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Top 10 Products Needed for Effective Meetings in Conference and Boardrooms

very organised board room setting with executive chairs

The term ‘adapt or die’ has never been so apparent in a society that has an update button popping up before the last update could even finish.

In the last decade, companies have found the conversion from physical to digital to be quite challenging.

Boardroom technology has changed according to the social climate and the increasing demand for productivity, time efficiency and connection. Read on to find out the top ten products that are essential in attaining effective boardroom meetings.

1. Webcam

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The invention of video conferencing in conference rooms was revolutionary in respect of saving companies thousands of dollars on travel. Certain aspects of boardroom technology can strengthen the relationship between employees, business partners and clients by keeping them connected and in good correspondence. 

It’s also essential to pick the right webcam. Buying a cheap throw away is a one-way ticket to a glitchy meeting and an upset client that could lead to the loss of a sale. If you’re pouring as much time, effort and money into the knowledge and training of your staff, don’t diminish that at the crucial pitch.

Here is a compiled list of the top 5 webcams BFX recommends for your business.

  1. Logitech C920S 

  2. Microsoft Q2F-00013

  3. Logitech C922x Pro

  4. Logitech C270

  5. Genius F100

Most meetings are done face to face or over video conference and not over the phone because there is a lack of connection and emotion. Meeting with a client or a future client face to face instils confidence, trust and honesty. 

Now you could have the best webcam on the market, but if you haven’t got the right lighting, you may as well go back to the one from the cereal box, which brings us to the next product.

2. Correct Lighting in the Boardroom

As mentioned previously, having the correct lighting in the boardroom will help with increasing the quality of the conference video. Without good lighting, conversation can be misconstrued; emotion is dulled; there may be a silhouetting effect; you might not be able to see lips moving. Low lighting equals poor communication.

Studies show that lighting can affect one’s emotion.  Bright and saturated lights can amplify and intensify emotions increasing motivation and productivity. Poor lighting in the workspace is quite dangerous and can damage eyesight and bring on drowsiness.

3. Meeting Booking System

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Effective meetings are achieved in many ways. In 2020 boardroom technology is one of the most critical aspects, and it’s only going to increase as technology continues to advance.

A significant advance in technology that optimises organisation and communication is . Joan is a meeting booking system that takes the form of the clichè secretary but in the digital world. 

Joan allows you to book office spaces, desks and boardrooms in real-time as well as many other functions that will clean up your schedule and make it more manageable.

In flexible office spaces, meeting booking systems have proven to be extremely useful. Booking offices, flex desks and boardrooms can be an ongoing headache without practical systems in place. But with Joan, it is as easy as pressing a button.

4. Whiteboards

WPW101 Wall Mounted Porcelain Whiteboard 1

Whiteboards, though they don’t quite fall under the ‘groundbreaking boardroom technology’ category, have proved to be extremely practical and even essential over the years.

Having a surface to jot down ideas, brainstorm, set reminders, or explain plot points is a crucial part of holding an effective meeting.  BFX have been supplying offices, schools and beyond with the latest and greatest furniture and office essentials since 1986. For a vast range of brands and products follow the link – Whiteboards.

5. Digital Interactive Whiteboards

surface hub

The digital interactive whiteboard is one giant leap for humankind. It makes the chalkboard board seem primitive. But why are digital whiteboards crucial for making meetings effective? 

A busy office and a lack of boardroom technology can send employees and CEOs chasing their tails. When a group finishes their meeting, you can only expect that what’s left on the board will be rubbed off by the next group, too bad if you wanted to refer back to that flow chart next week. 

The Digital whiteboard, for example, the Surface Hub 2s, has many unique features, including the technology to save individual whiteboard progress, so you can refer back to them and add to them later. 

Thanks to the ink beautification feature, the Surface Hub can fix up your messy handwriting that looks like gibberish from the back of the board room! These two revolutionary features are just the tip of the iceberg.

Purchasing a Surface Hub eliminates a few products off the list as it also has quality video conferencing alongside the ability to share the whiteboard screen with people in the conference call providing a fully immersive experience. 

6. Audio Conference Phone

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There are times in a conference meeting that setting up a video conference is unnecessary, for any number of reasons; whether it’s just a quick chat, a pep talk, jobs and goals for the day or numbers and figures. The best alternative is an audio conference call.

With the size of the board room and the number of people attending the meeting, you need a quality audio conference phone with multi-directional speakers so everyone can hear and be heard.

Here is a compiled list of the top five conference phones that BFX recommends for you.
  1. Polycom Soundstation VTX 1000
  2. Konftel 300IPx
  3. Konftel Ego
  4. Yealink CP960 Optima HD IP Conference Phone
  5. Jabra Speak 710 UC Conference Speakerphone

7. Comfortable Chairs

AUS009 Ryder Mesh Ergo Chair 1

An ‘effective meeting’ can sometimes translate to a ‘long meeting’. Having ergonomic chairs in a boardroom meeting is essential in maintaining focus, productivity and motivation. Sitting on chairs that aren’t ergonomic doesn’t just affect the individual whilst in the conference room; it can affect their productivity throughout the day and if the damage has affected their back, through-out the week. 

BFX is one of the leading furniture suppliers in Australia; offering an impressive range of ergonomic chairs to suit all offices and budgets. For more details, follow the link – Ergonomic Chairs.

8. Automatic Meeting Recording Transcription


Recording your meetings is a new and innovative way to store information. Is the leading provider of this technology and have proved more than successful within many different companies.

A day in the office can be a whirlwind of schedules, reminders and deadlines meshing together to become one massive information overload. It doesn’t matter how attentive you are; it’s just that sometimes our busy brains cannot keep up with it all. Studies show that humans learn in seven different ways; 

By using the software, you can approach four of the seven learning methods; Visually seeing the text on your screen, verbally hearing the text by using the playback feature, socially by learning within the boardroom and solitary by having the ability to read the meeting text in the confines of your own home.

It’s becoming increasingly common for people within a company to work from home and having this kind of technology will guarantee all employees are in the loop and practicing optimum communication. Is the perfect solution and definitely one of the ten steps to updating your boardroom technology on the path to achieving the most effective meetings.

9. Integrated power data


Integrated power data usually takes the form of a strip of ports and connectivity in the middle of the boardroom table. Integrated power data is an efficient way to ensure everyone’s technology is fully charged and operating. 


Work can consume all avenues of technology, through laptops, mobile phones, Ipads etc. running low on battery on either device can be stressful and distracting, especially if someone has to sit in the corner near a powerpoint. By occupying integrated power data outlets, you are ensuring ideal connectivity and productivity. 

10. Boardroom Tables

XBT401 Basics Typhoon Boardroom Table 1

The boardroom table may be the most essential thing in the top 10 products needed in effective meetings. It’s the cornerstone upon which many deals are made, lots of hours are spent sitting, and countless coffees are spilt. 

Choosing the right boardroom table sets the foundations for an effective meeting; it’s near impossible to have an attentive boardroom if there is discomfort. 

BFX has the solution to finding the perfect boardroom table, no matter the colour, size or style.  Follow the link for more information – Boardroom Tables.

BFX, The Leading Australian Furniture Supplier

The boardroom meeting is where all the critical decisions are made, and the big deals are closed; it could be the most influential room in the entire building. Having the correct, up-to-date boardroom technology is crucial to running effective meetings.

BFX has been helping Australian businesses fit their office space since 1986. The integral direction of BFX is to support and improve the productivity of your business. Through practicality, innovation and comfort, BFX continues to pave the way to the future of office design. 

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