Sit and Stand Desks

Innovative Office Sit & Stand Desks for Workplace Wellbeing

If you are looking forward to creating a more proactive and dynamic office environment, the collection of high-end furniture from BFX is sure to serve the purpose.

Our products are quality-certified, safe and durable, which help us to develop a long-term relationship with our customers. BFX is a leading supplier of innovative and future-focused office desks and tables that offer great comfort at work, ensuring great productivity.

With over 30 years of service, BFX aims to provide advanced ergonomic designs that enable your employees to thrive in modern working environments where creativity, spontaneity, and visual thinking are stimulated continuously.

BFX is a proud provider of revolutionary SmarTable™ Office Tables that offer ease of use, movement, and adjustability - which makes them the "numero uno" of office desks and tables in Australia. They can be adjusted to different heights with a push-button, moved around on their castors, or locked in place.

Our Sit-Stand desks range encourages flexible operating by enabling employees to work in both seated or upright positions. Nowadays, the Sit-Stand desks are getting quite popular because it has impressive benefits for health such as reducing back pain, lowering the risk of heart disease and blood sugar levels, lowering obesity and weight gain, and many more.

It also helps to boost productivity along with the improvement of work mood and energy levels. Explore your best options today.

The Difference

We are different from other furniture companies because of our commitment to quality assurance.

If you are in Australia, we recommend you to visit our offline stores or showrooms that are located in several prime locations such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Perth and so on. BFX showrooms provide effortless furniture shopping experience along with great placement advice by furniture experts.

So, you can browse our website for a full catalogue of office furniture sit-stand desks or visit our showrooms to select the best office desk that suits your work environment.

We highly recommend these standing office desks that encourage flexible operating by enabling employees to work in both seated or upright positions. Explore your best options today.

While other furniture companies just showcase their product with a price tag, we are more focused on sharing the experience that our furniture can bring into your workspace. With a lot of options available in our showrooms, you will be able to pick the best-suited commercial desks according to your preferences.

Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Office ergonomics specialists are constantly suggesting to use height adjustable office desks as it is not good to sit in the same position for more than a few hours at a time.

You can even face long-term health issues. Each of our office adjustable desks  can be altered in height according to your comfort level. This will help to protect your spine and also it will help to reduce the risk of aching.

You can adjust our Sit-Stand desk to different heights with a simple push button to suit your best seating posture. This electronic height adjusting feature makes it more convenient to its users. It is high-time when you should look after your staff’s health condition and well-being in the workplace.

Our height adjustable office desks come with a wide surface where you can keep all your essentials. BFX has an aim to increase the productivity of a workplace and that is why we are offering these comfortable height adjustable desks. We assure you maximum comfort and flexibility with our products. Shop today to avail the best offers.

Steel Frame Sit and Stand Desks

The height adjustable steel frame sit and stand desks will be great for employees looking for a back-pain relief while working long hours. Simply by tapping a button, adjust the level electronically, best suited to your comfort. There will be two options for you. You can choose white or black powder-coat steel frames.

The anti-collision and anti-tilt features have been incorporated by keeping the factor of safety in mind. It minimizes the risk of getting injured while adjusting the height of the desk.

Furthermore, we have added the intuitive controls to serve the customers who are extremely health conscious. You can also adjust the work surface height and posture easily with the help of a Bluetooth control system upgrade that is compatible with a tailored app in both Android and iOS devices.

To renew your office space and give it a visionary touch, go with the steel-frame sit-stand office desks offered by BFX in various sizes and colours.

2 Person Sit and Stand Desks

We are also offering Standing office desks that can be used by two persons at a time. These 2-person office desks can be pretty cost-efficient also. You can accommodate two employees in a single office desk.

These desks feature 3-stage frame design that allows changing the work surface height and posture. You will have complete freedom to choose between seating and standing postures.

These innovative office desks Australia is now available in three different sizes. Also, integrated power management option, Cable Trays, is available in these desks.

It promotes easy mobility and many more interesting features. If you want a custom size desk, then contact our customer care executives, and we will make sure that we meet your individual needs in the best possible ways.

Customer Service

In the case of online purchases, there are some issues that bother customers. So, it is important to consult an expert before making an online purchase.

Dedicated BFX online consultation team is always there to help you out with colour recommendations, fixing goals and budget, rubbish removal, delivery, installation, etc. Our BFX Furniture Consultant’s assistance can fulfil all your space planning needs also.

Our primary concern is to create an aesthetically appealing as well as a professionally rewarding working environment. We also recommend you to visit our showrooms for having a personalized shopping experience.

Our qualified consultants are there to walk you through the high-quality products we offer. There are several sections for office furniture desks that are categorized separately according to themes, designs, sizes and budgets.

Also, all the products come with a warranty so that we can serve our customers in case of any issues with an already purchased product. Shop with us today and enjoy  the best office desk solutions.

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