Outdoor School Furniture

The amazing collection of outdoor furniture at BFX includes single tables, single chairs, outdoor group setting furniture, group benches with back support, steel group benches, hardwood group benches, aluminium group benches, and a lot more to cater to all your seating needs.

Innovative and Durable Outdoor School Furniture By BFX

BFX is your one-stop solution to purchase high-quality desks, benches, chairs, and outdoor setting furniture in Australia. We are one of the most reliable and trusted manufacturers and suppliers of school furniture.

We have expertise of 30 years in the industry. Moreover, our service is backed by experts and a dedicated team for market research. With our range of outdoor school furniture, we aim to solve all your outdoor seating problems.

We don't just deliver high-quality and reliable furniture but also a service that boasts design innovation and brilliance. Our products cope up with the ever-changing educational sector.

Our outdoor school furniture is available in a wide range of pleasing designs. Moreover, they also provide you with efficient workability with a high-quality build.

Our furniture units are designed in a way to improve productivity, swiftness, and clarity among your students. After all, most of the school-time memories are made outside.

Whether it is a lunch break, sports days, or excursions, our furniture units make it easier for your students to spend quality time outside. Moreover, a study suggests that learning outside is both relaxing and stimulating for students. Our outdoor school tables provide you with a perfectly flat surface for writing.

Moreover, school outdoor furniture is also essential for students to rest after an exhausting sports activity.

Furthermore, as you may already know, it's a bit hard to enjoy lunch when there's nowhere to sit. With that said, outdoor tables are a great asset to allow your students to comfortably enjoy lunch outside.

Since the furniture is to be kept outside, it needs to deal with harsh weather and other elements. Our outdoor furniture is designed to withstand all atmospheric conditions.

It also benefits teachers by providing them with a place to sit and supervise the children. They can easily recuperate and focus in a better way.

Moreover, you can also encourage conversations among your students by providing them with group tables to sit.

Whether you have a small outdoors or a large one, BFX provides you with all the appropriate pieces of furniture ready to ship your way. Moreover, in the case of a bulk demand, we also have readymade units available for you.

Furthermore, with our team of expert sales consultants, we can easily help you with the space planning of your outdoors.

Our experts will suggest the best units for your outdoor furniture that will not only look and work good but also save you plenty of space. Whether you're remodeling your outdoors or setting up furniture for the first time, BFX can help you with all the required furniture to enhance your outdoors.

Furthermore, our expert consultants will also reach out to your space and analyze the seating needs of your school to suggest the best suited furniture. After analyzing the space, they'll provide you with the best products that maximize space and fulfil all your requirements.

Then, we'll provide you with a quotation for your desired furniture available on both the BFX website and store locations.

We have furniture stores located in various places including Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Sydney, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and many more.

The Difference

Online shopping is a highly daunting and exhaustive task. While shopping for outdoor furniture, there are a lot of things that you need to consider to make a great purchase decision. Moreover, numerous accounting factors, such as durability, size, shape, accommodation, and design, contribute to the overall quality of a single piece of furniture.

However, when you shop for school furniture online, it's very hard to gain such insights about your desired furniture.

A website only allows you to scroll through product pictures and specifications that aren't going to help you in making a better purchase decision.

However, BFX provides you with a different way to shop for your required furniture.

If you're an owner of an educational setting in Australia, we strongly recommend you visit our furniture showrooms to shop for your favourite outdoor furniture.

We have numerous furniture showrooms available in various places to make your furniture shopping experience one of a kind.

While you can always browse our online catalogue for exploring a wide range of furniture, we suggest you visit our showrooms and experience how we can transform your outdoors into a fun and engaging place. We don't believe in showcasing furniture with only a price tag. Instead, we allow our customers to experience the difference that our products can bring to their outdoors.

Furthermore, if you’ve ever purchased from a furniture showroom before, you may already know that a lot of options make it overwhelming to select a single piece of furniture.

To solve this problem, we have categorized our showrooms in different themes of outdoors to match your goals and style. You can also get a chance to meet our experts at showrooms. Our experts will help you throughout your purchase.

From area measurements to furniture placement, you can rely on our experts for everything.

Shop for High-Quality Outdoor School Furniture

At BFX, you can shop for a single outdoor table for your outdoor learning furniture. They provide you with a gently curved top that makes it ideal for students of primary classes. Moreover, they can be modified in a wide range of settings. You can even connect two or more tables to make a collaborative learning zone for your students.

These tables are made with a highly durable material known as polypropylene. This material is UV protected and prevents the colour of the table to fade away in the sun. This makes it a perfect option for outdoor settings.

Furthermore, you can also adjust the height of these tables as per the comfort of the students. It can easily accommodate four students with the help of four outdoor chairs.

Talking about outdoor chairs, we have a highly versatile and flexible range of outdoor seating for primary schools. These chairs have stable legs that are protected with a rubber grip. This provides them with an added stability on a range of surfaces.

Moreover, the rubber grip also prevents noise when sliding the table in and out. Specifically made for outdoor tables, these chairs are ideal to create a collaborative learning environment outside. Moreover, they have an attractive teddy-bear shape that keeps your students engaged.

Furthermore, the chairs can also be adjusted as per requirements. They are also built with the same material as that of tables.

If you’re looking for a more durable option, you can take a look at the personalized outdoor school benches. These units are ideal for areas such as school courtyards, parks, and lunch areas.

Moreover, the setting can easily accommodate six students. The construction is highly sturdy and built with a galvanized steel frame for added durability. Furthermore, it's also capable of withstanding weather conditions like scorching sun and heavy rain.

The bench is easy to clean and does not catch stains. The design is ergonomic and comfortable for students of all age groups. They can make your outdoors look engaging and attractive.

We also manufacture discounted outdoor furniture made of wood and aluminum. They are available in both and backed and backless designs. The backless designed chairs are ideal for areas such as parks and lunch areas.

The aluminum framed benches provide a lightweight and sturdy construction. On the other hand, the hardwood timber framed bench is capable of bearing harsh weather conditions like rain and sun without any damage.

They have a highly attractive design that can easily spark up the look of your outdoors.

Customer Service

Online shopping is a very convenient way to shop for your desired products. It allows you to shop from the comfort of your home and enjoy doorstep delivery of your product.

However, when talking about furniture shopping, it's not a reliable option for people. Since online shopping lacks transparency and support, people don't find it suitable to purchase something as big and valuable as outdoor classroom seating.

Moreover, people believe that they'll be disappointed with the delivery of their product. However, there's a significant difference between trusted manufacturers and shady online websites.

BFX stands on the former site of the curve. Here, we ensure that you'll receive a quality product with a memorable service. We have dedicated support staff to help you with all your queries, complaints, and feedback.

If you have any concern regarding our products and services, you can feel free to get in touch with our experts. We'll respond actively to your concerns and provide you with a timely solution for the same.

Moreover, in addition to great customer support, we also help you with additional services such as 3D space planning, on-site measurements, and after-sales support.

Combining all these, you can always rely on BFX for all your classroom furniture requirements.

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