AudioArt Freestanding Two-Tone Pattern Screen

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AudioArt Freestanding Two-Tone Pattern Screens from BFX help elevate your work or learning environment to new heights! Screens are lightweight, fire-resistance, made from eco-friendly 55% recycled PET plastic which has sound absorbing qualities to help reduce the amount of noise in offices and classrooms.

Screens are an easy way to define a work or learning space, perfect for dividing open-space offices, seminar rooms, and waiting areas. Not only do our AudioArt Freestanding Two-Tone Pattern Screens reduce noise, but they also add an awe-inspiring visual aid to any space and are super easy to set up by inserting strong stabilising feet into place. The surface is pinnable and can be used as a bulletin board.

Available in five (5) on-trend colour schemes and they nicely team up with AudioArt Hanging Paritions and Flyby Pattern and Plain Screens which conveniently come in the same designs. If the size or colour you need isn't shown, simply contact your local BFX Sales Consultant to place a custom order.

In addition to the AudioArt Freestanding Two-Tone Pattern Pinnable Screen, BFX Freestanding Screens are also offered in a standard plain finish. Choose from a wide range of single colour screen options.

At BFX we are always on the lookout for new and innovative education and office designs. We only sell the best, it’s that simple.

Size (Millimeters)
Pattern Finish Freestanding Screens are available in 27mm thick in the following sizes;
1200h / 1500h / 1800h x 900w

Available in the following colour schemes, as standard;
1. Royal Blue (perforated)/Marle Blue (solid)      2. Grey Marle (perforated)/Charcoal (solid)
3. Charcoal (perforated)/Amethyst (solid)          4. Bronze Marle (perforated)/Kiwi (solid)
5. Copper (perforated)/Black (solid)
Contact your local BFX Sales Consultant to access a wide range of other colour options to suit your individual preferences.

  • Strong stabilising feet
  • Acoustic rated absorbs sound and helps to reduce reverberated noise
  • Available in five (5) engaging colour schemes, and can also be custom made to suit your individual preferences by contacting your local BFX Sales Consultant
  • Offered in three (3) pattern finish designs - Orb, Pixel and Band
  • Cost-effective freestanding screen solution
  • Lightweight, fire-resistance, made from eco-friendly 55% recycled PET plastic
  • Easily pinnable surface
  • Easy to install, insert strong stabilising feet into place (feet included)
  • Team up with AudioArt Flyby Two-Tone Pattern Screens and AudioArt Hanging Partitions
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