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Elevate your modern floor plan with high-quality office booths from BFX Furniture in Australia. Our options for office pods and booths are the ideal solution for open-plan work environments, creating a workspace that combines style, privacy, durability, and comfort. Place your order today and get ready to enjoy your office again!

The BFX Furniture Difference: It's Why We've Been Leading the Industry for 30+ Years

At BFX, we've been leading the office furniture industry for over 30 years, supplying Australian businesses and schools with an end-to-end solution for quality, affordable, and comfortable seating. We do it all: from personal consultations and project quotes to delivery, installation, and rubbish removal, you can count on BFX to handle all the hard work. You can expect our complete attention and exceptional service, whether your project needs are small and simple or large-scale and big budget. Our products are also independently tested by third parties for quality, including SGS and AFRDI.

Once you browse our online catalogue of Australian-made office booths and pods, we invite you to visit one of our showrooms for an in-person feel for our furnishings, including their quality, materials, and aesthetics. Our team of experts will help you discover the best type of booth or pod for your work environment or organisation based on your unique needs. Plus, you can count on our range of products to be exceptional quality yet still cost-effective, making it easy for you to furnish your office without breaking the bank.

Find the Perfect Office Booth for Your Employees

Open-plan offices have their benefits, but they're not conducive to a noise-free and focused work environment. If you've noticed that your employees have trouble with the constant noise and lack of private space in the office, it's time to consider upgrading to office booths or pods.

Many agree that soundproof office booths make it easier to focus on work and new ideas, hear phone calls and hold meetings. Additionally, they can improve work productivity, which is an excellent benefit.  

Upgrade Your Business with Office Phone Booths from BFX

Our office phone booths and pods are ideal for any open-plan office, including options like our booth lounges, meeting pods, duo booths, and more. For example, our soundproof office pods are ideal for holding meetings and video conferences, as they create a quiet, comfortable space where your employees can speak with customers or colleagues without the distraction of background noise.

Also, our duo booths have enough room to accommodate two work colleagues without the need for multiple tables and chairs. Simply put, it allows two people to work together as a team in a single space, encouraging productivity and enhancing focus and clarity.

Open Plan Office? Invest in an Office Pods for Your Business

Unlike traditional construction or cubicle desks with screens, our office pods and office booths use space efficiently to create a comfortable place with more privacy and fewer distractions. If your business has standard furniture and too many open spaces, it's time to consider investing in office pods and booths from BFX. Consider the following benefits your open office can gain from upgrading your workplace with our range of booths and pods.

Easy Installation

Building a separate meeting room or multiple spaces for employees is expensive and takes a long time. Instead, you can streamline the process with our selection of office meeting pods. We handle the delivery and installation. You can just sit back and watch as we transform your workspace into something amazing!

High Versatility

Office booths and pods are also highly versatile. We have an extensive selection of different shapes, sizes, weights, colours, materials, and styles to suit your needs. Whether you require multiple spaces for your employees or a single pod or phone booth, we have what you're looking for – and at an affordable price, too. Plus, our pods are easy to rearrange when you need more room or want a different look, making them perfect for an open office or workplace.

More Privacy

Another great benefit of using office pods and booths for your business is increased privacy. Instead of dealing with constant noise and distraction from everyone else in the room, employees have a quiet, private space where they can focus on work and tap into their creativity. They're also comfortable enough to allow for a quick rest or break when the time comes.

Office Booths by BFX Furniture: Make Your Purchase Today

Open office spaces provide a modern look and more room for employees, but they're not the best option when it's time to concentrate on work and cut out background distractions. Instead, consider upgrading your workspace with office booths and pods from BFX Furniture. We've got a wide selection of materials, styles, colours, and designs, so you can find the perfect booth or pod to meet your needs.

Call BFX Furniture at 1300 866 522 to speak with our team, or place your order here on our website.

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