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BFX Smart Furniture Solutions for Libraries

BFX is the premier online supplier of furniture for libraries, schools, universities and TAFEs in Australia.

With over 40 years of service and prestigious certifications under our belt, we are confident that our smart furniture solutions are made to fit all of your library furniture needs. Although we are an online supplier, we maintain a strong presence among all the major markets in Australia, including Gold Coast, Townsville, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Sunshine Coast.

Our philosophy behind our library furniture is to provide customised and affordable products to institutions in order to facilitate learning, creativity and collaboration. We are confident that the design and manufacturing of our physical products improve both social and learning outcomes for students. Whether you’re looking for a traditional library setting, outdoor environment, comfortable seating, storage units for your library or anything else, we’ve got you covered.

BFX offers a variety of library furniture - ranging in desks, whiteboards, shelving, cabinets, chairs, modular, ottomans, stools, lounge seating, tote units, cupboards, lockets, bag racks, trolleys, lecterns, and other furniture accessories to enhance school functions. We differentiate ourselves from other furniture companies with our commitment to quality assurance. Our company has passed a multitude of quality certification tests that examines strength, safety and environmental sustainability.

BFX has the largest range of independently certified products including passing the AS/NZS 4610, a certification specifically to furnitures for schools, the SGS & AFRDI, a certification for minimizing the use of earth’s resource for sustainability and the SGS, a global network of laboratories to test furniture products.

Unmatched Customer Service

We go above and beyond to ensure that our customers receive everything they need to create a flawless library space. At BFX, we strive to make online furniture shopping effortless. Our expert consultants will help guide you through every step from selecting the right pieces for your goals and budget, to color choices, delivery, installation and even rubbish removal.

Don’t just browse on our website, we encourage customers to checkout our showrooms conveniently located across Australia such as our Brisbane, Maroochydore, Townsville, Sydney and Melbourne showroom. If you’re struggling for ideas or just need a bit of inspiration, our showroom will provide endless options of designs of school library furniture to spark creativity, futuristic learning and visual thinking. Our showrooms will give you a sense of possible themes to select from, so you don’t have to worry about picking furniture that might not match your style or goals.

With over 50,000 products that include warranty, we offer the best prices among our competitors to ensure you don’t have to pay a fortune for school library furniture. On our website, you may browse by different categories or view our library furniture on sale items.

Innovative SmarTable for Flexibility And Mobility

Don’t you hate clunky and heavy tables? Traditional wooden tables aren’t ideal for any educational setting because it’s hard to move, not adjustable to a person’s height and isn’t always a good fit for a particular space.

At BFX, we are continuously innovating our designs, manufacturing processes and experimentation for optimal learning. Our signature SmarTable™ is made for modern students in the 21st century. Today, there is a greater emphasis on collaboration, visual thinking, and spontaneous creativity. With digital tools being incorporated into schools, it’s important to have furniture that match these advancements.

Our trademarked SmarTable™ is a desk with the capability to be adjusted up to 5 different heights using a push button mechanism without the use of any tools. Depending on your chair height and height of the student, you need a desk that is adjustable for the optimal level. According to the American Physiology Society, the typical attention span for students is about 10 to 15 minutes.

his SmarTable™ has a sit-stand height, so students can stand while learning as well. A sit stand desk has been proven to have positive health and energy benefits such as reducing back pain and increasing productivity. Standing up increases blood flow circulation to improve cognitive functions which are conducive towards learning. These tables aren’t just the ones with wheels you see in stores.

This table is able to lock in place and can be rearranged again and again. Let’s say your library is having different classes throughout the day, our furniture is mobile and flexible enough for you to customise your space however you see fit.

Best of all, these tables come in various shapes and tote bags as well. We also offer a wide selection of tables to fit your needs including classroom, sit-stand, flip top, examination, fixed height, teacher, multi-purpose, benches and whiteboard surfaced tables.

One of our most innovative tables are the whiteboard surfaced desks that gives students the ability to write on their desks using dry erase markers. This allows students to visually write out their ideas and encourage spontaneous creativity. 

Active Seating Chairs That Promote Movement

Similar to those clunky desks, having those heavy wooden chairs aren’t ideal for most learning environments as well. There are different types of library furniture and we pride ourselves in providing all of the essentials. For example, a singular study room might have our dynamic activity chairs with a whiteboard tablet arm.

This allows wiggle room to move and flexible back support with the ergonomic design to write on the desk or study. Today, the modern library is quite multi-faceted and needs more than just the traditional library furniture. No longer is a library just for reading books in a big wooden desk.

Nowadays, a library contains collaborative tables, singular study desks, lounge and relaxation chairs, private study rooms, private learning classes and more. This means most likely you’ll need a variety of chairs to match the function of each facet and a more innovative library furniture. We stock a myriad of chair options including student chairs with wheels, active stools, sled base chairs, student chairs with arms, mobile all-in-one study stations with tablet arms and lab stools.

Active Seating is an essential part to health and efficient learning. These chairs with flexible movement helps students to increase blood flow, reduce muscle tension, improve posture and increase overall energy. Rigid chairs tend to cause pain, stiffness and make you lethargic. Most of our chairs allow you to rock and wiggle around in your seat.

Our stools have a round base to help with balancing, yet flexible to move around on the stool. To ensure safety, there is a non-slip top and a base grip to prevent students from falling.

Our Chairs Are Environment-Friendly and High Quality

We craft our chairs using the highest quality of recycled Polypropylene to protect our environment and use a lightweight thermoplastic material for high impact resistance to ensure long lasting durability with all of our chairs. Our chairs have been tested and certified to the highest Australian standards by the AFRDI.

Smart Storage Solutions to Save Space

When it comes to a library space, nothing is more of a distraction that unwanted clutter. Library is a space where students can come distraction free to study, read, learn or enjoy their free time. We have all the necessary storage and file equipment a library could need such as shelves to hold books, trolleys for librarians to move books from one place to another, bag racks for students to place their bags in and other furniture such as tote units, cupboards, and lockers.

Storage Equipment to Optimize Library Functions

Let’s say your library just received a new collection of popular books and your goal is to encourage students to read more. We have a spinner book display unit so students can visually see the best books. Or if you’d like to enforce a no-phone policy at the library during study hall, you may use our mobile phone lockers to have students securely store their devices in there to prevent distraction.

Other Creative Storage Ideas

To ensure that your space is easily customisable and mobile, all of our storage equipment has lockable castors to allow you to move the furniture with ease or lock in place your storage units. We don’t just offer cookie-cutter storage solutions. For example, our bookcases are double sides, so you can store more books in one place. Our Ottomans have a built in tote compartment to store more items, while providing a seating option for students.

Futuristic Accessories to Enhance Learning Experiences

The library is a sanctuary where students can focus entirely on their studies, learning and everything related to school. That’s why it would be advantageous to provide all of the tools necessary to ensure they feel safe and productive every time they step foot into a library.

One of our most popular accessories is our AudioArt, a board made of polyester fibre that is engineered to absorb sound which reduces any potential noise. These boards can be cut into any shape or we offer an array of art designed boards that already are cut into aesthetic designs such as farm animal boards, clouds, safari and abstract art. These designs are ideal for primary schools. If you ever tried studying next to someone, you know that even the smallest of noises can disrupt your focus.

Tools to Encourage Learning

Making tools to enhance learning is our job. That’s why we’ve built all kinds of learning solutions to help aid schools in teaching students. We know that many libraries nowadays especially universities hold small group study sessions, tutoring sessions or even after hour classes to help students learn.

We include various styles of whiteboards, easels and smart screens to enhance visual learning. Lastly, if there is a presenter, we have lecterns for speakers to use as well.

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