Executive Chairs

Stylish and ergonomic, these Executive Chairs are perfect for boardrooms, professional meeting spaces or as part of an Executive Desk setting

Reflect Your Best Style with Premium Executive Chairs

Operating as a leader in the Australian furniture industry since 1986, BFX is certainly a sweet spot to fulfil all your office furniture related requirements.

We've been serving valued customers like you for over 30 years. Moreover, we have a skilful team of professional designers and expert consultants to provide you with top-notch service. Our collection of furniture is assured to provide you with unparalleled quality along with eye-catching designs and vibrant colours.

Moreover, our products also reflect revolutionary technology. If you require durable and prominent quality of executive chairs online, you must check out the endless range of seating solutions available at BFX. Our seating solutions are ideal for providing a contemporary and modern look to your workspace.

Furthermore, if you are unsure about the selection of products for your office, you can always ask for advice from our expert consultants. Whether you need to start a new business or establish another branch for your existing firm, our experts can help you gradually with the furniture related needs for your office regardless of the size of your workspace. On top of that, our experts also examine your workspace if required to provide you with the most suitable furniture for your business.

Also, our showrooms are found in all provinces of Australia such as Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane.

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Get a Whole New Experience

Even though browsing products on your smartphone from the comfort of your home is highly convenient, there are a lot of things that you’ll miss.

Therefore, we always encourage you to visit our showrooms situated in all the major cities in Australia. With this, you will be able to physically examine the quality as well as looks of your desired furniture.

Moreover, when you visit our world-class showrooms, you can get expert advice from our professional consultants. With this, we make your overall furniture shopping hassle-free and highly efficient. Therefore, hop into our works station right now and shop for your desired office executive chairs like never before.

Height Adjustable Executive Chairs

Every human is different and height is no exception. In general, a person sits for around eight hours a day. In that case, if you sit for such a long time on a chair of fixed height, you will be exerting undue pressure on your legs. With the help of height-adjustable executive chairs for sale at BFX, you can tweak the height of your chair according to your body length. As a result, you can avoid the unnecessary pressure exerted on your legs. Therefore, go ahead and check out the prolific designs available.

Mobile Executive Chairs

Executives play a significant role in an organization and need to move from one part of the office to another. At BFX, we provide a seamless quality of mobile executive chairs in Australia. These chairs have frictionless and smooth tires available to let you move from one part to another without leaving your seating.

Moreover, if you need to relocate these chairs somewhere else, you can just drag them instead of lifting. Hence, make sure you check out the wide range of mobile executive chairs available at BFX. It is assumed that you will take one's hat off for the selection.

Mesh Executive Chairs

While sitting for a long time on a regular chair, you may notice stickiness on your back. This is due to the restriction of airflow that results in the collection of heat at the back surface of your chair.

By opting for mesh executive chairs, you can enjoy a breathable and ventilated space for your back. As a result, you will not have to deal with sweat and odour due to it. Another prominent benefit of a mesh chair is that they blend in with your body shape. Hence, you can enjoy a highly comfortable seating experience while working.

Heavy Duty Executive Chairs

Most of the furniture used at workspaces experiences a high volume of traffic and continuous wear and tear. Due to this, there is a high chance of them being damaged. However, when you opt-in for heavy-duty leather executive chairs, you can get a great quality of furniture made with durable material that can bear a high tension. Due to this, they can last for a longer time than usual. At BFX, we offer an endless variety of heavy-duty executive chairs with different materials and designs. Therefore, hop in and select your desired chair right now.

Arm Support Executive Chairs

When the deal is about comfort, back support is not the only thing that you need to consider. Arm support possesses equal importance as well. With the help of this feature, muscles of certain areas such as neck and shoulders are supported. Moreover, chairs with arm support make it easier for you to move in and out of your seating.

Also, these chairs support a leaner structure that prevents ailments such as back pain. At BFX, you can choose from an endless category of arm support executive chairs at highly affordable prices. We also have countless designs with vibrant colours for you to choose your desired seating. 

Customer Support

At BFX, the satisfaction of valued customers like you is our top-most priority. To make sure you experience the best version of furniture shopping, we provide numerous free services such as expert consultation, 3D space planning, and on-site measurements.

Moreover, for all your purchases, we provide you with backend support in case you need expert assistance. Furthermore, it is never a one-time deal at BFX. Instead, with the help of our professional team and quality-centric support, we make a persistent relationship with our customers that lasts for a lifetime. On top of that, when you visit our furniture showroom, you get to enjoy a world-class experience of physically examining the design and quality of executive chairs for your office.

With BFX, you can always expect a unique and hassle-free furniture shopping experience. Hence, wait no more and browse through the unparalleled collection right away.