Lounge Chairs

From Single Seat Tub chairs to Three Seater lounges, BFX has an enourmous range Lounges that are perfect for your Reception and Waiting Rooms.

Enhance Your Work Environment with Lounge Chairs By BFX

Providing office furniture solutions since 1986, BFX is certainly a sweet spot to get premium quality lounge chairs to glorify your work environment. With an experience of over 30 years, we never fail to provide attractive and sturdy designs for seating solutions for your office reception area. We provide endless categories such as fixed height, adjustable, stackable, and a lot more. Our lounge chairs are designed to bear immense wear and tear in high traffic areas of your workspace. 

Custom Made Lounge Chairs

At BFX, we don’t just talk about the prominent quality of our products. Instead, if you reside in Australia, you can visit our place anytime to check out the products yourself. With our furniture storerooms, you can rectify all your hassles with online shopping. Moreover, when you visit us to get your office lounge chairs, our experts help you with professional consultation and suggestions. Therefore, when you shop with us, you can practically check if the product is suitable for your office. Hence, you'll always get peace of mind with your purchase.

If you need seating solutions for the reception area of your office, fixed height lounge chairs are the best match for you. Our fixed height lounge chairs provide a sturdy construction and a durable frame. Moreover, they are designed in a way to blend with your office interior to look extremely awe-striking. They are perfect for high-volume areas of your office and provide a prominent comfort to your visitors.  Furthermore, with a slightly inclined back, they are meant to provide your visitors an adequate balance and support.

If you are looking for a more comfortable single lounge chair for your office, you must check our height-adjustable lounge chairs. With these seating solutions, your visitors can adjust the chair length as per their height. Hence, they can get rid of unnecessary pressure on their legs in case they have a long height. Therefore, with these chairs, your visitors can enjoy a higher level of comfort as per their body requirements. Hence, make sure you check out our collection of height-adjustable chairs right now. 


Mobility is one of the most prominent features that you must have in your office reception lounges. With the help of mobile lounge chairs, your visitors can move faster from one place to another in your office. Moreover, it is extremely simple to relocate a mobile lounge chair. Furthermore, a mobile lounge chair also provides great performance and comfort. They are certainly the best match for your reception space especially if you deal with a lot of visitors. At BFX, you can choose from numerous designs of mobile lounge chairs.

Arm Support

At BFX, you can also choose from a wide range of single lounge chairs with arm support. With the help of these chairs, your visitors can rest their arms on the chairs that provide a higher level of comfort. Moreover, it not only benefits the arm but core and neck muscles as well. Therefore, with arm support lounge chairs, your visitors can maintain a proper body posture while sitting and stay immune from back and other bodily muscle pain. We provide a great range of lounge chairs with arm support in varying designs and sturdy construction.


We offer an endless variety of stackable lounge chairs for your office in Australia. Our range of stackable lounge chairs provide a durable construction and a high bearable capacity for wear and tear. Moreover, with stackable lounge chairs, it becomes easier to store your furniture after use. Therefore, they are ideal for saving space because you can stack them when not in use. We offer stackable lounge chairs with inclined backrest and fixed height. Hence, you should check out the vibrant designs and colors of stackable chairs available at BFX.

1 Person Lounge Chairs

At BFX, you can choose numerous lounge chairs online for one person. This category of lounge chairs is designed for use by a single person. They provide a subtle frame and a durable construction. Therefore, they are adequate for great support and comfort. Moreover, they also promote a good body posture and prevent you from back and neck pain. Furthermore, with the help of their solid construction, they are ideal for continuous use and are certainly a perfect bill for the waiting area of your office. 

2 Persons Lounge Chairs

If you need high-quality lounge chairs for two persons, BFX is the best place to hang out. We provide the best in quality fabric of commercial-grade to fit all your seating needs.  Moreover, our two-person lounge chairs are designed to provide a greater work-life with their prominent and rigid construction. We provide a countless variety of patterns, vinyl, and fabrics in our collection of lounge chairs for two persons. Therefore, make sure you check out the amazing collection.

3 Person Lounge Chairs

We, at BFX, provide a great variety of lounge chairs to seat three persons. They are ideal for your visitor space especially when you get a lot of them. Moreover, we provide an excellent quality of fabric that lasts for a long time. Therefore, they can bear extensive wear and tear at the high-traffic space of your office. Furthermore, with the availability of numerous designs and patterns, you can find the one that fits the best for your office with ease. Therefore, make sure you check out the amazing collection of lounge chairs for three persons available at BFX.

Customer service 

At BFX, it’s never a thing of a single time transaction. Instead, we believe in building persistent relationships with potential customers like you. Therefore, we provide high-end back support and great customer service. Moreover, we understand your concerns with online shopping and the risks associated with it. Hence, we always encourage you to visit our place to seek help from experts and get a prominent customer service. At BFX, you can enjoy numerous services like placement, on-going support, and rubbish removal for free. Furthermore, with our personalized consultation, you can rest assured that your purchase with us can never go wrong.


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