Student Chairs

BFX specialises in innovative student chairs designed for ergonomics. Our specially designed student chairs maintain proper posture, allow for leaning back-flex, have a handle for easy movement and are lightweight enough for students to stack and unstack themselves.

Our range of Student Chairs is both affordable and functional.

Browse our Pozzi Chairs, E-Chair ranges, Motion range and Happy Stools and discover why they are our best-selling student favourites.

Our student chairs are all stackable for quick and easy storage. They are also lightweight, durable and available in a wide range of bright and neutral colours. Mix and match different coloured chairs to create a bright and engaging classroom environment for your students.

All our best-selling student chairs are constructed from high quality recycled Polypropylene, a lightweight thermoplastic with a high impact resistance, ensuring durability and sustainability.

We have lab chairs, lab stools, task chairs, sled base chairs, chairs with tablet arms and mobile all-in-one study stations.

We have unique seating stadiums with built-in storage and active seating solutions like wobble stools.

Wobble stools or self-balancing stools feature a rounded base which allows movement & promotes concentration; ideal for students with special needs.

The non-slip top and base grips a variety of floor surfaces, ensuring student safety.

How Do You Know You’re Getting the Best School Furniture?

The only way to know for sure that you’re getting a high-quality school furniture is to ensure it has been properly tested and certified to Australian Standards. BFX hold the largest amount of independently tested products by AFRDI.

Our 7 year warranty guarantees that you have the peace of mind and quality assurance you need.

Talk to one of our Expert Education Furniture Consultants. We'll help you fit-out your entire school with BFX Furniture and make it a Future Focused Learning environment where students thrive.


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