Sit and Stand Desks

Utilising the latest in anti collision and height adjustment technology, our range of Sit Stand desks offer unparalleled quality and ergonomics.

Sit Stand Desks are an Innovative Way to Increase Wellbeing in the Workplace

If you want an office environment that is more proactive and dynamic than ever before, the high-end furniture collection from BFX has what you need. Our products are not only quality-certified. They are also safe and durable. Whether you have employees who are working from home or you need something for your office staff, you can find quality furniture that will last and work well for a long time.

BFX is focused on building good, lasting relationships with our customers. One way we do this is by being a leading supplier of future-focused, innovative sit stand desks. We also offer other office furniture options, that all work with the push of a button. Modern working environments call for modern solutions, and that requires employees to offer spontaneity, creativity, and visual thinking. The right furniture is a big part of that.

From height adjustable standing desk options to tables and chairs, our furniture can move easily to form cohesive workgroups. BFX proudly provides SmarTable™ Office Tables, which are easy to use, move, and adjust. They are number one in office tables and desks throughout Australia.

Our sit stand desks encourage employees to work in both upright and seated positions. This gives them the opportunity for more motion and better health throughout the workday. Less back pain and reduced heart disease risk are just two of the benefits of sit stand desks.

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Height Adjustable Standing Desks

Office ergonomics professionals say that height adjustable office desks are healthier for your employees. Sitting in the same position for a long period has negative health impacts, and these desks help reduce the risk. With a stand up desk, it is possible to reduce the risks experienced when spending too much time sitting in one place.

The ability to adjust from sitting to standing quickly and efficiently means employees can sit for part of their day and stand for part of it, providing a healthier and better balance. Every BFX adjustable desk can be changed in height. They move to fit the comfort level of the user, and you can adjust the sit stand desk to different heights with the push of a button.

A single motor system quickly and efficiently moves the desktop height, so the employee does not have to do anything beyond press the button. This feature makes it easier for users to get the right height for work, and also helps them avoid sitting in one spot all day. Depending on the project an employee is working on, the desk can be raised or lowered to improve the convenience, as well as the ability to perform the work.

The wide surface of our height adjustable standing desk lets you keep all your important things in one place. BFX understands the need to be productive, and to have everything nearby for more efficiency. Employees can get more done in their workday, when they have a stand up desk that can easily be adjusted in height. With maximum comfort and flexibility, you can shop with confidence.

Steel Frame Sit and Stand Desks

Our height adjustable steel frame sit stand desks are great choices for employees who work long hours. They often need relief from back pain. By pushing a button, the electric height adjustable desk moves to a height that works for that employee. There are two color options for these desks, which are white or black frames in powder-coated steel.

There are anti-collision and anti-tilt features on these desks that lower the risk of injury while adjusting the height. Additionally, we also offer intuitive controls to help customers who are more health-focused. The work surface height and posture adjust easily with a Bluetooth control system upgrade. This upgrade is compatible with an app for both Android and iOS devices.

In order to renew the space in your office and improve your workday, you can choose a sit stand desk from BFX in the size and colour that's right for you and your employees. Not only does that help with comfort and productivity, but it also adds a fresh, new look to the workspace that can help encourage employees and make them feel better, as well.

Two-Person Sit and Stand Desks

BFX also offers standing office desks for use by two people at once. These desks are cost-efficient, and can mean fewer desks in the same space, but just as many employees. They allow for two employees at the same desk. They offer a three-stage frame design, which lets the posture and work surface height change quickly. The design also provides complete freedom for standing or sitting easily.

These innovative office desks are available in Australia in three different sizes. They also have the option for integrated power management, cable management, and monitor arm adjustment, for convenience. There are ways to use them for all types of work environments, and a stand up desk can be used by nearly every employee, and for most kinds of working needs.

If you are looking for a custom-sized desk, we can also meet your requirements for that. By reaching out to our customer care executives, we can work with you to handle your specific needs. Let us know what size and type of sit stand desk you need, and we can talk about available options.

Shop with us today, and enjoy the best that high-quality height adjustable standing desk solutions have to offer.