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Office Booths

Booth Seating has become increasingly popular as an unconventional seating solution in modern offices and work environments. Booths with high walls offer a safe and focused retreat for an individual or even a focused meeting.

Activity Based Working environments are the pinnacle of the modern office. People think differently during their work day depending on the task they are working on. Why shouldn't the space they occupy think differently too?

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  1. Grassi Ottoman
    Grassi Ottoman
    Save $130
    From: $635.00
  2. Habitat - Hive Setting
    Habitat - Hive Setting
    Save $2980
    From: $14,885.00
  3. Habitat - S Setting
    Habitat - S Setting
    Save $2050
    From: $10,249.00
  4. Sanctuary Booth
    Sanctuary Booth
    Save $644
    From: $3,235.00
  5. Quell Lounge
    Quell Lounge
    Save $394
    From: $1,965.00
  6. Buzz Lounge
    Buzz Lounge
    Save $436
    From: $2,159.00
  7. Network Crescent Lounge
    Network Crescent Lounge
    From: $9,995.00
  8. Network High Setting
    Network High Setting
    From: $12,749.00
  9. Network Low Setting
    Network Low Setting

9 Items

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