Tub Chairs

Classic Designs, modernised. Our range of Tub Chairs is perfect for Breakout spaces, Receptions and aiting areas.

Modern Tub Chairs for an Elegant Office Space

When it comes to seating solutions for offices, BFX is the most prominent solution for you. At BFX, we've been serving valued customers like you for about 30 years and providing a top-grade quality of office furniture and seating solutions for an extremely catchy office décor or setup. Since 1986, we have been serving a great range of tub chairs online to a large number of small as well as medium businesses.

Our range of office furniture and tub chairs are highly versatile and are available in an endless variety of designs and colours. Moreover, we also provide our tub chairs in variations of materials used. With us, you will surely manage to get your desired tub chairs for your office space. We have a skilful team of expert designers and prominent consultants.

With the help of our team, you will be able to gain expert suggestions that will help you with an even better furniture selection. Furthermore, if you are not comfortable with online shopping, you can always hit us up at our furniture showrooms to assess all your furniture physically.

We have our showrooms settled up in all the major parts of Australia such as Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney. Therefore, you can surely rely on us for all your seating related requirements for your office. So, take a look at the endless variety of furniture available and select your desired ones.

We not only bring you the greatest designs and quality but also innovative technologies that provide you with great satisfaction with your purchase.

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At BFX, we understand all your fears and concerns with online shopping for cafe tub chairs. You may be worried about the quality of your product or its durability. However, when you shop with BFX, you are always assured of a great quality of furniture with the most prominent designs.

Moreover, to eradicate all your issues with product assessment, we invite you to visit our furniture showrooms and physically check out the range of furniture available. At our furniture showrooms, you can feel the look and quality of your furniture and analyse how it will look in your office. Moreover, at our showrooms, you can also meet our expert consultants and discuss great designs for your office. Our experts will surely help you with all your concerns and problems related to our furniture.

Therefore, hop-in and get a whole new experience of purchasing furniture right now. All of our showrooms are categorized on the basis of numerous designs to help you with a better selection of furniture for your office.

Mobile Tub Chairs

Tub chairs are usually highly durable and carry a good amount of weight. Due to this, they are capable of providing a longer working life and bear a high amount of wear and tear. Our range of office tub chairs are made with a prominent grade of material and provide a subtle strength.

Moreover, due to their heavyweight, they are very hard to move from one place to another. Therefore, to make things easier for you, we provide you with mobile tub chairs. These chairs are equipped with four frictionless round tires to help you relocate your tub chair with ease. You can easily move your furniture from one part to another part of your office through these tires. Moreover, with the help of these chairs, you can even migrate from one part of your office to another while being seated.

These tub chairs also provide you with a comfortable experience with the help of cushions. On top of that, they also provide you with back support with a flexible joint to help you reduce the pressure on your spine and get a highly comfortable experience.

With mobile tub chairs, it is extremely simple to experiment with the positioning of your furniture because you won't have to deal with exhaustion involved with the lifting of the heavy furniture.

Therefore, take a look at the wide range of collection of tub chairs available at no other place than BFX. We provide you with a diverse range of designs with exotic colours and numerous types of materials.

Tub Chairs with Arm Support

Our great collection of tub chairs for offices provides you with an uttermost level of comfort with the help of soft cushions. Moreover, to make your comfort level reach its peak, we provide you with an endless category of tub chairs with arm support. With our arm support tub chairs, you can promote a great seating posture while using the chair. As a result, you can get rid of various muscle ailments such as back and joint pain.

Furthermore, our arm support tub chairs not only provide a platform of support for your arm muscles but also the muscles of other parts such as shoulders and neck.

With the help of this, you will never have to worry about a bad sitting posture and muscle pain related to it. Our range of tub chairs with arm support is also best in terms of durability so that they can support any type of person with ease. We have a large number of designs available with a great range of colours, material, and textile.

Furthermore, we have several types of attractive designs and patchwork available that can easily complement the look of your overall office décor. With the help of these chairs, you can also promote great productivity in your office by providing a comfortable seating solution to your employees. Therefore, make sure that you scroll down to find the most amazing designs at the best and genuine price. You'll surely find your desired tub chairs for your office.

Customer Service

At BFX, we never consider a single transaction as our end goal. Instead, we always thrive to make life-long relationships with our prestigious clients like you. Therefore, to provide you with the most prominent experience, we provide you with the best customer service. We help you with a large number of things for absolutely free. For instance, our experts will assist you in on-site measuring, 3D space planning, and design consultancy for absolutely free. Therefore, always make sure that you consider us for all your tub lounge chairs related needs.