Fixed Height Student Tables

From single student lecture tables to 12-seater general purpose tables, our range of Fixed Height Student tables is sure to fill your classroom needs.

Robust Fixed Height Student Tables 

Established in 1990, we have grown to become one of the leading manufacturers and providers of school and classroom furniture. Our service is backed by years of hands-on experience in the furniture industry.

Moreover, we have a dedicated team for market research to provide you with a great range of products. We don't just deliver furniture but innovations that cope up with the ever-evolving nature of the educational sector.

We have a great variety of fixed height workstations to fulfil your requirements. With great durability and superior design, our fixed height tables will spark up the look of your classroom. Besides, our furniture also keeps your students engaged with their amazing properties.

We have a great variety of fixed height tables available such as tables with a whiteboard surface, tables for single and multiple students, tables of a steel frame, and a lot more. Therefore, you can surely find the furniture that certainly fits the bill for your classroom.

Talking about the quality, our manufacturing process follows appropriate industry standards and practices. Moreover, you'll always find legal certifications such as GECA and AFRDI on our products.

These certifications not only indicate the prominent quality of furniture but also act as a proof for the reliability and trust of our service. When you shop for classroom furniture with BFX, you can always expect a satisfactory experience.

Hence, make sure you count on BFX for all your classroom furniture related requirements, and get a shopping experience worth remembering.

The Difference

Furniture shopping is no less than a challenge. From quality to workability, you need to check a plethora of things before finalizing a single piece of furniture.

After all, when you shop for something as valuable as furniture, you may never want to make even the smallest mistake. However, when you are shopping for furniture online, you may have to deal with a lot of limitations.

While online shopping provides a great convenience, it doesn't allow you to gain complete insights over your product. For instance, you can only believe in specifications written on the website.

Due to this, you can't know about the exact looks, workability, and durability of your furniture. To eradicate all these problems, we provide you with a whole new way to shop for your classroom fixed height desks.

If you own a school in Australia and need furniture for it, we encourage you to visit our furniture showrooms. With different themes and an endless range of products, our showrooms are a great way to perfectly shop for your required classroom furniture.

Here, you can get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants too. Our experts will help you throughout your purchase journey and ensure that your purchase is one of a kind. Moreover, the theme-based classification of our showrooms ensures that you don't get overwhelmed with the numerous available options. Furthermore, we have a great number of ready-made pieces available in case you need a piece of furniture in bulk. We have established our showrooms in places such as Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast.

At our showrooms, you don’t just see furniture with a price tag. Instead, you analyze your furniture in a classroom simulation environment. In this way, you can know how the furniture will look in an actual classroom.

Taking it forward, you can analyze everything about your furniture. Hence, you can always expect to make a great purchase decision with us. So, make sure that you shop for your classroom furniture only from our showrooms.

When talking about a student’s engagement, desks play a major role. A student needs to spend most of his/her time in a classroom.

If your students don’t find it comfortable, they cannot properly concentrate on studies. Moreover, poor quality desks can also lead to problems like back and neck pain. This can lead to a greater number of leaves for your students.

The school classroom desks by BFX are built with keeping ergonomics in mind. They provide great comfort to your students. Moreover, their fixed height provides them with great versatility. They are also amazing in design and spark up the look of your classroom.

Talking about their durability, they can manage high-volume traffic without wear and tear. Our desks are built with the finest materials and live up to the quality. With our furniture, your students will always remain engaged in the classroom.

Mobile Fixed Height Tables

Sometimes, you might need to shift your desks from one part to another. If you use regular desks, it may cost you a lot of sweat to relocate the furniture. After all, you need to lift the bulky furniture and carry it to the required place.

However, when you use student desks for school with mobility features by BFX, it is a matter of cakewalk for you. We provide an amazing range of mobile student desks.

These desks have frictionless tires beneath them that allow you to roll them with ease. With these desks, you don’t need to lift them for relocation. Apart from being mobile, they are also very durable and subtle. They can bear a great volume of traffic. On top of that, these desks are available in a wide spectrum of colours and a lot of eye-catching designs. 

Single Student Fixed Height Tables

If you are looking for classroom tables that can accommodate a single student, be sure to check out our range of products. Single student desks for the classroom are a great way to keep your students engaged in studies. They prevent your students from getting distracted by classmates.

Moreover, a student can enjoy more desk space and stay organized. This allows them to keep their concentration on studies majorly. These desks are highly comfortable because they are built ergonomically. They prevent your students from getting back and neck pain as well. They are also available in highly attractive designs and colours.

Multiple Student Fixed Height Tables

Students perform better when they collaborate with other classmates in their studies. With school desks and tables made for multiple students, you can make sure that your students can collaborate in a better way. If you want to teach teamwork to your students, these tables are a perfect match. They can easily accommodate two or more students.

Moreover, they are durable enough to handle a high volume of traffic without having any wear and tear. They are very comfortable and ensure great health for your students. Furthermore, with a great range of designs, they increase the prestige of your classroom to a great extent.

Whiteboard Surface Fixed Height Tables

Creativity speaks up for a student when words can’t. Students have a very vivid imagination and to promote it even further, you must look at our school office desks with a whiteboard surface. With these desks, your students can take notes straight away with a marker pen. Moreover, it also allows your students to scribble and make doodles.

Unlike other tables, it also prevents vandalism of school property by preventing students from making permanent doodles on desks. Furthermore, they look extremely attractive in the classroom and make their decorum even better. So, make sure that you look at these tables for your classroom.

Steel Frame Fixed Height Tables

If you are looking for a durable table for your classroom, nothing can be better than the student table desks made with steel frames. Manufactured by BFX, these tables provide you with a work-life of several years.

They can support an extremely high volume of traffic without getting even a little bit of wear and tear. Moreover, their steel body also provides them with a shiny and attractive look. With numerous designs and colour options, you can certainly find the one that matches the look and feel of your classroom.

They are an ideal choice of desks if your students are mischievous.

Customer Support

Getting your desired products delivered to your doorstep is a benefit achieved by sacrificing a lot of things. While online shopping is easy and convenient, people hesitate from purchasing furniture online.

The major reason for this hesitation is the lack of support and transparency in online shopping. At BFX, we are aware of all the inconvenience associated with online shopping. Therefore, we have a dedicated customer support team to help you. If you have any query, feedback, or complaint about our products, you can feel free to get in touch with our customer support professionals.

They will provide you with a timely and helpful solution for your concern. In addition to it, we also provide you with numerous services for free of costs such as on-site measurements, 3D space planning, and after-sales support. Furthermore, you can also ask our experts to visit your school and take measurements of the area.

They can accurately guide you about the placement of furniture for your classroom. When you shop for fixed height tables for your classroom with BFX, you can rest assured that you'll get a highly satisfactory experience.

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