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Visitor Chairs

The key to creating a cohesive and stylish waiting area or reception is by choosing comfortable visitor chairs in complementary fabrics. Our range of visitor chairs and lounges make for interesting breakout spaces.

How To Incorporate Lounges & Visitor Seating

Lounges Areas Are Great For:

  • Informal meetings
  • Re-charging on a coffee break
  • Showcasing presentations & videos
  • Reception areas
  • Break rooms
  • Waiting areas

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  1. Albury Side Timber Chair
    Albury Side Timber Chair
    $364Price: $434Save: $70
  2. Lugano Visitor Chair
    Lugano Visitor Chair
    $329Price: $395Save: $66
  3. Noll Visitor Chair
    Noll Visitor Chair
    $165Price: $199Save: $34
  4. Iva Visitor Chair (4 Point Chair)
    Iva Visitor Chair (4 Point Chair)
    $155Price: $189Save: $34
  5. Thorpe Visitor Chair
    Thorpe Visitor Chair
    $365Price: $439Save: $74
  6. Whitby Sled Chair
    Whitby Sled Chair
    $129Price: $155Save: $26
  7. Whitby 4 Point Chair
    Whitby 4 Point Chair
    $129Price: $155Save: $26
  8. Kaz Outdoor Chair
    Kaz Outdoor Chair
    $95Price: $145Save: $50
  9. Palma Outdoor Chair
    Palma Outdoor Chair
    $95Price: $105Save: $10
  10. Espy Linking Chair
    Espy Linking Chair
    $129Price: $155Save: $26
  11. Blek Chair
    Blek Chair
    $385Price: $465Save: $80
  12. Vadso Lounge Chair
    Vadso Lounge Chair
    $409Price: $495Save: $86
  13. Hornbaek Chair
    Hornbaek Chair
    $425Price: $515Save: $90
  14. Floro Visitor Chair
    Floro Visitor Chair
    $379Price: $455Save: $76
  15. Moss Visitor Chair
    Moss Visitor Chair
    $225Price: $275Save: $50
  16. Ovil Visitor Chair
    Ovil Visitor Chair
    $265Price: $319Save: $54
  17. Meda Visitor Chair
    Meda Visitor Chair
    $519Price: $625Save: $106
  18. Tomar Stacker Training Chair
    Tomar Stacker Training Chair
    $235Price: $285Save: $50

Items 1-24 of 72

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