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BFX has an extensive range of modern and stylish Office Stools that can suit any need. From Bar Stools, to Data stools, we have the Stool for you.

Comfortable and Ergonomic Office Stools by BFX

For over 30 years, BFX has been one of the most prominent office furniture manufacturers and distributors in Australia. We've served a large number of small- and large-scale businesses.

Since 1986, we are providing an unparalleled quality of furniture to our valued customers like you. Throughout the journey, we've never failed to live upon the expectations of our customers.

All over the lands of Australia, we have a great number of furniture showrooms.

You can find our furniture warehouses and showrooms in places such as Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, and Brisbane. Our furniture showrooms provide us with a great competitive edge over all our competitors.

Due to such great coverage in Australia, we are capable of providing you with timely and convenient delivery of your required furniture in all major parts of Australia.

Moreover, if you need furniture in bulk, we have ready-made units available in our warehouses as well.

All our furniture is manufactured on the basis of industrial standards and best practices. Due to this, our furniture is always the best in terms of quality. Moreover, you’ll always find legal certifications such as AFRDI and GECA on all our products. These certifications mark for the reliability and trust of our service and the unmatchable quality of our furniture.

At BFX, you can choose from a large number of office stools in a great variety of designs, specifications, colours, and material. Therefore, you can easily find the one that creates a spark in the existing look of your office.

We provide you with a great variety of furniture at highly competitive prices. Therefore, make sure that you shop for your required office furniture through us.

A New Furniture Shopping Experience

Shopping for office furniture has always been an exhaustive and tedious task. There are a lot of things that you need to consider to make sure that you make the best purchase decision.

Moreover, when you have such a large number of variations available, it becomes an overwhelming task to shortlist a particular piece of furniture.

Furthermore, when you are shopping for your desired furniture online, all you can do is look at the pictures of your product. This won't allow you to know about all the specifications and aspects of your desired furniture.

Therefore, to make furniture shopping hassle-free and less daunting for you, we provide you with a completely new way to shop for your desired furniture.

If you are a business owner in Australia, we highly suggest you pay a visit to our furniture showrooms to shop for your desired furniture. We not only show you furniture with a price tag but allow you to gain physical experience of our products like if they are being used in a real office. In this way, you can always make sure that you make a great purchase decision by ensuring that everything is right.

On top of that, if you are having problems with selecting your required furniture, you can meet our expert consultants at our furniture workstations.

Moreover, all our showrooms are categorized on the basis of different designs. Therefore, you can always find great inspiration for the choice and placement of furniture for your office. Shopping for furniture was never so easy and fun - before BFX stepped into the game.

Fixed Height Office Stools

If you have a workspace that requires their employees to stand for long durations of time, the fixed-height office stools by BFX are a great choice for you. These stools promote an active sitting posture for your employees and maintain their productivity.

These stools also make sure that your employees don't have to deal with back pain. They are available in several eye-catching designs and promote great flexibility as well as movement in both standing and sitting postures.

They also provide you with great comfort with the help of a foam seat. Furthermore, there are a great number of fabric options available for you.

We produce these fixed height office stools in numerous bright colours and designs. Therefore, you can always find the one that matches all your requirements. So, make sure that you check out the amazing collection of fixed height office stools at BFX.

Height Adjustable Office Stools

At BFX, we also provide you with a great range of height adjustable office stools. As you may already know, each of your employees has a unique height. Due to this, if they use fixed height stools, they might be exerting undue pressure on their legs, neck, and shoulder muscles.

This can lead to body pain and various other ailments related to body and muscles. With the help of height-adjustable stools for your office, you can make sure that all your employees are in the best of their health. These stools can be adjusted according to the height of each individual.

Therefore, with these stools, you can remove any undue pressure from your legs and stay more productive. We have a great range of colours and designs available for our collection of height-adjustable stools.

Therefore, you can easily find the one that fits the best for your office design.

Mobile Office Stools

If you are in search of seating solutions that can be easily relocated from one part of your office to another, make sure you take a look at the mobile office furniture stools at BFX. These chairs have frictionless tires beneath them to allow them to move freely from one place to another without the need to lift them.

This makes it easier to move these chairs from one part of your office to another. Moreover, when you are not using these stools, you can easily relocate them without the need to lift them. At BFX, we have a large variety of mobile office stools available. You can choose from a large number of designs, colours, and materials. Hence, you can get everything that matches the existing design of your office. So, make sure you check out our collection of mobile office stools right away.


If your office requires work that needs your employees to stand for a significant amount of time, you must take a look at these stackable office furniture stools provided by BFX. The significant benefit of these stools is that you can store them on the top of one another.

By doing so, you can save a lot of space in your office. Therefore, for the people with a small office area, these stools will prove to be very useful. Apart from their stackable behaviour, they are comfortable as well.

They provide you with a comfy cushion designed with keeping ergonomics in mind. Moreover, with a large number of colour options available for you by BFX, you can surely find something that matches the look and feel of your office. So, make sure that you look for your desired furniture either on the website or at our showrooms.

Customer Service

Online shopping provides you with great convenience by allowing you to shop for your favourite products from the comfort of your home. However, a lot of people hesitate from shopping online due to the lack of transparency and trust in it. The main reason for the limited trust is the lack of appropriate contact options and customer support.

After all, when you are purchasing something as valuable as office stools, you'll never want to make a bad decision. Therefore, to help you make a better purchase decision, BFX provides a highly skilled team of customer service representatives at your service. Whether you have a complaint, feedback, or a query, you can feel free to get in touch with our customer service associated to get an appropriate solution for your queries.

Moreover, in addition to great customer support, we also provide you with additional services for free of costs such as 3D space planning, on-site measurement, and after-sales support.

Furthermore, if you need help with the selection of appropriate furniture for your office, you can ask our expert consultants to pay a visit to your office. Our experts will analyze the space and provide you with the best suggestions for the furniture requirements of your office. Hence, shop with great transparency and support from BFX.

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