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Office Tables

There are more office tables than you can possibly imagine on the market right now. What you might not realise is that some office tables are made better than others, not only that, but some are better suited to different kinds of activities.

A professional yet stylish office starts with the right office design and ends with how people interact in the space.

That is one of the key things we understand here at BFX Furniture.

A busy and thriving office will generally have fifty or more office tables, each with their own functions. It’s important to choose to suit the specific purpose that they’ll be used for. Not every person or situation requires a dedicated straight desk and office chair.

The first step is to consider the purpose of the table:

Will this meeting be small enough that only two people will need to be present at it?
A round meeting table is more than likely to be the best choice.

Will a team of 4 need a focused space to review charts, posters or a design?
A wide rectangular meeting table is the best option.

Will they need to collaborate on a design, chart or poster?
A bar height rectangular table may be the best choice here because the team will be mobile and agile.

Is the space a multi-purpose one that requires an open area?
A mobile flip top table that can be nested and stored easily might be just what you need.

Do you just need a surface to display brochures, décor or other materials in waiting or reception areas?
A small coffee table or accent table will do the trick.

Do you need to hold a formal meeting and accommodate 5 or more people?
A boardroom table can provide a focused meeting space and allow greater visibility.

Having versatile, height adjustable tables encourages people to stand up and move around more frequently and interact with one another around a focused area. Consider checking outstanding height meeting tables or even sit-stand meeting tables.

No matter what you're requirements are, one of our Expert Furniture Consultants will be able to find your perfect fit. We can custom-make office settings to your specifications. Choose from our extensive range of made to order board finishes and table bases. We're sure you will find exactly what you're looking for.

We can even cater to your space saving needs. Our folding office tables allow for easy nested storage and come with castors to easily transport them around the space.

It's time to find office tables near you! We have showrooms and local reps in Brisbane, Sydney, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Perth, Melbourne, Townsville and much more. Visit our Contact Us page to see all of our locations.

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  1. Mars High Turn Table
    Mars High Turn Table
    Save $140
    From: $705.00
  2. Mars Curve Turn Table
    Mars Curve Turn Table
    Save $134
    From: $695.00
  3. Accede Straight Folding Table
    Accede Straight Folding Table
    Save $190
    From: $939.00
  4. Accede Curved Folding Table
    Accede Curved Folding Table
    Save $246
    From: $1,219.00
  5. Mele Meeting Table
    Mele Meeting Table
    Save $80
    From: $395.00
  6. Origin E0 Meeting Table
    Origin E0 Meeting Table
    Save $50
    From: $265.00
  7. Prague Disc Base Coffee Table
    Prague Disc Base Coffee Table
    Save $70
    From: $339.00
  8. Pinnacle Flip Table
    Pinnacle Flip Table
    Save $116
    From: $569.00
  9. Savo Meeting Table
    Savo Meeting Table
    Save $234
    From: $1,175.00
  10. Sierra Meeting Table
    Sierra Meeting Table
    Save $286
    From: $1,419.00
  11. Prague Disc Base Meeting Table
    Prague Disc Base Meeting Table
    Save $80
    From: $385.00
  12. Mele Coffee Table
    Mele Coffee Table
    From: $270.00
  13. General Purpose Silver Steel Frame Table
    General Purpose Silver Steel Frame Table
    Save $44
    From: $225.00
  14. General Purpose Black Steel Frame Table
    General Purpose Black Steel Frame Table
    Save $64
    From: $315.00
  15. Ebb Folding Table
    Ebb Folding Table
    Save $114
    From: $575.00
  16. Ebb Folding Bar Table
    Ebb Folding Bar Table
    Save $110
    From: $555.00
  17. Commercial X Base Coffee Table
    Commercial X Base Coffee Table
    Save $50
    From: $225.00
  18. Commercial Conference Desk
    Commercial Conference Desk
    Save $134
    From: $655.00
  19. Commercial Coffee Table With Magazine Shelf
    Commercial Coffee Table With Magazine Shelf
    Save $50
    From: $235.00
  20. Chunk Coffee Table
    Chunk Coffee Table
    From: $289.00
  21. Basics Glass Coffee Table
    Basics Glass Coffee Table
    Save $60
    From: $299.00
  22. Habitat - Hive Setting
    Habitat - Hive Setting
    Save $2980
    From: $14,885.00
  23. Habitat - S Setting
    Habitat - S Setting
    Save $2050
    From: $10,249.00

Items 1-24 of 34

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