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Lounge Chairs

Shop all our lounges below. We offer a wide variety of single lounge chairs, two-seater lounges and three-seater lounges to suit your office space. Our lounges can be upholstered in a wide range of fabrics, patterns and vinyl. 

When choosing your lounges and visitor chairs for a work environment it's important choose high quality commercial grade fabrics to ensure they are able to withstand the test of time. Particularly if they are going to be situated in reception or waiting areas and will be prone to high traffic wear and tear. 

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  1. Dury Lounge
    Dury Lounge
    $499Price: $599Save: $100
  2. Seeker Three Seater Lounge
    Seeker Three Seater Lounge
    $969Price: $1165Save: $196
  3. Seeker Two Seater Lounge
    Seeker Two Seater Lounge
    $735Price: $885Save: $150
  4. Seeker Single Seater Lounge
    Seeker Single Seater Lounge
    $499Price: $599Save: $100
  5. Whitby Task Chair
    Whitby Task Chair
    $169Price: $205Save: $36
  6. Whitby 4 Point Chair
    Whitby 4 Point Chair
    $129Price: $155Save: $26
  7. Kaz Outdoor Chair
    Kaz Outdoor Chair
    $95Price: $145Save: $50
  8. Palma Outdoor Chair
    Palma Outdoor Chair
    $95Price: $105Save: $10
  9. Grandstand
    $755Price: $825Save: $70
  10. Carnival Lounge
    Carnival Lounge
    $1405Price: $1689Save: $284
  11. Trino Lounge
    Trino Lounge
    $1335Price: $1605Save: $270
  12. Buzz Lounge
    Buzz Lounge
    $2099Price: $2519Save: $420
  13. Blek Chair
    Blek Chair
    $385Price: $465Save: $80
  14. Vadso Lounge Chair
    Vadso Lounge Chair
    $409Price: $495Save: $86
  15. Ovil Lounge Chair
    Ovil Lounge Chair
    $435Price: $525Save: $90
  16. Meda Visitor Chair
    Meda Visitor Chair
    $519Price: $625Save: $106
  17. Quell Lounge
    Quell Lounge
    $1909Price: $2295Save: $386
  18. Toledo Tub Chair
    Toledo Tub Chair
    $555Price: $669Save: $114
  19. Tempo Triple Lounge Chair
    Tempo Triple Lounge Chair
    $1555Price: $1869Save: $314
  20. Tempo Single Lounge Chair
    Tempo Single Lounge Chair
    $1075Price: $1295Save: $220
  21. Tempo Double Lounge
    Tempo Double Lounge
    $1289Price: $1549Save: $260
  22. Swish Triple Seater Lounge
    Swish Triple Seater Lounge
    $1779Price: $2135Save: $356
  23. Swish Out Curve Lounge
    Swish Out Curve Lounge
    $1199Price: $1439Save: $240
  24. Swish In Curve Lounge
    Swish In Curve Lounge
    $1199Price: $1439Save: $240

Items 1-24 of 66

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