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Miscellaneous - Education furniture come in all shapes and sizes. Browse our full range of Miscellaneous Furniture in Education below or contact one of our Expert Sales Consultants. We'll help you find your perfect Miscellaneous furniture.

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  1. Whitby Chair Trolley
    Whitby Chair Trolley
    $229Price: $275Save: $46
  2. Saturn Monitor Arms
    Saturn Monitor Arms
    $139Price: $169Save: $30
  3. TV & Video Trolley
    TV & Video Trolley
    $625Price: $755Save: $130
  4. Tafe 60 Metal Work Bench
    Tafe 60 Metal Work Bench
    $1459Price: $1755Save: $296
  5. Mobile Book Trolley
    Mobile Book Trolley
    $729Price: $875Save: $146
  6. Mobile Art Trolley
    Mobile Art Trolley
    $785Price: $945Save: $160
  7. Jellybean Computer Trolley
    Jellybean Computer Trolley
    $825Price: $995Save: $170
  8. General Purpose Trolley
    General Purpose Trolley
    $759Price: $915Save: $156
  9. Education Bag Rack
    Education Bag Rack
    $1229Price: $1475Save: $246
  10. Choir Riser
    Choir Riser
    $2079Price: $2495Save: $416
  11. Challenger Partition Screen
    Challenger Partition Screen
    $785Price: $945Save: $160
  12. Castel Stacking Chair Trolley
    Castel Stacking Chair Trolley
    $435Price: $525Save: $90
  13. Carve Teacher Trolley
    Carve Teacher Trolley
    $559Price: $675Save: $116
  14. Bounce Mobile Lectern
    Bounce Mobile Lectern
    $699Price: $839Save: $140
  15. Basepoint Modular Student Seating
    Basepoint Modular Student Seating
    $19566Price: $23486Save: $3920
  16. Art Drying Rack
    Art Drying Rack
    $1229Price: $1475Save: $246
  17. Archer AV Mobile Lectern
    Archer AV Mobile Lectern
    $809Price: $975Save: $166
  18. Boost Height Adjustable Lectern
    Boost Height Adjustable Lectern
    $539Price: $649Save: $110
  19. Zone Lectern
    Zone Lectern
    $419Price: $505Save: $86
  20. Glassboard
    $495Price: $595Save: $100
  21. Wall Mounted Corkboard
    Wall Mounted Corkboard
    $75Price: $95Save: $20

Items 1-24 of 75

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