Student Tote Units

With the rise of flexible seating and collaborative learning, students need a place to store and easily access their belongings. Our range of Tote Units offers flexbile storage options suitable for any learning environment.

Modern Student Tote Units for An Organised Classroom

For over 30 years, we've been serving numerous educational sectors with our endless variety of classroom furniture in Australia. Apart from storage units, you can also rely on BFX for all your classroom furniture such as desks and benches.

Operating since 1986, we've never failed to deliver more than the expectations of our valued customers. Moreover, we have significant expertise and hands-on experience in the furniture industry.

Over time, we have gained the trust and faith of our customers. The quality of the furniture is our top-most priority. To make sure that we always provide you with unparalleled quality of furniture, we manufacture it by following proper industrial standards and best practices.

Furthermore, all our furniture collections have legal certifications such as GECA and AFRDI. These certifications are not just marks for the excellent quality of furniture but also the reliability and trust of our services.

We have a vast number of furniture showrooms around Australia. Our showrooms provide us with a competitive edge over other furniture providers in Australia.

Due to our showrooms, we are capable of providing you with timely and convenient delivery of your desired furniture. Moreover, our showrooms also allow us to provide you with a highly affordable price for your required furniture.

We also have readymade units available in case you need a particular piece of furniture in bulk.

In primary classrooms, lack of storage space can cause a lot of problems. Primary schools involve a lot of learning experiences that include hands-on activity such as art and craft. Due to a lack of storage, students might lose their belongings.

With our unmatchable range of tote tray storage units, your students won't have to worry about missing even a single thing. It has ample space to store your materials like markers, pens, stationery supplies, papers, and craft supplies.

Our range of storage solutions for your schools makes it a cakewalk to organise your classroom supplies. With several features like locking castors, you can easily rearrange the classroom without any hassles. Talking about the durability, these storage units are highly sturdy in their build.

They are made with the finest quality of materials that is safe from toxins. We not only build furniture but assets that cope up with the ever-changing educational sector.

Shop with A New Experience

When you shop for school furniture, you need to look after a lot of things such as size, durability, and design of a particular piece of furniture. However, when you shop online, all you can do is skim through the pictures of products; this limits your ability to gain real insights about your desired furniture.

Moreover, it also increases your chances of making a wrong purchase decision because you need to believe whatever is written/shown on the website. However, when you are shopping for something as valuable as tote trays, you may always want to be on the safe side.

Therefore, to give you a satisfactory experience with your purchase, we provide you with a unique and innovative way to shop for your desired furniture.

If you own a school or reading space in Australia, we highly recommend you to pay a visit to our furniture showrooms. When you shop for your desired furniture through our showrooms, you can always make sure that you make an accurate purchase decision.

At our showrooms, you can analyse everything in your desired furniture and gain insights over it.

We don't just show you furniture with its price tag but an environment where you can know how a particular piece of furniture looks and works in a classroom setting.

Moreover, when you shop for your desired furniture through our showrooms, you can also get a chance to meet our expert sales consultants. Our experts will help you throughout your purchase and will provide you with proper guidance. Furthermore, all our showrooms are categorised into different themes.

Therefore, it facilitates the selection of school furniture by offering a realistic view of the products. If you feel overwhelmed with the endless options available online, you can always hop in to see how they fit and function in an actual classroom environment.

Shopping for your desired school furniture through our showrooms ensures that you get peace of mind as well as reliable products with every purchase.

Fixed Height Student Tote Units

At BFX, we have an endless variety of fixed-height school tote trays that allows you to organise your classroom supplies easily. These trays have a perfect size for primary class students. Moreover, they provide plenty of space to keep all the accessories safe and secure. They are available in a vibrant range of colour and shapes. Therefore, you can easily find the one that matches with the existing look and feel of your classroom.

In addition to great design, these trays are also very flexible. They take up less space and save a lot of floor space as well. Therefore, make sure that you check out our range of fixed height tote trays.

Mobile Student Tote Units

We also have a highly versatile range of tote trays for schools with a mobility feature. These tote trays have frictionless tires beneath them that makes it easier for you to relocate these trays from one place to another.

This also allows you to easily store these tote trays when you are not using them. They are available in several vibrant colours and easily blend in with the existing look of your classroom. Moreover, they are highly durable and can easily store a lot of things.

These tote trolleys also provide you with a wide opening to store materials such as pens, stationery items, and craft items. We provide these trolleys in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Therefore, you can always find the one that matches the storage needs of your classroom.

Whiteboard Surface Student Tote Units

At BFX, you can also choose from a great variety of tote trays for school desks with a whiteboard surface. These trays have a whiteboard surface at the top that allows your students to scribble and make doodles without harming the design of the tray.

You can also use these whiteboard surfaces to mark the different storage areas for different things. This will allow you to make your classroom even more organised. These tables are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

Moreover, they look fabulous in a classroom setting. They can quickly spark up the look of your classroom. Talking about the space, they provide you with ample storage space without occupying much of your floor space. Therefore, you must make sure to check these trays out.

Steel Frame Student Tote Units

We also provide a dynamic range of classroom tray storage with steel frames. Their bodies are made of steel, offering exceptional durability and sturdiness. Therefore, you can store a lot of things without worrying about them breaking.

In addition to being durable, they are also pleasing in terms of design. With a shiny appearance and plethora of designs, these tray storage units can easily complement the look of your classroom.

Moreover, with their exceptional storage capacity, you can organise everything in your class with ease.

Furthermore, they provide you with a lot of floor space, which can be utilised as a working or walking area. Therefore, make sure that you check out the steel frame tote tray storage units available at BFX.

Customer Service

Online shopping provides you with a lot of conveniences by allowing you to shop for your desired furniture from the comfort of your home. However, a lot of people don't consider it as a reliable way to shop for furniture.

That's because people believe that online shopping doesn't involve transparency and adequate customer support. However, we'd like to let you know that there's a thin line of difference between shady websites and authorities.

Therefore, to make sure that you get a great experience with your shopping for storage tote shelving systems, we have a professional team of customer service associates at your service. If you have any queries, complaints, or even feedback, you can feel free to get in touch with our customer support team.

Our experts will actively listen to your concerns and provide you with an adequate solution for the same. In this way, you can always have a great experience with your purchase.

In addition to it, our experts will also help you with additional services such as furniture placement, 3D space planning, and after-sales support. Moreover, you can also ask our experts to pay a visit to your school and take on-site measurements of your space.

After that, our experts can suggest the best-suited furniture for your school. Furthermore, we always keep everything transparent throughout the purchase. Hence, shopping for furniture with BFX is always a hassle-free and satisfactory experience.

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