Bookcases & Cupboards

Whether you're looking for an open bookcase or a steel cupboard, BFX has a range of storage solutions to suit your need. As no office has identical needs, our storage solutions all come equipped with adjustable shelves so your storage can adapt with your business.

Spacious Bookcase Cupboards for Your Office

Providing top-notch quality office furniture since 1990, BFX is your one-stop solution for all your bookcase office furniture requirements. We are one of the best suppliers and manufacturers of office furniture in Australia. We have been serving numerous small, medium, and large businesses with our top-notch quality of furniture for 30 years.

Moreover, with such a great experience in the industry, we've never failed to provide immense satisfaction to our customers. We've certainly gained trust among our valuable customers with our prominent quality of furniture at great prices. We not only build regular furniture; our products are made to match with the ever-changing corporate world.

Based on the magnificent land of Australia, we have established a large number of furniture showrooms, workstations, and warehouses to provide you with an excellent quality of office cupboards. Our furniture showrooms are available in all the provinces of Australia such as Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.

With the help of our showrooms, we are capable of providing you with on-time and convenient delivery of your desired furniture to your doorstep all over Australia. Moreover, our numerous workstations also allow us to provide you with a highly genuine price for your desired office storage solutions. Therefore, we always have a competitive edge over all other office storage solution providers in Australia.

On top of that, to make your furniture shopping even better, we also provide you with a 30-day risk-free trial. With this, you can freely try the furniture for the period of 30 days, and if you don't like it, you can return it to us at any time without any questions asked. We assure you immense satisfaction with our range of office furniture.

To add even more, we also provide you with a 10-year warranty on all the furniture and storage solutions that you purchase from us. Hence, you can always have a hassle-free and completely satisfactory experience when you shop for your furniture with BFX.

The quality of our furniture is the top-most priority for us. Therefore, to make sure that you get the most out of your furniture, we always make sure that our product manufacturing is done with proper industrial standards. Due to this, you can always find legal certificates such as AFRDI and GECA on all our office storage solutions.

These certifications act as a mark of the prominent quality of our products. Moreover, it also reflects the reliability and trust of our service. Without BFX, shopping for office furniture has never been so easy and convenient.

We have an unparalleled collection of office furniture storage cupboards that provide you with high durability, attractive designs, and fantastic workability. Our storage solutions are designed to save space and keep your things organized.

Talking about space efficiency, you may already know the significance of cupboards in keeping your things organized. With the help of bookshelves and cabinets, you can ensure that all your important documents and books are kept safe in one place. Hence, you'll never have to search for your documents ever again.

We provide you with an endless variety of bookshelves and cupboards to match all the storage requirements of your office. Also, in case you need office furniture in bulk, you can always rely on BFX. We have a large number of ready-to-ship units in all varieties of shape, size, and designs.

Therefore, if you ever need bookshelves and cupboards for your office, make sure you count on BFX. We provide you with a top-notch quality of storage solutions for your office regardless of the size of your workspace.

Shop for Smart & Sturdy Storage Solutions

While shopping for storage solutions for your office, you need to look after many things. Due to this, furniture shopping has always been an exhausting and tedious task.

Moreover, when you need to choose from such a large number of variations, you may find it overwhelming to find the one that certainly fits the bill for you.

Also, when you shop for furniture online, all you can do is scroll through the picture of the product and read the specifications. In this way, you cannot determine the complete insights about your desired furniture.

Therefore, to make sure that you make the best purchase decision, we provide you with a unique way to shop for the desired furniture for your office. If you are a business owner in Australia, we highly recommend you to visit our furniture showrooms to choose your desired office storage cupboards.

Furthermore, to make the process a cakewalk for you, our workstations are distributed based on numerous different office furniture decors. Hence, when you visit our furniture workstations, you can always get great inspiration for the design of your workspace.

On top of that, when you visit us, you can meet our expert furniture consultants and designers to get help with the selection of the most appropriate furniture for your office. Also, our experts are readily available to help you with numerous additional services such as 3D space planning of your office and on-site measurements as well.

You can find our furniture showrooms at all major parts of Australia such as Gold Coast, Perth, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, and Sydney.

One of the significant benefits of shopping for furniture through our furniture showrooms is that you can always examine your desired furniture physically. In that way, you can know the exact quality and looks of your furniture. Hence, make sure that you visit us to shop for bookshelves and cupboards for your office with a new experience.

Shop for Bookshelves and Cupboards Online

When you use traditional storage cabinets in your office, you may find it hard to manage the space of your workspace. Even though you can store many things in it, you may find that it is limiting the movement range of your workspace. By using our collection of bookcases with cupboards, you cannot only store many things but also manage the space of your office without limiting the range of your movement.

By using bookcases with cupboards, you can save a lot of floor space to use as a walkaway or to add up more furniture. Moreover, as it provides you with more floor space for walk away, you can always expect better productivity from your employees with it. Apart from the space-saving benefits, cupboard bookshelves also provide you with plenty of space to keep your belongings. You can keep anything, such as documents, books, etc.

At BFX, we offer you an endless variety of office storage cupboards with shelves regardless of the type of business.

Therefore, you can always count on us for all the storage-related requirements of your office. Whether you need to establish a new workstation or remodel your existing office, we can help you with all your storage requirements regardless of the size of your office.

Currently, we are serving a large number of sectors with our storage solutions for workspaces.

With a dynamic range of bookcases and cupboards in various colours, designs, sizes, and height options, BFX storage solutions allow you to make efficient use of your space. Furthermore, our products provide you with great diversity. Here's a rundown of variations we offer in our bookshelves and cupboards category:

  • Clearance bookcase
  • Stationary cupboard
  • Computer hutch cupboard
  • Overhead bookcase hutch
  • Stationary cupboard
  • Sliding door bookcase

Hence, make sure that you browse through our fantastic variety of office storage solutions on our website. Moreover, ensure that you visit our furniture showrooms to meet our expert consultants and get help regarding the selection of the right storage solutions for your office.

We provide not only the most prominent quality of furniture but also reliable and trustworthy service that will make your furniture shopping one of a kind.

Customer Service

While online shopping is a convenient way to shop for your desired products from the comfort of your home, it also has many demerits. First of all, online shopping lacks proper transparency and contact. To be more precise, when you shop for something as big as a bookshelf, you must not compromise on the quality of your furniture. At BFX, we understand all your concerns regarding online shopping and the problems associated with it.

Therefore, to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase, we have a highly responsive and reliable customer support team in place. So, you can always feel free to get in touch with our expert customer support team for all your complaints, queries, or feedback.

In addition to it, we also provide you with additional free of cost services such as on-site measurements, after-sales support, and 3D space planning. Furthermore, our expert designers and consultants are readily available to visit your workspace for the measurements of your workspace.

Our experts will also provide you with suggestions to select the best storage solutions for your office. Hence, you can always enjoy a hassle-free furniture shopping experience with BFX.

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