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Office Stools

Browse our full range of office stools below and be inspired by the possibilities of active seating in your workplace. We stock a variety of self-balancing stools, mobile stools and height adjustable stools.

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  1. Alberi Bar Stool -  Black
    Alberi Bar Stool - Black
    $275Price: $335Save: $60
  2. Tromso Bar Stool
    Tromso Bar Stool
    $145Price: $225Save: $80
  3. Whitby Bar Stool
    Whitby Bar Stool
    $185Price: $225Save: $40
  4. Espy Bar Stool
    Espy Bar Stool
    $199Price: $239Save: $40
  5. Castel Counter Height Stool
    Castel Counter Height Stool
    $209Price: $255Save: $46
  6. Suno Stool
    Suno Stool
    $235Price: $285Save: $50
  7. Motion Pivot Stool
    Motion Pivot Stool
    $279Price: $335Save: $56
  8. Motion Work Stool
    Motion Work Stool
    $169Price: $205Save: $36
  9. Motion Footring Stool
    Motion Footring Stool
    $239Price: $289Save: $50
  10. Alberi Bar Stool
    Alberi Bar Stool
    $155Price: $335Save: $180
  11. Data Gas Lift Stool
    Data Gas Lift Stool
    $249Price: $299Save: $50

18 Items

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