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For decades, BFX has been a leading supplier of stunning, space-efficient office furniture for professionals throughout Australia. From small, L-shaped computer desks to height-adjustable standing desks, our inventory features a huge range of office tables that blend seamlessly into any interior décor. With various colours and key features to choose from, you can easily create the ideal workspace for productivity and ease.

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How a Corner Desk Can Improve Your Workspace

Whether you’re furnishing a home or corporate office, your office furniture expectations likely include adequate storage capacity, ergonomic design, and a style that matches the rest of the space. Perhaps you’re looking to transform your workplace into a modern office, or maybe you just need an office desk that doesn’t take a big bite out of a small room.

BFX corner workstation solutions can help any busy professional complete the ultimate desk setup, from corporate office leaders creating large workspaces to individuals making the best small or home offices they can with their available space. But what makes corner desks so special, and how can they radically improve your workspace?

Corner Desks Save Space

No matter the size of your office area, you’ve likely run into issues with office storage space. With all the office supplies, computer equipment, and paperwork to organise, it can be challenging to achieve a practical and aesthetically pleasing layout.

Corner workstations provide the ultimate solution. A corner office desk has the storage capabilities you need to stay organised and efficient while saving space in the room. You can neatly stash small filing cabinets beneath the desk for easy access or utilise the spacious desk top for other storage solutions, such as a file organiser or letter tray.

Corner office desks are especially useful if you have limited room to begin with. A small corner desk will take up less space than a traditional model while providing everything you need to create a workstation that promotes productivity and comfort.

A Corner Office Desk Provides Increased Versatility

You can only change so much of an interior layout with standard office desks, but corner desks allow for more versatility in this regard. Of course, corporate offices may not change their back desk layouts that often, but if you’re building your dream home office, an adjustable corner desk allows you more freedom to experiment as your style changes.

No matter the style, frame colour, or materials you choose for your corner desk, you can take advantage of its efficient design and create the ideal corner workstation for your needs. Whether you require a quiet, private place to do your work or a shared workstation where you can collaborate with co-workers or friends, you’re certain to find the best fit for your space in BFX’s wide selection of corner desks.

Corner Office Desk Buying Guide: Popular Features

At BFX, we specialise in creating top-quality, highly durable office furniture. Our range of L-shaped corner desks includes an array of unique and helpful features to optimise your corner workstation and improve workflow.

Effective Cable Management

Nothing makes a small desk feel smaller like messy bundles of cables. Your computer equipment is a necessary part of your work, but all those wires and accessories shouldn’t have to crowd your desk top and lead to disorganisation.

Choose a BFX corner office desk with a discreet grommet to help you tuck those cables out of sight and clear your space. Without the clutter, you can make room for other office accessories and eliminate the stress of a messy corner workstation.

Heavy-duty Frame

We design BFX corner desks with functionality and beauty in mind. Gone are the days of clunky, unattractive desk frames that take up too much space. Our corner desks feature minimalist framing that can easily match your surrounding décor while providing the durability to support lots of equipment.

If you prefer a slightly more rustic appearance, our range also includes corner desks with gable end panels in various colour options, including:

  • White frame
  • Black frame
  • Rural oak frame

For ideal comfort, consider a height-adjustable desk. Likewise, you can choose an office desk with a modesty panel for more privacy. Adding a modesty panel is great if you plan to position your desk away from the wall or at the front of a communal workspace.

If you’re looking for more space, consider a corner desk with a wide span or opt for a model with hutch features to store your office essentials.

BFX: Leading Supplier of High-quality Office Furniture

To learn more about our range of high-quality office furniture, including corner desks, visit one of our showrooms or call the BFX team at 1300 866 522.

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