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AudioArt Desk Dividers are an impressive alternative to education and office privacy screening that is exceptionally mobile, cost-effective and simple to install with no tools needed. They are perfect for existing school and office furniture; simply slide the 18mm acoustically engineered panel onto the desk.

In addition to dividing desk space and creating privacy, AudioArt Desk Dividers have excellent sound-absorbing properties and are offered in two (2) styles to suit a range of desktop thicknesses.

Style one, as featured above, is the Desk Divider Slide-On with Supports. This Desk Divider is designed to fit 18mm thick tops and steel subframes easily and is purpose-built for educational desktops having the versatility to divide a desk in any position. Use in a "mid desk" position (two fins at rear for support) or "end of desk" position (either desk end using a single fin). Fins at the rear of the divider provide extra stability. This is a great choice for SmarTable, General Purpose, and Bud Student Desks

Secondly, an alternative style, the Slide-On Desk Divider is suitable for 25mm thick desktops, for example, Origin, Ascendo and a wide range of other commercial Desks with a 25mm thick top.

BFX Desk Divider panels are available in a wide range of colour options and are also pinnable to use as a bulletin board. Both the Slide On Desk Divider and Desk Divider Slide-On with Supports are designed to fit 600 and 750 desk depths with ease.

For more information on choosing the AudioArt Desk Divider that's right for you, contact your local BFX Sales Consultant.

AudioArt Desk Dividers are available in a wide range of colour options as shown.

Size (Millimeters)
450h (above desk - 400h overall) x 680w (Suits 600d desk)
450h (above desk - 400h overall) x 830w (Suits 750d desk)

Suitable for 18mm thick desk tops, including SmarTable and General Purpose desks.

Offered in a wide range of 18mm (2x 9mm) thick AudioArt panel single colour only.

  • Impressive alternative to education and workplace privacy screens which is extremely mobile
  • Designs fit 600mm and 750mm desk depths
  • Cost-effective and very practical
  • Easily pinnable surface 
  • Designed to help reduce noise in the school or workplace
  • Eco friendly - made from polyester fibreboard from 50-60% recycled materials
  • Fire resistant
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