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BFX has been an industry leader in supplying office furniture since 1990. With over 30 years of service backed with experts and a dedicated team to conduct market research, BFX aims to provide high-quality products, superior design, and innovative technology to the marketplace. 

Build Your Dream Office With BFX 

If you’re looking to spice up your office, BFX Furniture offers a wide selection of office desks, chairs, screens, receptions, and storage solutions that are sure to fit your taste. Whether you’re a small to medium-sized business or need a larger corporate workspace, we have Expert Sales Consultants on hand to guide you along the process. If you’re a business opening a new office location or remodeling your existing one, we can provide all the right type of commercial furniture or boardroom furniture online for your workspace. Our BFX Consultants will come to your location to measure your space and advise the best furniture suitable for your design needs. Our office furniture store has locations all across Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Sunshine Coast, and many more. 

The Difference

If you’re in Australia, we encourage you to check out our showrooms to pick out your desired commercial office furniture. Our BFX Furniture showrooms are designed to make office furniture shopping effortless. Instead of just browsing with our website, we bring our products to life and inspire you to see what’s possible with your work environment. Unlike other office furniture stores, we don’t just showcase the products with a price tag. We impress our customers by showing them how our products make you feel when entering an office space. If you’ve ever been to an office furniture warehouse, you know that simply having a lot of options can be overwhelming. That’s why we choose to have showrooms to help you pick between a few different themes of offices to match your style and goals. 

Office Desks

Modern Desk for Learning and Productivity 

Having a high quality and professional office desk is the main ingredient of a productive space. Your workspace is where you need something sturdy and sleek but also helps you stay productive. Whether you’re a top-level executive who needs their privacy and a big station to fit their office supplies or a large space to fit an entire collaborative team to work together, our collection of desks offers various shapes, colours, sizes, and styles to match your budget and needs. 

We offer every possible type of desk you can imagine such as office workstations, straight desks, corner desks, sit stands, flip tops, computer desks, reception desks, boardroom desks and coffee, and cafe tables. 

When purchasing a desk, you should consider the layout of the room and the overall function of the space. An executive who needs a private room may only want a straight desk or standing desk. A team-oriented space would need proper workstations with dividers to seat multiple people. A co-working office space might want a Fliptop because of its light-weight design and mobility. You may even want a coffee table to have casual conversations with co-workers or guests in your office. 

All of our office desks have a generous amount of space for all of your office supplies. We have desks for your office, ideal for fitting your unique needs and complementing your area. An open space office with cubicles will need workstations that fit perfectly in a larger frame compared to a simple office room designed for one person. Our office desks are made of E0 board which meets the Australian standard for formaldehyde emission levels for plywood, hardwood, and any wood-based materials. We streamline our desks so that you have easy cable management, extra storage with overhead hutches, adjustable legs for people of all heights, and built-in file drawers. Just to be safe, our products even come with a 5-7 year warranty, so you can have peace of mind when making a purchase. 

We’ve upgraded from the traditional office desks and follow the latest furniture design technology available. Sitting down 8 hours a day can cause long term neck, back, and shoulder pain. We offer sit-stand or standing desks to encourage you to stay active throughout the day even while doing your most important work. 

Office Chairs

The Optimal Chair for Any Environment

Having a well-designed chair will add comfortability and stability to your work environment. Our fully functional ergonomic chairs provide extra cushion for your bottom and solid support for your back. Whether you’re looking for a stool chair for a relaxed office setting or an executive office suite chair, we have it all. Our BFX chair selection offers the ergo chairs, office desk chairs and tables, computer chairs, stools, tub, lounge seating, visitor chairs, booths, boardroom chair, and cafe seating. 

Our Ergonomic chairs not only provide maximum comfort and back support but also increased airflow, especially during the hot days. You can choose to have a nice mesh design that adds a touch of softness to your office or a leather designed chair to add luxury to your executive suite. We’ll go as far as even having headrest on certain chairs, so you can sit back and relax. 

Comfort Equals Increased Productivity 

Studies show that higher comfort levels lead to greater productivity and efficiency. Our ergonomic chairs prevent muscular strains on the body in key areas and help repel lower back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder aches, etc. Our office chairs offer lumbar spine support with an inward curvature design that flattens, preventing stiffness and tension on your lower back. 

Importance of the Right Chair 

Having a chair to be the correct height and width helps you focus while working. Having the appropriate chair height will prevent slouching while you focus on the computer. You’ll be able to adjust the height as needed so that you are eye level with your computer screen. For your staff, you may want to consider rewarding them with executive chairs with prestige materials such as faux leather, standard leather or vinyl. Executive chairs make people feel important and respected. 

Office Storage

Storage Furniture to Keep Your Workplace Organised

Every business needs an Office Storage and Filing system in place to sort documents and remove the clutter that can distract you and your team. At BFX, we pride ourselves on delivering products that maximize your available space with products such as mobile pedestals, cupboards, shelves, hutches, and bookcases. 

Filing and sorting important documents is also an essential aspect of storage. That’s why we offer lockable cupboards to secure important items, metal filing cabinets that are fireproof and tall shelving units to divide your items into different sections. 

The possibilities to save more space and simplify your work environment are endless at BFX. Our Expert Furniture Consultants are here to give you the best product recommendations and guidance when it comes to filing and storage for your office. It’s no secret that an organised office space not only helps you focus but also communicates with your business partners and customers that you are professionally aligned. Who wants to do business with an accountant that has loose papers scattered across their desk? Storage also provides you with the necessary space to add décor pieces, such as plants and artwork, to your office and add a personal touch to surely impress your customers.  

Office Accessories

Accessories to Enhance Efficiency

Sometimes, your basic office furniture such as desks, chairs, and shelves aren’t enough. You may need a whiteboard for your boardroom or a partition screen to block out distractions in your team’s co-working space. Our furniture accessories are designed to give your office that extra boost you need in order to keep everyone focused. Our popular accessories include Noise Reduction geo pattern art, power, and data equipment, convenient footrests, monitor arms, partition screens, and whiteboards. 

Office Spaces 

Furniture for Every Industry

Depending on the industry and work environment goals, every business may have different furniture needs. An office in the healthcare industry should have furniture designed to provide comfort and care to its patients. A collaborative office will have engagement-friendly furniture compared to an office space that requires people to work independently. We allow you to browse by office categories such as Healthcare, Meeting, Training, Collaborate, Social, and Focus to find the best furniture fit. 


Office Furniture Items for Sale 

Are you looking for the best deals and the most affordable prices of office furniture online? Do you wish to lay hands on tasteful yet durable furniture for your office without going bankrupt? We listen to your needs and work within your budget by offering discounts on our wide selection of office furniture. With BFX, you can customise your office furniture to fit both your needs and budget. You can browse by clearance, on-sale items, new arrivals and ready to quick ship products. 

Customer Service 

When it comes to online office furniture shopping, some customers worry about making a big purchase and then being disappointed upon delivery. We help with placement and rubbish removal along with on-going support. Even though you are shopping for office furniture online, we strive to add our personal touch by offering consultation, on-site measuring, and 3D space planning and quotation to ensure we deliver a world-class customer experience. 

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