Dynami Sled Base Student Chair - High Back

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Dynami Sled Base Class Chair is uniquely engineered for advanced ergonomics, strength, flexibility, comfort and functionality.  Designed for Future Focussed Learning, it optimises student engagement and will complement any learning environment.  It is available in 5 different sizes to suit age groups from Prep/ Year 1 through to Senior/Tertiary. 

With its crafted lines and a wide range to every application, the Dynami is the first and only chair to bring style, versatility and comfort to the classroom.  The sled base design with rear glides is anti-rocking and ensures stability.

Dynami Chairs are engineered for student safety and are constructed from high quality recyclable material, a lightweight thermoplastic with high impact resistance.  

Students will always be supported in the classroom with our Dynami Chair Range because our seat and back help maintain proper posture and offers back support as students lean and stretch. The back gives just the right amount of flex to ensure student comfort and support movement and even has aeration vents for body temperature regulation, they are tested to 135kg rated load.

Available in a range of vibrant trendy colours as shown. You can now add a custom-made Seat Pad to enhance your Dynami Sled Base Chair offering on compatible sizes (seat pads suit size 4 and size 5 chairs only).  Seat Pads are installed before arriving at your door, they come in Black and they have outstanding durability to withstand the bustling classroom environment. 

At BFX we believe comfortable seating promotes student concentration and classroom engagement.  The Class Chair is just one of a whole family of Dynami Chairs, including Student Chair, 4-Point Chair, Lab Stool, Task Chair, Disc Chair, Drafting Chair and Activity Chair.  Why not mix and match to fit out all your workspaces at the one time - it's the chair for everyone and every space.



SIZE (Seat height in millimeters)

Size 1 - 300 seat height / 595H X 410W X 430D
Size 2 - 340 seat height / 635H X 410W X 425D
Size 3 - 380 seat height / 675H X 410W X 465D
Size 4 - 420 seat height / 800H X 485W X 525D
Size 5 - 460 seat height / 810H X 485W X 535D

Stocked in a range of bright and creative modern colours as shown.
Optional Seat Pad in Black (available on Size 4 and Size 5 chairs only).

135kg Load capacity rated

  • Improved Comfort - contoured back with aeration vents for body temperature regulation
  • Built Strong - High-impact polypropylene seat & back tested to a 135kg rated load
  • Keeping Students Engaged - Designed for 3-way sitting including side, saddle and straight
  • For Agile Classrooms - Lightweight, stackable & equipped with a handle for easy movement
  • Optional Seat Pad in Black, available on Size 3 Student Chair




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  • Product Specifications


    Product Specifications

  • Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back


    Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back

    57.7 MB

  • Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back


    Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back

    13.9 MB

  • Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back


    Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back

    2.1 MB

  • Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back


    Dynami Sled Base Student Chair High Back

    5.3 MB


  • DET 68449 SOA
    DET 68449 SOA
  • 7 Year
    7 Year

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