Visitor Chairs

With options ranging from Cantilever to Sled Base to Timber Frame, BFX has a wide selection of Visitor chairs suitable for your office waiting areas.

Make a Stylish Waiting Area With Visitor Chairs by BFX

Leading the office furniture industry since 1986, BFX has been a prominent provider of office furniture solutions all over Australia. With an industry experience of over 30 years, BFX never fails to impress valuable clients like you with a prominent quality of service. We have a dedicated team of professionals to help you with product selection. Moreover, we provide high-quality products with amazing designs for your office.

If you are in search of ideal seating solutions for your visitors, BFX has got your cover. At BFX, you can easily get your desired office visitor chairs online.

Whether your business is small scale or large scale, our expert consultants help you with the process of selecting the right furniture for your workspace. Whether you are looking for an office remodel or a new office, BFX can help you with seating and furniture solutions at highly affordable rates. Our expert consultants help you with everything from beginning to end. From space measurement to furniture selection, you can rely on our experts for everything. Furthermore, to get a personalized feed of the furniture, you can feel free to visit our showrooms all around Australia. Whether you are located in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Sunshine Coast, you can visit our offices to get an even personalized shopping and consultation experience.

Feel the Products

If you’re a business owner in Australia, we highly suggest you visit our showroom locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, or Sunshine Coast. Explore our showrooms to check out the amazing, diverse collection of office visitor chairs available at BFX.  With our furniture showrooms, your shopping experience is assured to become one of a kind and effortless. With BFX, we provide you with the ability to experience the products and ensure if they fit the bill for your office or not. Hence, it is extremely better than just browsing through the product images. Furthermore, to reduce your confusion, we have categorized our showrooms on the basis of different themes and styles. Therefore. With each showroom, you can experience a whole new style and aura. Also, when you visit our office, you can meet our experts and get a professional consultancy for your office space design. Our experts will help you to choose the most-prominent design at highly affordable rates.

Fixed Height

At BFX, you can choose from a large number of visitor chairs online for your office. From textures to fabric, we provide an extremely high diversity in our products to help you get your desired style. Moreover, our visitor chairs are designed to last for a longer time. They offer a durable construction and a rigid body. Hence, they can serve the high-volume areas of your office for a longer time. Talking about fixed height chairs, BFX offers a wide range of such visitor chairs. These chairs are designed in a way to provide reliable back support and great comfort to your visitors. Moreover, these chairs also provide a great body posture to help you keep their back straight. Hence, they'll never have to worry about ailments such as back pain. We provide a diverse range of designs and colours of both fixed and height-adjustable chairs. Therefore, make sure that you check out the amazing collection available at BFX. 

Arm Support

While back support is a dominant feature for cheap visitor chairs, arm support is also a great feature that you should consider. With arm support visitor chairs available at BFX, your visitors can enjoy an elevated sense of comfort. Moreover, our arm support chairs are not only beneficial for your arms but other bodily muscles, such as your neck and shoulders. Moreover, these chairs provide you with a slightly inclined back that provides adequate comfort and flexibility  to move. At BFX, we have a great collection of arm support visitor chairs for you to choose from. We provide endless designs, vibrant colours, and a diverse range of fabrics. With us, you can always enjoy a highly personalized product selection. Furthermore, our arm support visitor chairs are designed to be highly durable and rigid. They have a subtle construction to help you create a tasteful ambience. So, make sure that you check out the amazing collection available at BFX.


If you are looking for visitor chairs for your office that not only provide a great service but also saves space then our collection of stackable visitor chairs for office are the ideal product for you. The best part about these chairs is that you can stack them above one another that helps you save space. Therefore, when you are not using your chairs, you can just stack them and store them efficiently. We provide a wide range of designs for stackable visitor office chairs. From modern aesthetic designs to retro and classic styles, we provide everything you need to get a personalized visitor seating solution for your office. Furthermore, we offer high diversity material and textile used. But, one thing common among all is the rigid construction and a top-notch quality of product. Hence, you must ensure that you check out the prominent collection of stackable visitor chairs at BFX.

Customer Support

At BFX, we strive to provide our customers with the most prominent shopping experience. However, when the deal is about online shopping, a fear of disappointment is dominant. But, when you shop with BFX, we make sure that your products are assembled completely. Moreover, we also provide add-on services such as placement, rubbish removal, and on-going support. Moreover, whether you hit our physical space or not, we are willing to provide you with an expert consultancy even when you shop online with us. We also provide other free-of-cost services such as quotation, 3D space planning, etc. Also, we ensure a great quality of product with high durability and attractive designs. When shopping with BFX, it is never a one-time transaction. Rather, we always strive to make a permanent relationship with our valuable customers. Lastly, we always make sure that you get the most out of your shopping experience with the world-class consultation and space planning services by BFX.

The key to creating a cohesive and stylish waiting area or reception is by choosing comfortable visitor chairs in complementary fabrics. Our range of visitor chairs and lounges make for interesting breakout spaces.

How To Incorporate Lounges & Visitor Seating

Lounges Areas Are Great For:

  • Informal meetings
  • Re-charging on a coffee break
  • Showcasing presentations & videos
  • Reception areas
  • Break rooms
  • Waiting areas

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