely delivery of your orders in all parts of Australia. Furthermore, our showrooms also ensure that we provide you with a great price for all your furniture related requirements.

To make your purchase one of a kind, we also assure you a 30-day risk-free trial. Therefore, in case you are not satisfied with your product, you can always opt to return it under a period of 30 days. But, we know it won't happen because we always provide top-notch quality office desks corner workstations.

Furthermore, to make it even better, we also offer you a 7-year warranty period on all our furniture collection. Hence, shopping with BFX for your desired furniture is always hassle-free and satisfactory.

To make sure that you receive the best possible quality of furniture, we ensure that our production process is done with proper manufacturing standards. Therefore, all our products have legal certifications such as GECA and AFRDI.

These certifications not just account for the quality of our products but also convey the trust and reliability of our service. Furniture shipping has never been so easy before BFX stepped into the industry.

Our unparalleled collection of corner desks workstation provides you with attractive designs, great durability, and enhanced workability. Our office furniture can gradually increase the productivity of your employees.

Talking about productivity, you may already know the importance of furniture in the work performance of your employees. By using ergonomically designed furniture, you can ensure the proper comfort and health of your employees. Hence, your employees will always be capable of providing higher productivity and greater performance.

We provide you with an extensive collection of modern corner desks to fulfil all your requirements. Moreover, if you need to buy furniture in bulk, we can do that too. We have readymade units available in all variations of designs and sizes.

Therefore, make sure that you always count on BFX for all your furniture related requirements. Whether you own a small office or a large one, you can get everything you need.

Experience Furniture Shopping Like Never Before

Shopping for office furniture has always been an overwhelming and tedious task. While looking for office furniture, you need to keep a lot of things in mind. Moreover, when you have such a large number of options to choose from, you may find it confusing to shortlist a particular piece of furniture. Furthermore, scrolling through the pictures won't help you to gain complete insights into your furniture.

Therefore, to make sure that you get the most out of your furniture shopping, we offer you a whole new experience to shop for your furniture. In case you own a business in Australia, you must consider visiting our furniture showrooms to shop for your desired office furniture corner desk units. To make the process even easier for you, we have categorized our workstations on the basis of different themes of office décor.

If you need inspiration for the design of your office, you must pay a visit to our furniture showrooms. In addition to it, when you visit our workstation, you can meet our expert designers and furniture consultants to help you select the most appropriate furniture for your office. Moreover, our experts will also provide you with additional services such as on-site measurements and 3D space planning for your office.

We have well-established furniture workstations in all major parts of Australia such as Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast. The most prominent advantage of visiting our furniture showrooms is that you can physically examine the quality and design of your desired furniture.

Hence, make sure that you visit our showrooms to get an experience like never before.

Shop for Corner Workstation Online

While using traditional desks, it is extremely hard to fill the corner space of your office. Even though you can place it in one corner, it will surely limit the range of movement in your workspace.

A corner office desk makes use of the space in the same way without putting a limit to your movement range. With corner office desks, you can enjoy more floor space, which can be used for walking or other furniture. It is a great advantage for people with smaller office spaces.

Since it provides more space to walk, it directly enhances the productivity of your employees. Not only in terms of room space, but a corner desk also provides you with plenty of under-desk space as well. You can use that space to keep CPU towers, a scanner, or even a printer.

At BFX, we provide you with an endless range of corner workstation furniture for all kinds of industries. Therefore, you can always rely on us for all your furniture related requirements regardless of the size of your office. Whether you need to remodel your existing workspace or establish a new branch for the same, we help you with all your corner desk requirements. We serve numerous sectors with an excellent range of quality corner desks.

Available in a variety of different heights, sizes, colour, and designs, our corner desks enable you to establish effective communication between your employees. Furthermore, we also provide a great diversity in our products. Here's a list of variations that we produce in corner office desks:

  • Fixed height corner desks
  • Height adjustable corner desks
  • Hutch corner desks
  • Office screen corner desks

Hence, you must browse through the endless variety of products available on our website. Moreover, do not forget to pay a visit to our workstations to meet expert consultants and get help with your furniture selection. We not only assure you of a great quality of furniture but also highly reliable service that'll make furniture shopping a cakewalk for you. 

If you own a business in Australia, you may already know the significance of high-quality corner desks for your workspace. Not only does it make your office more attractive but also engages your employees and encourages them to work better and be more productive.

There are various studies that prove the impact of furniture on the productivity of your employees. When you select poor quality or improper furniture for your office, you reduce the work potential of your employees.

That's why furniture selection is a tedious task that involves hours of research. However, when you shop for the furniture in your office with BFX, you need not worry about anything. We make your office furniture selection effortless. With BFX, you can save a lot of time by navigating through our well-categorized furniture listings. Furthermore, to make it even better, you can also visit our theme-based furniture showrooms to meet our experts and gain insights about your desired furniture physically.

We have been serving numerous potential customers like you for 40 years. In the meantime, we've always enjoyed the satisfaction of the businesses that count on us for their furniture selection. With such great expertise and experience, we never fail to deliver great quality products along with seamless customer service to you.

Customer Support

While online shopping allows you to buy from the comfort of your house, it has limited contact and support. Due to this, most of the people hesitate to shop online. Specifically, when the product is big such as office furniture, everyone wants to ensure a safe and satisfactory experience with their purchase. At BFX, we are well aware of all your concerns related to online shopping and its demerits.

So, in order to provide you with a great experience for your purchase, we have a highly reliable and supportive customer support staff in place. For all your feedback, queries, and complaints, you can feel free to get in touch with our customer support staff for an appropriate solution.

We not only have great customer support but our customer service also includes additional free-of-cost services such as after-sales support, 3D space planning, and on-site measurements. Additionally, our consultants are also readily available to help you with the measurements of your office by visiting your workspace.

Furthermore, our experts will also provide you with expert suggestions to select the most appropriate furniture for your office. Hence, shopping for your office furniture is always a hassle-free process with BFX.

We work restlessly to help you with your furniture shopping and provide you with an unparalleled shopping experience.


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