Ergonomic Chairs

We provide feature-rich ergo chairs with features including height-adjustability, arm support, heavy-duty mechanisms, and mesh backs, to ensure maximum comfort throughout your work day. 

Operating since 1986, BFX is your one-stop solution for seating problems with its unparalleled quality of ergonomic chairs.

With an industry dominance of over 30 years, BFX enjoys its status as the most reliable and credible source of office furniture solutions all around Australia. With our prominent ergo chair designs, we not only assure comfort but productivity and top-notch service as well.

Ergonomic Chairs Made for Maximum Comfort

Our unparalleled choices of ergo chairs are built for durability, eye-soothing designs, and amazing workability. BFX ergo chairs ensure productivity like never before to all your employees. When it comes to chairs, they play a vital role in the overall performance of your employees.

With chairs made in ergonomic designs, you can promote the physical health of your employees and let them work comfortably with higher productivity. Moreover, with ergo designed chairs, your employees will never have to suffer from ailments such as back and joint pain. Therefore, chairs play a significant role in the productivity and efficiency of your office staff.

If you want to make sure that your employees provide their best by taking care of their posture, BFX furniture is surely the perfect match for you. We offer an endless variety of ergo chairs for all your seating requirements.

Moreover, we have shipping-ready units available in all sizes,  and we also provide units in bulk. Furthermore, with our expert consultants, you can enjoy a proper space planning for your office.

Therefore, if you are a business owner looking for a remodel of your office or establishing a new back office somewhere, BFX has got your back for all types of seating solutions for the comfort of your workforce.

We have an expert team of consultants who can help you with your requirements and suggest you the ideal solutions for the same. Once we have the adequate measurements of your workspace, we come up with the most ideal solutions that fit the best for your seating requirements.

Once done, we present you a quote on quality and safety ensured ergo chairs available at BFX.

We have our branches all over Australia that includes locations such as Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. As a token of trust, we allow everyone to test the design and subtlety of our products at any instant of time.

Step-In and Experience

If you are a business owner in Australia, you have all the liberty to step-in to our office and check out the amazing collection of ergo chairs. Furniture showrooms of BFX makes your shopping hassle-free.

You can either check out the ergo chairs available on the website or visit our showroom to get a space plan and expert suggestions. Our collection of office furniture is not just amazing in terms of designs but works exceptionally well.

Moreover, we don't provide you with a regular old shopping experience. Instead, we encourage you to test the available furniture and feel how it will work in your office. Therefore, before you even buy our product, you can have peace of mind about a satisfactory purchase.

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Chairs

Height plays a dominating role in the overall comfort of your chair. In case the height is not correct, your legs will have to bear unnecessary pressure due to which you might experience pain in your legs.

Therefore, with the help of our height adjustable ergo chairs, you can adapt the length of the chair as per your body height and comfort. With the help of this, you’ll never have to worry about leg pain ever again.

Mobile Ergonomic Chairs

Mobility is a mandatory feature,  especially if your work involves moving from one place to another. With our collection of mobile ergo chairs, you can enjoy great mobility in your office without any friction on the floor.

Therefore, you can move easily from one place to another and boost the working procedure gradually. Furthermore, our mobile chairs not only look great but are exceptionally great in terms of performance.

Mesh Back Ergonomic Chairs

Along with your other bodily muscles, your neck also requires a comfortable position. That’s where our mesh design chairs come into play. With our mesh ergo chairs, you can enjoy a breathable back that keeps your back comfortable and cool.

You can spend more time on your chair that results in increased productivity. Moreover, our designs of nesh chairs are highly flexible and you can easily tilt your back as per your comfort while keeping your back straight.

Heavy Duty Ergonomic Chairs

When talking about ergonomics, it is mandatory to consider support, comfort, and sturdiness of your chair. With our collection of heavy-duty ergo chairs, you can enjoy all these features and get a great ergonomic experience. We believe that your body needs to be the top-most consideration while assigning you a chair at work. Therefore, to support a large body, our heavy-duty chairs are the ideal options that provide you with a highly comfortable experience. 

Ergonomic Chairs Arm Support

Last but not the least, we provide an extensive range of ergo chairs with armrests. Apart from providing a breathable space for your arms, our armrest equipped ergo chairs also help you to avoid strain from your neck and shoulders during your work hours. We provide chairs with both static as well as adjustable armrests. Therefore, you can make use of our highly versatile chairs and adjust it as per your preferences to get an uttermost level of comfort while working.

Customer Service

While online shopping provides countless benefits, most people do not trust it due to the lack of after-sales support. Moreover, with a big purchase like office furniture, being worried is surely a dominant factor.

However, when you shop with BFX, you get to enjoy placement, on-going support, and rubbish removal services for absolutely free. Moreover, with us, you can enjoy a highly personalised experience through expert consultancy on space planning.

We always strive to provide you with an unparalleled customer experience.


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