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10 Ultra Modern Office Designs To Inspire You


After you spend a few years working in the business world, you get used to spending most of your life in the office.

It’s no secret that some offices are seriously drab.

But then again, some companies seriously get it right.

Modern offices incorporate all the elements of activity-based working.

They give employees a choice in where they work and provide dynamic and vibrant spaces that support the kind of task they’re working on. Whether it’s collaborating with a co-worker at a meeting table, unpacking ideas on a glass whiteboard or retreating to a private little nook to focus.

Interior design and contemporary furniture play an essential role in setting the scene for an inspiring workspace.

You’re going to see what we think are the best office designs in 2018. There’s just something about taking a sneak peek into the ‘big-name’ company’s workspaces that’s just really intriguing.

Without further ado, These are our Top 10 modern office designs in 2018!

1. Google Offices

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Google’s Offices in Amsterdam and Zurich are a playful urban hub with bright booth seating that ties together with an eclectic vision of the interiors. Overall, the feel of the office is just teaming with life and vibrancy. Employees inhabit unusual and inspiring nooks and pods. The office design features a cacophony of textures like brick, wood flooring, floor to ceiling fabric booths, concrete flooring and carpet that somehow all just works together. Everywhere you look there is something interesting to inspire creative genius.

2. LEGO Offices

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Lego’s offices are a functional and funky, Funland with Lego artwork on the walls that come to life! They have lego sculptures everywhere. How cool is that? As you walk around, you see vibrant reds and yellows, timber slated ceilings and private timber pods with mossy green walls. Lego’s employees sure do have it good. Not only are their workstations function and stylish, but they also promote contemplation and creative thinking.

3. Facebook Offices

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You knew Facebook was going to be on this Top 10 list, didn’t you? Facebook’s Menlo Park Office is up there as one of our favourites. Purely for the awesome graffiti style artwork everywhere. Struggling to find inspiration? No problem, just go sit on a workbench under this ginormous art wall. Not only do these workspaces spark creativity and imagination, but they’re also functional and open. Facebook employees get everything, don’t they? Lush green walls, chalkboards, treadmill desks and comfy booth seating areas . . . The list goes on.

4. Microsoft Offices

Of course, Microsoft would make the list. After all, they are one of the leading corporations in innovation and technology in the world. What’s really fantastic about their Nashville office is not just the tasteful décor and lush green walls, it’s that they practice what they preach. Microsoft’s technology is everywhere. From smart touch screens embedded into the walls to personal laptops and tablets. The interior design and architecture of the building is just stunning. The reclaimed timber wood floors, desks and bar tables are so rustic yet modern. Their pared with ergonomic chairs, flexible seating options and timber bar stools.

5. Samsung Offices

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For one of the most successful telecommunications and high-tech product companies in the world, their offices look more like home than a workplace. The intelligent interior design and modern architecture of the building feature exposed industrial ceilings and mixed textures like wooden slats, green walls, industrial furniture paired with soft furnishings. Our favourite part is the mossy green carpet running down the hallways. Staff can even work or relax on plush cushions and lounges. Or they can sit up on a window bench overlooking the gorgeous view of Bangkok’s city skyline.

6. Nokia – Silicon Valley Offices

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There is a reason Silicon Valley is home to many of the world’s largest high-tech corporations. In Nokia’s office, an array of different coloured interiors greets you in every room. From grand green archways, polished concrete flooring, red forest hallways high ceilings and high ceilings, it truly is a modern and colourful place. Employees get to hang out in lounge pods, meeting spaces, private booths and they even have a pool table. Come on, who doesn’t want a pool table in their break room? Colour plays a critical role in the feel of your office so we put together some tips on how to choose your offices colour scheme.

7. Youi Insurance – Sunshine Coast

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We were lucky enough to fit-out Youi Insurance’s state of the art four-level building this past year. Youi Insurance’s Sunshine Coast HQ features high tech office spaces and accommodation for up to 1700 staff. The call centre floors feature an open office environment with modern workstations fixed with acoustic screening for noise reduction and privacy. Youi’s breakroom is sure to impress. It has lush mossy grass seating areas both indoors and outdoors. Looking up you’ll see a massive, sleek black ceiling and lighting fixtures. There is definitely plenty of places for employees to unwind, they even have outdoor ping pong tables.

8. Pixar Offices

Pixar’s campus design features a giant atrium space that serves as a central hub for the campus. It might seem intimidating at first, but the idea behind it makes sense. When people run into each other, they mingle, share ideas and collaborate while the clean interiors allow for organic creativity. Pixar also lets their employees fill their spaces with what they want to encourage them to express their creativity. The best part? Around the Pixar campus, you can find ginormous sculptures of the iconic Pixar lamp as well as the cast of The Incredibles and Monsters Inc. Also, who doesn’t want a movie theatre in their workplace?

9. BuzzFeed – New York Offices

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Who doesn’t love doing BuzzFeed quizzes in their spare time? As one of the largest and most successful internet media based company in the world, BuzzFeed sure does have an awesome office. The New York HQ can accommodate 175 people and stretches across 2 floors. With employee’s favourite memes and BuzzFeed’s motivational branding smattered around the workspaces, it certainly feels like a homey and creative atmosphere. Featuring an open office plan with shared workstations. The staff always have someone to bounce ideas off and collaborate with.

10. The YouTube Space

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While not the biggest Headquarters for the video media publishing giant, London’s YouTube Space has some seriously cool offices. If you’re like us, you love seeing funky artwork on the walls and sleek contemporary furniture thoughtfully arranged in cozy nooks. If you flick through these photos, you’ll see a sneak peek into some real YouTube recording rooms. These rooms have a state of the art audio consoles, VR equipment, 360 cameras, rigging and other production equipment. Everything a Youtuber needs to stream in 4K. Their 3 studios are open to all YouTubers with a subscriber count of 10,000. The YouTube Space also holds workshops and seminars that help young YouTubers improve their editing, filming and content producing skills.

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