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Welcome to BFX furniture, the leading supplier of office furniture in Australia. With about 50 experienced project consultants across all states, BFX is committed to delivering high quality office fitouts for business of all sizes.

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BFX is a dominant supplier and manufacturer of high-quality office furniture in Australia. We have a professional team of expert sales consultants across the country. If you’re looking for an unparalleled range of furniture for your office regardless of its size, BFX is certainly a perfect match for you.

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Australia’s Eminent Provider And Supplier Of Commercial Furniture For Education, Business, And Government

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More than 50,000 Products With Quality And Safety Certifications

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Assembly, On-going Support, Placement, Delivery, And Rubbish Removal

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BFX Furniture is the leading manufacturer and supplier of top-notch quality of office furniture in Hobart. With a high service standard, we’ve been providing an uncompetitive range of office furniture Hobart for decades.

Therefore, if you’re in need of furniture for your office furniture in Hobart, we certainly fit the bill for an amazing quality of furniture at highly affordable rates.


Our Expertise Lies in Our Customer-Oriented Services

When it comes to office furniture supply and manufacturing in Hobar, BFX is known for its excellent customer service. We ensure that we cater all your furniture-related requirements on time and commit to a fast turnaround time for delivery.

Our services also include a quick processing policy for all the orders you place online. We guarantee you an on-time furniture delivery in Hobar and make sure that you get an unforgettable and memorable service when you shop through BFX.

Our dedicated team includes only professionals with great dedication, interest, and integrity to serve you according to your requirements. We also happily address all your queries and concerns over a call. This makes our services highly personalized and provides you with a completely satisfactory purchase experience.

Excellent Experience In The Industry

With over decades of industrial expertise, BFX furniture understands your requirements clearly and helps you according to your needs.

We also offer personalized workstations according to the needs of different industries such as law firms, call centres, real estate, and many more. Our market research team conducts hours of research to understand the ranging requirements for a variety of industries. This allows us to provide a completely unique industrial experience. We’re one of the most reliable and credible suppliers of office furniture in Hobart.

We Crave A Great Product And design Quality

If the quality of your office furniture matters to you, BFX is your one-stop solution. We always stay updated with the latest trends of designs in the furniture industry. Due to this, we always provide you with furniture products that not only look good but also perform great.

Additionally, we always make sure that we use high-quality raw materials for the manufacturing of our range of office tables and desks. All the raw materials that we use are sourced from trusted manufacturers to ensure that they meet your quality standards. We’ve got numerous unique and attractive designs to help you make an engaging workspace.

Timely Product Delivery And Free Placement

With excellent coverage across Hobart, we are capable of providing you with convenient and timely delivery of your order across the state. Moreover, with every purchase you make, you also enjoy free-of-cost furniture placement by our team. Our expert staff makes sure that your furniture shopping is always a hassle-free process.

Enjoy A Free Consultation

While you shop for office furniture, you need to consider a lot of factors that make the process quite boring and daunting. BFX does all the hard work for you to make your shopping experience exciting and fun. When shopping with BFX, you can enjoy a free consultation from our experts to understand your requirements in a better way.

Our experts visit and analyze your space to provide you with credible purchase guidance. We also help you throughout your purchase, from selection to placement. The objective of this free consultation is to make you informed about your needs. This prevents you from making a bad purchase decision that may affect you financially.

Our experts also take on-site measurements to suggest furniture as per the size of your office. Once everything is determined, we prepare a space planning blueprint along with a quotation to make you aware of the necessary details. This completely guarantees that your selected furniture will meet your requirements.

Furniture That Goes Away Easily With Your Existing Design

An ideal piece of furniture will certainly complement your existing office design. With our precisely designed products, you can get an appealing and professional look for your office. This makes your business stand out and possess a positive image of your brand to your customers and employees.

That’s only possible because our furniture is designed while keeping the existing appearance of your office in mind. Our range of furniture provides a highly attractive and appealing look to your workspace. If you have a dedicated theme for your brand, we can also design your furniture in context with it.

So, if you need a personalized range of furniture for your office that represents your brand, make sure that you give us a call right now and fulfil your furniture related requirements.

Get Office Furniture With An Amazing Functionality And Flexibility

To get the best value for money, you must ensure that your product functions properly while shopping for office furniture. In addition to this, you also need to determine the flexibility of your selected piece of furniture.

With BFX Furniture, you’re always assured to get a great quality of furniture with high flexibility and functionality. Our exclusive range of office tables, desks, and storage cabinets are completely multipurpose and provide a great blend of functionality and flexibility.

Therefore, when you shop for your favourite office furniture in Hobart with BFX, you’re definitely making a perfect choice. We’re readily available to help you with your furniture shopping to make sure that you get a great value for money.

Provide Aesthetic Values And Reflect Your Brand’s Identity With Our Collection

If you require office furniture that perfectly goes away with the existing design and aesthetics of your workspace, you’ve already found a sweet spot. BFX furniture provides you with a range of custom-designed products that help you spark up the look and feel of your office to make it a stress-free space for your employees. So, when you shop for your desired office furniture with BFX, you can also ensure that you increase the overall productivity of your business.

Select From A Wide Range of Products

BFX Furniture includes an endless range of office furniture designed as per the requirements of your space. We assure the proper quality and safety of our products. We’re your all-in-one place to get high-quality office furniture in Hobart. We have a great collection of furniture products listed in our online catalogue. Therefore, make sure that you check out our website. Here’s a gist of the products that we provide at BFX Furniture:

Multipurpose Office Desks in Hobart

Even if you have the comfiest chairs for your office, there would be no increase in productivity without a good office desk. A perfect office desk provides you with a very supportive, durable, and comfortable seating experience according to the nature of your work. For instance, if your business requires your employees to sit for a long period of time, a multipurpose office desk will help your employees’ transition from sitting to standing positions and vice versa.

Furthermore, along with great workability, you also need to make sure that your office desks are designed as per the designation of your employees. There are numerous office desks as per the designation of your employees such as operator desks, executive desks, and CEO desks. BFX Furniture provides you with an unparalleled range of office desks that match the layout of your workspace. We also have a corner and L-shaped desks that help you make efficient use of your free space. Here’s a complete list of office desks available at BFX:

  • Straight desks
  • Steel framed office desks
  • Corner desks
  • Conference desks
  • Office workstations
  • Caddies and Hutches
  • Sit-stand office desks
  • Reception desks

Our range of multipurpose office desks is designed to help you meet your daily requirements too.

Ergonomic Office Chairs in Hobart

In most modern offices, employees are required to sit for a long period of time. However, while your employees are performing their regular desk-based jobs, they don’t seem to care about their seating posture.

If your business also includes prolonged sitting hours of employees, you must consider installing ergonomic office chairs in your office. These chairs are crafted with designs that provide adequate support to your body and offer a comfortable seating experience. With these chairs, your employees won’t have to deal with back pain that’ll enhance their productivity.

An ergonomic office chair can also be adjusted according to the height and weight of your employees. Our expert consultants help you determine all these requirements before you make a purchase decision.

To get an amazing quality of ergonomic office chairs in Hobart, make sure you check out BFX furniture. Our collection of office chairs is built while keeping ergonomics and comfort in mind. With our range of office chairs, you can always enjoy a supportive and comfortable seating experience. Here’s what an ergonomic office chair offers:

  • Armrest Adjustment: Ergonomic office chairs have adjustable armrests that can be easily modified according to the typing preferences of the user.
  • Frictionless Castors: Ergonomic office chairs also have frictionless castors that make it easier for you to move them from one place to another without carrying them.
  • Height Adjustment: An ergonomic office chair allows its user to adjust its length as per his/her height.
  • Seat Pan Adjustment: Ergonomic chairs also include an adjustable seat pan that promotes a better blood flow in your legs by allowing the user to change the depth of the seat.
  • Backrest Adjustment: Ergonomic office chairs also make your back feel less-strained and relaxed by allowing you to adjust the tile and angle of the backrest.

BFX Furniture offers an amazing range of ergonomic office chairs in Hobart. Therefore, make sure you check our products at BFX website or furniture showrooms. Here’s what types of office chairs we provide:

  • Mesh Office Chairs
  • Executive Office Chairs
  • Lounge Seats
  • Boardroom Chairs
  • Visitor Chairs
  • Booth Seats
  • Operator Office Chairs
  • Cafeteria Chairs

Apart from these types of chairs, we also offer custom-made chairs to meet the different requirements of your employees. If you’re interested in getting these chairs, you can feel free to visit our furniture showrooms or place an order online.

Spacious Storage Cabinets in Hobart

Once you’re done with the seating solutions for your office, you must consider having a look at storage solutions to keep your personal belongings safe and secure. With BFX furniture, you can choose from numerous storage solutions including:

  • Pedestals
  • Filing cabinets
  • Under desk storage
  • Office wall units
  • Metal shelving
  • Bookcases

So, make sure that you count on BFX for all your storage-related requirements.

Flexible Office Tables in Hobart

BFX furniture provides a great variety of office tables that can be used for numerous purposes such as conferences and meetings. Here’s a rundown of office tables we provide:

  • Coffee tables
  • Meeting tables
  • Steel office tables
  • High-quality Boardroom tables
  • Flip tables
  • Cafeteria tables

Hence, if you’re searching for highly functional and flexible office tables, BFX is certainly the perfect match for you.

Get A Free Consultation Now

Before you start shopping for office furniture, BFX offers you a free expert consultation to determine your requirements and help make a better purchase decision. So, call us right now and book a free consultation in minutes.

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