Hospitality Furniture

Most offices have communal gathering spaces where people convene for lunches or social occasions. For these spaces, it makes sense to invest in specific hospitality furniture. Hospitality furniture like the Platter High Table or the Cali Bar Table makes it easy for employees to gather and converse while having a place to rest beverages or snacks.

Hospitality furniture is also well-suited for businesses in hospitality industries, like restaurants or even hotel lobbies. Bar stools that are counter-height can pull up to high-top tables or bars and make it more convenient for people to gather in small groups. Alternatively, hospitality furniture may be a good opportunity for you to add fun pops of colour in your office decor. Infuse some energy and fun into a space. There are many options of BFX hospitality furniture that are colourful and eye-catching to differentiate a hospitality space from a more serious workspace. Some examples are the Konfurm Duoblock Outdoor chair which is waterproof, so you can use it in an outdoor gathering setting and the Maya Cafe Chair which is lime green. Consider what you will need to use your hospitality furniture for—whether you run a restaurant where the pieces will get tons of use, or have a break room for people to gather in occasionally, then choose hospitality furniture pieces based on those needs.

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