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With stylish and comfortable visitor chairs from BFX, you can make a positive first impression on guests, patients, or clients. We have an extensive range of office visitor chairs and other furniture in any style or colour you desire to match your waiting room and interior décor.

Upgrade Your Waiting Room Chairs with BFX

Since 1980, BFX has been a leading office furniture provider for all of Australia. We have over 30 years of experience and a team of professionals ready to help you buy office visitor chairs, whether your needs are small-scale or large-scale. Our seating solutions are perfect for offices, reception areas, or any work environment where comfortable chairs are necessary for visitors or employees.

Although we offer a comprehensive product catalogue of our visitor chair range online, we invite you to visit one of our many showrooms across Australia so you can view our chair models in person. Our offices and showrooms have all our chairs organized by theme and style, making it easy for you to browse our high-quality furniture and find what you need.

When you visit our showroom, our team of expert consultants will be ready to help give you the right advice concerning space measurements, fabric, design, material, and more. Plus, you can always count on BFX to provide the best prices for the highest quality office furniture and visitor chairs.

Office Visitor Chairs Buying Guide: Important Considerations

Before you can determine which type of chairs you want to purchase, take the time to consider your needs. Below, we'll discuss key questions, factors that should play into your decision, and how you can find the best seating solutions for your business.

1. Purpose for your office chairs

First, ask yourself: What is the ultimate purpose of the chairs I need to purchase? Do you need office chairs for employees to sit at a desk? Perhaps you work in childcare and would benefit from plastic chairs with a seat that you can easily clean. Or, maybe you're a plastic surgeon and want high-end lounge chairs with soft fabric for your reception area and office.

In addition, you should consider size and space. If your waiting area is small, perhaps you should choose smaller chairs with no armrests to save space. If your guests will be sitting at a table, you'll need to consider the size of the arms to make sure they fit neatly below with room to slide in. Take a look at our range of visitor chairs with arms

If you need a larger quantity for sizable areas, our team can help you find the best type of visitor chair for your needs.

2. Demographics

Demographics are another crucial factor to consider when shopping the BFX product catalogues.

What type of guests will be sitting in your visitor chairs? For example, suppose your demographics are older people who may have to sit for long periods. You should probably choose reception chairs with a padded seat, reliable back support, and fabric arms to ensure maximum comfort.

For waiting areas that cater to a younger demographic, consider a contemporary design that will suit a modern setting. In places where a large number of visitors will be coming in and out, look for a model range with strong arms, a backrest, and material that requires little to no maintenance.

3. Comfort and Ergonomics of your office furniture

At BFX, we offer an extensive range of visitor chairs with arms that are comfortable, high-quality, and affordable. As you know, ergonomics and comfort are also important considerations. Is there anything worse than sitting in a hard, uncomfortable chair? If you want to make an excellent first impression on your guests and visitors, look for reception chairs with an upholstered seat, comfy arm support, and soft fabric.

However, don't forget to consider the ultimate purpose. For example, you may want to opt for adjustable arms if you're purchasing a desk chair for your employees or to fill conference rooms where staff must sit for long meetings. Alternatively, if you're only purchasing waiting room chairs where guests won't stay seated long, consider a practical chair with a generic fabric seat and no arms.

4. Visual Aesthetics

Visual aesthetics are another vital consideration when you're purchasing visitor chairs. What's the style and look you're trying to achieve? Would you prefer a chair with a chrome frame or a sled base? Consider the quality and feel of the fabric and if you want to have an upholstered seat. What type of arms do you want on your chairs – would you prefer bare metal arms or fabric arms? In addition, think about the interior décor of the area where you need seating. If you're unsure what will work best for your waiting room or office, our experts can help you choose the type of chair that will complement your decor perfectly.

5. Build Quality

Of course, you want to find a style of chair with superior build quality that will last. For example, consider investing in an upholstered seat with a high-density foam interior, tub chairs, or a robust chair with a chrome frame that will stay in good condition even after many months of high-traffic use. Another popular choice is our sled base, which provides a strong, durable seating solution for your visitors.

6. Price and Budget

As with any product, price and budget are critical. At BFX, we're proud to provide high-quality visitor chairs at competitive prices. We offer a range of fabric types, models, and bases, including our best-sellers like the sled base, chrome frame, and upholstered office chairs. Visit one of our showrooms, and our team of experts will help you find the chair models that fit your particular budget.

Browse Our Selection To Buy Office Visitor Chairs From BFX

No matter your seating needs, BFX has the high-quality visitor chairs you need at competitive pricing. We've been serving Australia for over 30 years with our range of office furniture and visitor chairs in various styles, fabrics, and colours. Plus, we offer a comprehensive 10-year warranty period on many our products! Please browse our online product catalogue or visit a BFX showroom to view our selection in person.

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